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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Rhythmic Library 266 • Series II (3M Cantata 700) [unknown] - - 3M Brand (imprint for 3M Cantata music) R-266
Road Rage 3 [unknown] CD 16 Future Publishing
Rock That Builds [unknown] (unknown) 50 Apple Trax AT121
Rockin' 50's Karaoke (unknown) 12
Rocktronica [unknown] (unknown) 60 Apple Trax AT118
Rocktronica [unknown] (unknown) 36 PP Music
Roland Digital Pianos [unknown] CD 18 OM25146
Romantic Panpipes (disc 1) [unknown] (unknown) 17
Romantic Zarazuelas of Spain [unknown] (unknown) 9
Roses Are Rd Breakups Are Blue [unknown] Digital Media 88 Mixtape XMT016
S.O.S. [unknown] (unknown) 1
Savior of the World [unknown] (unknown) 14
Sax for Sex, Volume 2: One More Night... [unknown] (unknown) 16
Saxo Melodies - Vol.2 Instrumental CD 7
Scary Sound Effects: Nightmarish Noise for Halloween [unknown] (unknown) 41
Scottish Country Dances: Jigs, Waltzes and Reels [unknown] (unknown) 21
Seratula [soundtrack] 2×(unknown) 28 + 29
Sex Sells [unknown] Digital Media 141 Mixtape XMT002
Signature Licks: Jimi Hendrix [unknown] (unknown) 74
Simplicity: Pipe & Organ [unknown] (unknown) 12
Sing Radio Hits of the 80's, Volume 2 Karaoke CD 16
Singin' More Standards Karaoke (unknown) 15
Siren Songs of the South Seas [unknown] (unknown) 11
Slams [unknown] (unknown) 97 Gothic Storm
Só Putaria [unknown] (unknown) 19
Son Harvest VBS Gospel Light (unknown) 41
Songs and Dances of Northern Australia [unknown] (unknown) 20
SonWorld Adventure Park VBS Gospel Light CD 27
Sorriso [unknown] (unknown) 24
Soundia (disc 1: A Comprehensive Collection of Indian Classical Musical Instruments) [unknown] (unknown) 7
Sounds of Africa [unknown] 8cm CD 4 Winner Records
Sounds to Haunt Your House [unknown] (unknown) 1
Spanish Guitar, Volume 1 [unknown] (unknown) 14
Spreewaldmelodie Spreewaldmusikanten Cassette 14 Monopol Records (German label) 80937744
Square Peg Round Hole [unknown] Digital Media 140 Mixtape XMT004
Steel Drums of Trinidad [unknown] (unknown) 15
Sugar Snot Nice [unknown] Digital Media 150 Mixtape XMT006
Suomalainen kehtolaulu -- The Finnish lullaby [unknown] (unknown) 70
Surprise Party [unknown] CD 4
Surrender [unknown] (unknown) 12
Suspended Adrenaline [unknown] CD 26 Amphibious Zoo AZ001
Suspended Adrenaline 2 [unknown] CD 24 Amphibious Zoo AZ007
Suspended Adrenaline 3 [unknown] CD 24 Amphibious Zoo AZ033
Suspended Silence 1 [unknown] CD 30 Amphibious Zoo AZ020
Suspended Turmoil 1 [unknown] CD 20 Amphibious Zoo AZ027
Sweet Guitar [unknown] CD 20 Emporio EMPRCD682
Switch: Die CD, Volume 2 [unknown] (unknown) 52
Tex Murphy: Overseer [unknown] Digital Media 20
The Acoustics Collection: Guitar [classical music] (unknown) 18
The Acoustics Collection: Piano [classical music] CD 20
The Art Corporation 1996 [unknown] (unknown) 1
The Art of Seduction: Belly Dance Music [unknown] (unknown) 9
The Book of Mormon [unknown] 2×(unknown) 18 + 8
The Book of Mormon [unknown] (unknown) 14
The Book of Mormon [unknown] 3×(unknown) 10 + 10 + 9
The Book of Mormon [unknown] 2×(unknown) 10 + 10
The Book of Mormon (LDS Triple) (disc 1) [unknown] (unknown) 19
The Children of Dub Present The Missing Link: 2-Step [unknown] (unknown) 1
The Doctrine & Covenants (disc 3) [unknown] (unknown) 16
The Edge Edition [unknown] 4×(unknown) 98 + 99 + 96 + 97
The Eerie Edition [unknown] 3×(unknown) 99 + 99 + 99
The Electronic Edge Adventure [unknown] (unknown) 1
The Exotic and Pulsating Rythms of the Carribean [unknown] (unknown) 8
The French Experience 1 [unknown] 4×(unknown) 19 + 16 + 60 + 21
The Garage Sessions [unknown] (unknown) 12 PP Music
The Greatest Arabic Songs [unknown] (unknown) 14
The Hits From Queen Songbook [unknown] CD 19
The Igede of Nigeria - Drumming, Chanting and Exotic Percussion Music of the World Compilations (unknown) 16
The Javanese Gamelan [unknown] (unknown) 6
The Lonely Shepherd and Other Pan Flute Favourites [unknown] (unknown) 16
The Mountain and Flowing Water - 高山流水民乐极品 [unknown] (unknown) 13
The Music of Africa [unknown] (unknown) 23
The Music of Greece [unknown] (unknown) 20
The Songs of Josh Groban: Sometimes I Dream [unknown] CD+G 12
The Spirit of the Flute [unknown] (unknown) 18
The Very Best of Country Line Dancing II [unknown] 2×(unknown) 18 + 18
Themes From James Bond Movies [unknown] Cassette 21
This Is Space: Space Daze Trilogy (bonus disc) [unknown] (unknown) 1
This Sceptred Isle 1901–1919 (disc 2) [unknown] (unknown) 19
Traditional Jewish Melodies [unknown] (unknown) 14
Traditional Music of Indonesia [unknown] (unknown) 12
Traditional Music of the Incas [unknown] (unknown) 14
Traditional Songs and Dances of India [unknown] (unknown) 3
Traditional Tohono O'Odham Songs [unknown] (unknown) 20
Trailer Tools, Volume 2 [unknown] (unknown) 96 PP Music
Trailer Tools, Volume 3 [unknown] (unknown) 153 PP Music
Trance e meditazione [unknown] CD 7 Edizioni red! 30/95
TRF Music Sampler Production Music Libraries (unknown) 1
Trompette facile, Volume 1 [unknown] (unknown) 15
Trooping the Colour: The Queen's Birthday Parade [unknown] (unknown) 18
Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge [unknown] CD 8
Tunes for Tots (disc 1) [unknown] (unknown) 12
Turkish Military Band Music of Ottoman Empire [unknown] CD 21
Türkülerle Türkiye: Adana / Turkey with Folk Songs: Adana [unknown] (unknown) 13
TV Toons - Série d'aujourd'hui (disc 1) Toons CD 30
Tweens of the Stoneage [unknown] Digital Media 45 Mixtape XMT020
Twenty Five Irish Folk Favorites [unknown] (unknown) 25
UK Top 20 Charts [unknown] (unknown) 2
Under a Killing Moon [unknown] Digital Media 38
Under Cover: A Tribute to The Police [unknown] (unknown) 10

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