Troop (German trance duo, key tracks "The State", "Homecoming")

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Homecoming 7:22
Homecoming 7:20
Homecoming 3:48
Homecoming 7:04
Homecoming (Abe Duque mix) ?:??
Homecoming (original) 7:19
Homecoming (original) 7:18
Homecoming (original) 7:21
Running to Get No Stop ?:??
State (Fabio Paras remix) 3:14
The State 4:27
The State 7:51
The State (Abe Duque remix) 6:46
The State (Fabio Paras remix) 6:56
The State (Fabio Paras remix) ?:??
The State (original) ?:??

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