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This is a Special Purpose Artist and primarily a place holder for tracks with an unknown artist on Various Artists releases.
Do not add albums here unless, after extensive research, you still cannot determine who the artist is.
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Most soundtracks are Various Artists albums, and should be entered as such. The few that are not should be listed under the soundtrack composer(s), not here. Only use soundtrack if you really cannot identify the composer(s).

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Album + Compilation

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
Karaoke: The Songs of Madonna [unknown] 1
Kinderlieder [unknown] 1
Latin Carnival [unknown] 1
Latin, the Modern Way [unknown] 1
Les 100 plus belles chansons et mélodies d'enfants [unknown] 1
Les tubes 99 Karaoke 1
Love Song Collection [unknown] 1
Masters of Modern Fifteen [unknown] 1
Mechanical Music Hall: Street, Penny & Player Pianos [unknown] 1
More Sing Along Nursery Rhymes Early Learning Centre 1
Music of the Holidays [unknown] 1
My Sing Along Nursery Rhymes Early Learning Centre 1
Nashville Banjos [unknown] 1
Nashville Mandolins [unknown] 1
Nursery Rhymes Playlist Nursery Rhymes 0
Parade of Pops [unknown] 1
Rhythm of the World [unknown] 1
Rindik: The Balinese Traditional Bamboo & Flute Music [unknown] 1
Romantic Panpipes [unknown] 1
Schöne Weihnachtszeit [unknown] 1
Singin' More Standards Karaoke 1
Smash Hits [unknown] 1
Stimmung, Jubel und kein Ende: 60 Minuten Volldampf mit 74 Partyknüllern [unknown] 1
Summer Loving: 20 Instrumental Hits [unknown] 1
Suomalainen kehtolaulu -- The Finnish lullaby [unknown] 1
Switch: Die CD [unknown] 1
The 500 Series, Volume 2 [unknown] 1
The Acoustics Collection: Guitar [classical music] 1
The Acoustics Collection: Piano [classical music] 1
The Classics at the Movies [unknown] 1
The Greatest Arabic Songs [unknown] 1
The Hits From Queen Songbook [unknown] 1
The Mountain and Flowing Water - 高山流水民乐极品 [unknown] 1
The Music of Greece [unknown] 1
The Music of Latin America [unknown] 1
The Songs of Josh Groban: Sometimes I Dream [unknown] 1
The Very Best From Peru [unknown] 1
The Very Best of Country Line Dancing [unknown] 1
The Very Best of Country Line Dancing II [unknown] 1
The World of Flamenco [unknown] 1
Traditional Tohono O'Odham Songs [unknown] 1
Türkülerle Türkiye: Adana / Turkey with Folk Songs: Adana [unknown] 1
Verdammt ich lieb’ dich Party Service Band 1
YRF Hits [soundtrack] 1

Album + Compilation + Soundtrack

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
Golf Sound Effects [unknown] 1

Album + Compilation + Spokenword

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
Kinderlieder, Folge 1 [unknown] 1

Album + Spokenword + Demo

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1958 The ABC's of High Fidelity [unknown] 1

Album + Live

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1975 Guatemala: Les Célèbres Marimbas [unknown] 2
1993 Calypsos: Afro-Limonese Music of Costa Rica [unknown] 1
1998 World Music - Irish Drinking Songs [unknown] 1
2007 Praise to Our God 2 - תהילה לאלוהינו [unknown] 1

Album + Mixtape/Street

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2005 'up your ears!' [unknown] 1

Album + Remix

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2004 Scottish Clubland: The Essential Hits Collection [unknown] 1
2005 Breaks & Beats Disney [unknown] 1
2005 Virus Infectious Remixes [soundtrack] 1
2011 SQ Lovers [unknown] 1
Absolute Megamix 12 [unknown] 1
Exclusive Filmi Remix [soundtrack] 1
Mastermix 217 [unknown] 1
Mastermix 222 [unknown] 1

Album + Soundtrack

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1983 KANG-FU FIGHTING BAND - JACKIE CHAN - the dragon attack [unknown] 1
1985 Музыка из кинофильмов [unknown] 3
1988 The Compact Selection: Diamonds Are Forever: Great James Bond Movie Themes [unknown] 1
1992 New Testament Video Soundtrack [unknown] 1
1994 Master of Magic Soundtrack [unknown] 1
1994 Under a Killing Moon in-Game Soundtrack [unknown] 1
1997 The Gay 90s Musical: Looking Back... Moving on... (1997 Original Cast) [unknown] 1
1997 Imperialism soundtrack [unknown] 1
1998 Satya [soundtrack] 1
1999 Imperialism II soundtrack [unknown] 1
1999 L'Amerzone soundtrack [unknown] 1
2000 Adventures of Superman: Music From the 1950s TV Series [unknown] 1
2000 Savior of the World [unknown] 2
2001 "That's All Folks!" Cartoon Songs From Merrie Melodies & Looney Tunes [unknown] 1
2002 うたかな Sound Track Disc [unknown] 1
2002 Arx Fatalis [unknown] 1
2002 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Western Movie Themes [unknown] 1
2003 妖精たちのオルゴール 宮崎駿スタジオジブリ作品集 オルゴール 1
2003 Rayman 3 Soundtrack [unknown] 1
2005 Silent Hill: Play Novel: Unofficial Soundtrack [unknown] 1
2005 Pure Pinball 2.0 in-game soundtrack [unknown] 1
2007 METEOR サウンドトラックス vol.1 [unknown] 1
2007 METEOR サウンドトラックス vol.2 [unknown] 1
2007 개와 늑대의 시간 [unknown] 1
2008 Themes In Cinema: Fantasy & Adventure Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 1
2010 Sega System 16 Complete Soundtrack, Volume 1 [soundtrack] 1
2012 Post Mortem soundtrack [unknown] 1
2013 Secret of the Magic Crystal OST [soundtrack] 1
「おねがい☆ティーチャー」コンプリートサウンドトラック ~Seratula~ [unknown] 1
Another Code R [unknown] 1
Chaos Reborn soundtrack [unknown] 1
Ciné Mélodies [unknown] 1
Do Re Mi [unknown] 1
Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon OST [unknown] 1
Dreams of Music [unknown] 1
Eating Raoul: The Musical [unknown] 1
Ek Rishtaa [soundtrack] 1
Future Grand Prix Cyber Formula Saga, Volume 1 [unknown] 1
KKND 2: Krossfire soundtrack [unknown] 1
Meu Nome Não É Johnny [unknown] 1

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