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Not Giving Up on a 3rd Earth Love (a cappella) (live, 2013-02-16: A State of Trance #600, “Mexico City, Part 5: Armin van Buuren”: Mexico City, Mexico) Solarstone vs. Scott Bond & Armin van Buuren vs. Sophie Ellis‐Bextor 3:43
Nothing but Chemistry Here (EA3 version) Solarstone 8:39
Nothing but Chemistry Here (extended mix) Solarstone 8:43
Nothing But Chemistry Here (Gai Barone Remix Edit) Solarstone 4:43
Nothing but Chemistry Here (Sean Tyas remix) Solarstone 6:36
Nothing but Chemistry Here (Sean Tyas remix) (part of a “Techno Club, Vol. 47” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 4:38
Once (Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix) Solarstone & IKO 6:22
Once (Pure mix) Solarstone & IKO 8:38
Once (Pure mix) Solarstone & IKO 8:38
Ong Namaztec in Seven Cities (Bryan Kearney Pach-Up) Bryan Kearney & Snatam Kaur vs. Neptune Project vs. Solarstone 5:39
Part of Me Solarstone 7:04
Part Of Me Solarstone feat. Elizabeth Fields 7:04
Part Of Me (Solar Energy Remix) Solarstone 8:11
Part of Me (Stellar mix) Solarstone feat. Elizabeth Fields 8:43
Part of Me (The Thrillseekers remix) Solarstone feat. Elizabeth Fields 6:39
Please Solarstone 5:31
Please Solarstone 5:20
Please (Bryan Kearney remix) Solarstone 3:56
Please (Bryan Kearney remix) Solarstone 7:31
Please (Bryan Kearney remix) (live, 2013-04-06: A State of Trance #600, Den Bosch, Netherlands) Solarstone 4:03
Please (extended mix) Solarstone 8:07
Please (pure mix) Solarstone 7:48
Please (Pure mix) Solarstone 5:14
Please (Pure mix) Solarstone 4:59
Please (Pure mix) (2013-04-04: A State of Trance #607) Solarstone 4:34
Please (Pure mix) (2013-04-11: A State of Trance #608) Solarstone 2:24
Please (radio edit) Solarstone 3:56
Presence of the Past Solarstone 7:17
Presence Of The Past Solarstone 7:04
Pure Solarstone 6:55
Pure Solarstone 2:57
Pure Solarstone 6:53
Pure (club mix) Solarstone 7:31
Pure (extended mix) Solarstone 8:08
Pure (MaRLo remix) Solarstone 4:13
Pure (MaRLo remix) Solarstone 5:35
Pure (MaRLo remix) Solarstone 5:35
Pure Trance 3 Mix 1 (continuous DJ mix By Solarstone) Solarstone & Bryan Kearney 1:18:27
Pure Trance 3 Mix 2 (continuous DJ mix By Bryan Kearney) Solarstone & Bryan Kearney 1:17:50
Pure Trance 4 Continuous Mix 2 Solarstone 1:19:24
Pure Trance Mix 1 Solarstone 1:17:36
Rain Star Eternal (Agnelli & Nelson remix) (part of “Gatecrasher Sheffield” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 7:28
Rain Stars Eternal Solarstone 6:59
Rain Stars Eternal Solarstone 6:59
Rain Stars Eternal (Bot Cipryan Remix) Solarstone 6:48
Rain Stars Eternal (Tasadi Remix) Solarstone 6:45
Rain Stars Eternal (Tasadi Remix) Solarstone 8:43
Reconstruced (intro) Solarstone 1:44
Reconstructed (intro) Solarstone 1:58
Reconstructed Intro Solarstone 1:24
Red Line Highway Scott Bond & Solar Stone 3:19
Red Line Highway Solarstone & Scott Bond 11:51
Red Line Highway (part of the “AnthologyOne” DJ‐mix) Scott Bond vs. Solarstone 4:55
Red Line Highway (Alucard route 44 mix) Solarstone & Scott Bond 11:37
Red Line Highway (Bobina megadrive mix) Solarstone & Scott Bond 7:45
Red Line Highway (Bobina Megadrive remix) Solarstone + Scott Bond 5:24
Red Line Highway (original mix) Solarstone & Scott Bond 11:53
Red Line Highway (Yanave remix) Solarstone & Scott Bond 8:50
Redline Highway (original mix) (part of a “Mellomania, Step 02” DJ‐mix) Scott Bond vs. Solarstone 5:34
Release Solarstone 7:01
Release Solar Stone 7:23
Release (part of a “Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 5:25
Release (part of a “Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission 02” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 6:41
Release (part of the “AnthologyOne” segue) Solarstone 5:21
Release (Adam Nickey ambient mix) Solarstone 7:48
Release (Adam Nickey ambient mix) Solarstone 8:45
Release (Adam Nickey Ambient Mix) Solarstone 3:20
Release (Amir Hussain Remix) Solarstone 4:58
Release (original mix) Solarstone 9:23
Release (original mix) Solarstone 9:25
Release (Pavliga remix) Solarstone 8:37
Release (Sunny Lax remix) Solarstone 3:40
Release (Vadim Zhukov remix) Solarstone 8:34
Release (Zehavi & Rand remix) Solarstone 9:09
Release (Zehavi & Rand remix) Solarstone 9:07
Release (Zehavi + Rand remix) (part of a “Destinations/V1” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 5:19
Requiem Solarstone with Clare Stagg 6:45
Requiem Solarstone with Clare Stagg 6:39
Seven Cities Solarstone 5:45
Seven Cities Solarstone 6:38
Seven Cities Solarstone 5:33
Seven Cities Solarstone 3:31
Seven Cities Solarstone 4:00
Seven Cities Solarstone 4:56
Seven Cities Solarstone 3:28
Seven Cities Solarstone 6:35
Seven Cities Solarstone 3:45
Seven Cities (DJ‐mix from “Got Dance?”) Solarstone 8:02
Seven Cities (part of a “Classic Euphoria, Level 2” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 6:28
Seven Cities (part of a “Clubbed Out” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 4:17
Seven Cities (part of a “Cream Ibiza Classics” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 6:02
Seven Cities (part of a “Dave Pearce Dance Anthems Classics” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 4:23
Seven Cities (part of a “MoS: Classic Trance Nation” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 4:01
Seven Cities (part of a “The Gallery: 15 Years” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 5:06
Seven Cities (part of a “Trance Hits Top 100” DJ‐mix) Solarstone 2:52
Seven Cities (part of the “AnthologyOne” segue) Solarstone 6:17
Seven Cities (a. Van Buuren remix) Solarstone 6:58
Seven Cities (Almar Remix) Solarstone 8:28
Seven Cities (ambient dub) Solarstone 7:49
Seven Cities (ambient dub) Solarstone 5:52

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