Olivers Tarvids

~ Person


Date Title Artist Length
And the Presence of Those We Love Is as a Double Life SoundArcade 6:01
Bloodsign SoundArcade 5:24
Can't Close the Line SoundArcade 9:13
Colloquio con il vento SoundArcade 2:57
Come Home, Drunk Marines! SoundArcade 1:31
Crane SoundArcade 8:00
Embodiment of Three Gods Into Imants/Imanta SoundArcade 6:20
Homo nudus cum nuda iacebat SoundArcade 1:38
Hospitalabol SoundArcade 6:19
Imbrem Tonitrus Antecedit SoundArcade 0:23
Kiss Between the Legs SoundArcade 4:14
November Shaman SoundArcade 10:12
Song From Movie SoundArcade 5:05
The Rain Is Full of Ghosts SoundArcade 7:07
Traum(A) SoundArcade 4:46
12 Songs of the Jackalope SoundArcade
12 Songs of the Jackalope SoundArcade