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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Lifestyles - Just Relax - Maui [unknown] (unknown) 12
Liquid People [unknown] (unknown) 4
Lo Mejor de los Andes (Magical Music of the Andes) [unknown] (unknown) 12
Love Is All Around: 19 Panflute Emotions / Panflute Christmas: 20 Christmas Melodies [unknown] 2×CD 19 + 20
Love Shop volume 3 [soundtrack] (unknown) 17
Lullabies Happy Baby CD 12
Lullabies: Dream Songs From Around the World [unknown] (unknown) 37
Mais Que Paixão [unknown] (unknown) 12
Mall Mania [unknown] (unknown) 8
Maniacs of Noise [unknown] (unknown) 11
Mark Evan Bonds: A History of Music in Western Culture II [classical music] (unknown) 23
Martian Memorandum [unknown] Digital Media 1
Mask 1 and 2 [unknown] (unknown) 9
Mastermix 222 [unknown] 2×(unknown) 9 + 13
Masters of Modern Fifteen [unknown] CD 24 Casa musica DCD 102
Mean Streets [unknown] Digital Media 1
Mechanical Music Hall: Street, Penny & Player Pianos [unknown] (unknown) 13
Melodic Library 165 (3M Cantata 700) [unknown] - - 3M Brand (imprint for 3M Cantata music) M-165
Memories from the Greek Islands [unknown] CD 18 A-303
Meu Nome Não É Johnny [unknown] (unknown) 19
Middle East [unknown] (unknown) 59 Apple Trax AT108
Misa Criolla (unidentified album, works by Ariel Ramírez and others) Ariel Ramírez, [unknown] (unknown) 18
Mixing the 70's [unknown] (unknown) 1
More Sounds of Halloween [unknown] (unknown) 1
More Tunes for Tots (disc 1) [unknown] (unknown) 12
Motown Dances [unknown] (unknown) 12
Music And My Favorite Things Kindermusik Cassette 41
Music of Nature’s Elements Greenpeace CD 12
Music of the Holidays [unknown] (unknown) 18
musiques de relaxation pour bébé [unknown] CD 20
My Favourite Animal Rhymes [unknown] (unknown) 12
My Very Own Music [unknown] CD 8 Kids Juke Box
Nejkrásnější pohádky [unknown] (unknown) 5
Non Stop Hitmix [unknown] (unknown) 1
Nursery Rhymes for Little Scallywags [unknown] Digital Media 85 De Wolfe Music DWCD 497
Old Time Radio Comedy Favorites [unknown] 2×(unknown) 3 + 3
Oldskool Classics [unknown] (unknown) 16
Olympique de Marseille [unknown] CD 19
One World One Voice [unknown] (unknown) 1
Orchestral Dimensions [unknown] (unknown) 18 PP Music
Orchestral Textures [unknown] (unknown) 33 PP Music
Orchestral Textures 2 [unknown] (unknown) 12 PP Music
Organic Flavor [unknown] Digital Media 33 Mixtape XMT019
Our Daily Bread, Volume 5 [unknown] (unknown) 10
Outpost V1. 5 [unknown] (unknown) 2
Pandit Nikhil Banerjee [unknown] (unknown) 1
Panic Attack 1: Electro Therapy [unknown] CD 23 Amphibious Zoo AZ021
Parvarish (old) - Shreeman Satyawadi [soundtrack] (unknown) 14
Passport to Africa 1 [unknown] CD 19 Amphibious Zoo AZ016
Passport to China [unknown] CD 18 Amphibious Zoo AZ014
Passport to India [unknown] CD 17 Amphibious Zoo AZ003
Passport to the Middle East [unknown] CD 23 Amphibious Zoo AZ009
PE 02 - Birds And Animals [unknown] (unknown) 73
PE 03 - Wind [unknown] (unknown) 37
Peekaboo, I Love You! [unknown] CD 28
Penthouse Celebration, Volume 5 [unknown] (unknown) 1
Piano for Pleasure [unknown] CD 10 PMF Records 90.515-2
Pirulito que Bate-bate [unknown] (unknown) 10
Pleasure Dome 4 (disc 2: Shape) [unknown] (unknown) 1
Pod [unknown] (unknown) 2
Polish Polkas & Other Favorites [unknown] (unknown) 22
Popular Collection 4 (disc 1) [unknown] (unknown) 16
Praise 3 [unknown] (unknown) 9
Prank Phone Calls [unknown] CD 9
Preteen Sonic Edge Music CD Grades 5 & 6 - Year B Gospel Light CD 12
Půjdem spolu do Betléma [unknown] (unknown) 24
Quirky as Folk [unknown] (unknown) 20 PP Music
Quirky Commercial Tracks 1 [unknown] CD 29 Amphibious Zoo AZ032
Reggae Jams [unknown] (unknown) 1
Relax With Rodius [unknown] (unknown) 15
Relaxing Celtic [unknown] (unknown) 8
Relaxing Piano [unknown] (unknown) 10
Relentless Risers [unknown] (unknown) 46 Gothic Storm
Rhythm of the World [unknown] (unknown) 18
Rhythmic Library 165 (3M Cantata 700) [unknown] - - 3M Brand (imprint for 3M Cantata music) R-165
Rhythmic Library 266 • Series II (3M Cantata 700) [unknown] - - 3M Brand (imprint for 3M Cantata music) R-266
Road Rage 3 [unknown] CD 16 Future Publishing
Rock That Builds [unknown] (unknown) 50 Apple Trax AT121
Rockin' 50's Karaoke (unknown) 12
Rocktronica [unknown] (unknown) 60 Apple Trax AT118
Rocktronica [unknown] (unknown) 36 PP Music
Roland Digital Pianos [unknown] CD 18 OM25146
Romantic Panpipes (disc 1) [unknown] (unknown) 17
Romantic Zarazuelas of Spain [unknown] (unknown) 9
Roses Are Rd Breakups Are Blue [unknown] Digital Media 88 Mixtape XMT016
S.O.S. [unknown] (unknown) 1
Savior of the World [unknown] (unknown) 14
Sax for Sex, Volume 2: One More Night... [unknown] (unknown) 16
Saxo Melodies - Vol.2 Instrumental CD 7
Scary Sound Effects: Nightmarish Noise for Halloween [unknown] (unknown) 41
Scottish Country Dances: Jigs, Waltzes and Reels [unknown] (unknown) 21
Seratula [soundtrack] 2×(unknown) 28 + 29
Sex Sells [unknown] Digital Media 141 Mixtape XMT002
Signature Licks: Jimi Hendrix [unknown] (unknown) 74
Simplicity: Pipe & Organ [unknown] (unknown) 12
Sing Radio Hits of the 80's, Volume 2 Karaoke CD 16
Singin' More Standards Karaoke (unknown) 15
Siren Songs of the South Seas [unknown] (unknown) 11
Slams [unknown] (unknown) 97 Gothic Storm
Só Putaria [unknown] (unknown) 19

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