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This is a Special Purpose Artist and primarily a place holder for tracks with an unknown artist on Various Artists releases.
Do not add albums here unless, after extensive research, you still cannot determine who the artist is.
Do not use it as a dumping ground for releases that you are too lazy to look up.

Most soundtracks are Various Artists albums, and should be entered as such. The few that are not should be listed under the soundtrack composer(s), not here. Only use soundtrack if you really cannot identify the composer(s).

Again: Do not use this artist as a lazy solution unless it matches the previous description.

Thank you.

Don't use this artist, it was created as placeholder for an unknown group and for that there's

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Year Title Artist RatingReleases
Future World Music, Volume 4: Action Adventure and Epic Drama [unknown] 1
Future World Music, Volume 5: Romantic Comedy, Comedy & Dramatic Themes for Romance, Family and Life [unknown] 1
Future World Music, Volume 6: Action Suspense, Drama Suspense, and Horror [unknown] 1
Future World Music, Volume 7: Evolution [unknown] 1
Future World Music, Volume 8: World's Apart [unknown] 1
Gender Wars [unknown] 1
Gospel, Part 2 [unknown] 1
Gregorian Chant [unknown] 1
Grudge Warriors [unknown] 1
Gumballs and Rainbows [unknown] 1
Halloween [unknown] 1
Hawaii [unknown] 1
Hip Hop 1 [unknown] 1
Hip Hop 2 [unknown] 1
Historical Series Vol.1 [unknown] 1
Historical Series Vol.2 [unknown] 1
Historical Series Vol.3 [unknown] 1
Historical Series Vol.4 [unknown] 1
Historical Series Vol.5 [unknown] 1
Hits of Halloween [unknown] 1
Hoe controleert u zelf uw stereo-apparatuur [unknown] 1
Holiday Lounge [unknown] 1
Holidaze Sauce [unknown] 1
Hopped Up on Goofballs [unknown] 1
Horror Sounds [unknown] 1
House 1 [unknown] 1
Illusions [unknown] 1
Inca [unknown] 1
Indie Love Sounds 1: Cruel Devotion [unknown] 1
Indie Nation 1 [unknown] 1
Indie Nation 2 [unknown] 1
Indie Nation 3: Indie Pop Cult [unknown] 1
Intros [unknown] 1
Jazz Classics: SGB0002 - CD+G [unknown] 1
Jazz Panorama, Volume 2 [unknown] 1
Just Guitar [unknown] 1
Just Piano [unknown] 1
Kitsch, Kitsch... 1 [unknown] 1
Kitsch, Kitsch... 2 [unknown] 1
Las Vegas Heist: Nuevo Retro 1 [unknown] 1
Leuke slaapliedjes [unknown] 1
Light Drama 2 [unknown] 1
Light Drama 3 [unknown] 1
Logos [unknown] 1
Love Is All Around: 19 Panflute Emotions / Panflute Christmas: 20 Christmas Melodies [unknown] 1
Majestic Symphony [unknown] 1
Mall Mania [unknown] 1
Martial Arts [unknown] 1
Middle East [unknown] 1
Millenium Pop [unknown] 1
Minimalism [unknown] 1
More Sounds of Halloween [unknown] 1
Multifusion Themes [unknown] 1
Music and Romance [unknown] 1
Music From China [unknown] 1
Music From Morocco [unknown] 1
Music From Russia [unknown] 1
Music From Southern India [unknown] 1
Musique Classique [unknown] 1
Musique en stock [unknown] 1
Mystery [unknown] 1
National Anthems [unknown] 3
New R'n'B [unknown] 1
Noiseworks [unknown] 1
Nuevo Retro 2: Double Down [unknown] 1
Nursery Rhymes [unknown] 1
Nursery Rhymes for Little Scallywags [unknown] 1
Orange [unknown] 1
Orchestral Dimensions [unknown] 1
Orchestral Textures [unknown] 1
Orchestral Textures 2 [unknown] 1
Organic Flavor [unknown] 1
Original Czech Folk Music [unknown] 1
Original Slovak Folk Music 2 [unknown] 1
Outpost V1. 5 [unknown] 1
Outros [unknown] 1
Panic Attack 1: Electro Therapy [unknown] 1
Paranormal [unknown] 1
Passport to Africa 1 [unknown] 1
Passport to China [unknown] 1
Passport to India [unknown] 1
Passport to the Middle East [unknown] 1
PE 02 - Birds And Animals [unknown] 1
PE 03 - Wind [unknown] 1
Persia and Iran: Traditional [unknown] 1
Pod [unknown] 1
Popular Classics [unknown] 1
Premiere Edition 1 Hollywood Edge 1
Quirky as Folk [unknown] 1
Quirky Commercial Tracks 1 [unknown] 1
Relentless Percussion [unknown] 1
Relentless Risers [unknown] 1
Rock & Blues There [unknown] 1
Rock Adventure [unknown] 1
Rock Fusion [unknown] 1
Rock That Builds [unknown] 1
Rocktronica [unknown] 1
Rocktronica [unknown] 1
Roses Are Rd Breakups Are Blue [unknown] 1
Scary Sound Effects: Nightmarish Noise For Halloween [unknown] 1

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