Napoleon Hill

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
"If I had a million dollars" 3:55
A brief course in salesmanship 2:10
A change in attitude 3:17
A decision that changed history 9:21
A fifty-cent lesson in persistence 6:20
A positive mental attitude 4:18
A simple idea that paid off 12:06
A system to keep yourself under control 7:05
An experiment with W. Clement Stone 4:18
An opportunity with the richest man in the world 6:38
Andrew Carnegie's four principles of cooperation 6:24
Applying creative vision in any situation 4:06
Applying for a position 13:20
Associating with Edison 9:49
Being on good terms with your conscience 3:45
Budgeting time and money 5:45
Building character through autosuggestion 7:32
Building the power of faith 5:16
Communication 6:07
Controlled attention 3:21
Controlling your mental attitude 10:23
Cooperation and teamwork 3:49
Creative vision and imagination 10:45
Dangers of the lack of self-discipline 8:29
Defining the master mind 4:53
Desire overcomes anything 5:00
Developing faith 10:19
Developing good eating habits 2:30
Examples of budgeting time and money 3:13
Fifty-five alibis from "Old Man If" 6:51
Finding opportunities to accumulate riches 9:27
Fondness for others 1:44
Four conditions of the cosmic habitforce 12:28
Gaining power through the "Master Mind" 8:14
Getting all the knowledge you need 8:50
Going the extra mile 9:48
Helping others 4:54
How one idea built a fortune 15:57
How to develop persistence 10:25
How to snap out of mental inertia 6:00
Implementing a positive mental attitude 3:09
Know what you want and you'll generally get it 2:52
Learning from adversity 6:29
Maintenance of sound physical and mental health 5:34
Making practical use of imagination 5:37
Miracles of the sixth sense 4:50
Napoleon Hill meets a powerful mentor 12:07
One sound idea is all you need 7:40
One who loves can never lose entirely 9:44
Opinions and accurate thinking 3:07
Overcoming obstacles to faith 4:37
Overcoming the fear of the loss of love 14:03
Patience 6:16
Philosophy of Personal Initiative 6:56
Planning, purpose, and action 3:21
Principles that can change your destiny 7:14
Protecting yourself against negative influences 7:06
Putting your purpose on paper 4:06
Secen basic fears 2:34
Seven guidelines to accurate thinking 5:26
Six ways to turn desire into gold 3:52
Strengthening your power of concentration 8:25
Successful application of the master mind principles 6:00
Taking inventory of yourself 4:23
Tapping into your subconscious powers 3:30
Tapping the source of inspiration 4:10
Tapping your powerhouse of emotions 3:56
The attitude of faith 3:52
The Big Four of Self-Disciple 11:03
The capital cornerstone of our lives 5:48
the connecting link 6:37
The crystallization of desire 9:35
The disaster of destructive thinking 4:20
The disaster of negative thinking 5:45
The dramatic story of the brain 7:32
The drifter vs. the non-drifter 7:57
The driving force of sex 12:45
The effects of enthusiasm 3:25
The fear of criticism and ill health 10:12
The greatest forces are intangible 5:43
The greatest obstacle 4:34
The journey of self-discovery 5:24
The Law of Success 5:13
The Law of Success 3:39
The Law of Success 2:07
The Law of Success 3:26
The Law of Success 4:01
The Law of Success 2:32
The Law of Success 1:27
The Law of Success 2:33
The Law of Success 1:52
The Law of Success 1:20
The Law of Success 3:52
The Law of Success 3:29
The Law of Success 1:06
The Law of Success 2:18
The Law of Success 3:30
The Law of Success 2:54
The Law of Success 1:35
The Law of Success 1:16

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