Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
That's Why Heartsdales 4:24
That's Why Heartsdales ?:??
That's Why Heartsdales 4:26
That's Why Heartsdales 1:46
That's Why (instrumental) Heartsdales ?:??
The Legend Begins Heartsdales 0:45
The Question Remains Heartsdales 0:25
Thru With You Heartsdales 4:31
Thru With You Heartsdales ?:??
Thru With You Heartsdales 4:28
Thru With You Heartsdales 1:25
Thru With You (instrumental) Heartsdales ?:??
Watch Out! Heartsdales 1:35
We Love the Music Heartsdales ?:??
We Love The Music Heartsdales 1:05
Welcome to Ultra Foxy Heartsdales JPB600604301 0:55
Wet'N Wild Heartsdales feat. SUITE CHIC JPB600339709 4:49
Wet'n Wild (Deckstream remix) Heartsdales feat. SUITE CHIC 5:08
Wet'N Wild (feat. SUITE CHIC) Heartsdales 1:18
What's My Name? Heartsdales 4:27
What's My Name? Heartsdales 1:24
Who you gonna love? (English version) Heartsdales ?:??
WILD Heartsdales 4:17
WILD Heartsdales 1:05
Woman 中西圭三 feat. Heartsdales 4:37
Woman (Sugar Shine Version) 中西圭三 feat. Heartsdales 4:07
冬 gonna love ♥ Heartsdales JPB600573201 4:35
冬 gonna love ♥ (Magdarise remix) Heartsdales ?:??
冬 gonna love♥ Heartsdales 1:49
冬 gonna love♥ (instrumental) Heartsdales ?:??
冬 gonna love♥ (Japanese version) Heartsdales ?:??
冬 gonna love♥ (remix) Heartsdales ?:??

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