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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Eating Raoul: The Musical [unknown] (unknown) 26
Ek Rishtaa [soundtrack] (unknown) 13
El Mariachi Mexico [unknown] (unknown) 12
Electronic Alternative [unknown] (unknown) 60 Apple Trax AT092
Emotive Anthems [unknown] (unknown) 12 PP Music
Entrega [unknown] (unknown) 12
Er Hu Chinese Orchestra (unknown) 15
Essential Music for Healing Essential Music for Healing CD 8
Ethnic Music From the Land of Ghengis Kahn: Folk Music of Mongolia [unknown] (unknown) 17
Everland Theme Music [unknown] Digital Media 48
Everlasting Love Songs [unknown] (unknown) 18
Everlasting Music Box, Volume 4: Greatest Movie [unknown] (unknown) 20
Exclusive Filmi Remix [soundtrack] (unknown) 18
Exit Reality: Chill 1 [unknown] CD 25 Amphibious Zoo AZ008
Faith Hope and Clarity [unknown] Digital Media 18 Mixtape XMT018
Fantasy 1 [unknown] CD 15 Amphibious Zoo AZ035
Fantasy Ride [unknown] (unknown) 52 Apple Trax AT115
Feathers Kindermusik (unknown) 28 Kindermusik
Feelgood Factory [unknown] Digital Media 37 Mixtape XMT015
Femme actuelle spécial relaxation : les chants de la nature [unknown] CD 17
Festa Dos Años 60's [unknown] (unknown) 14
Fire & Fury [unknown] (unknown) 60 Apple Trax AT122
Folksongs & Sacred Music From Nepal [unknown] (unknown) 15
Forez, musiques et chansons traditionnelles [unknown] CD 39
Forza Venite Gente [unknown] (unknown) 23
Four Thousand Years of Korean Folk Music [unknown] (unknown) 10
Fra alle os til alle jer [unknown] (unknown) 20
Full Contact 1 [unknown] CD 20 Amphibious Zoo AZ031
Full Contact 2: Annihilation [unknown] CD 15 Amphibious Zoo AZ039
Funk [unknown] CD 17 Amphibious Zoo AZ005
Gender Wars [unknown] (unknown) 6
Gens de Lorraine volume 4 : La danse en Lorraine [unknown] CD 14
German Beer Drinking & Merrymaking Songs [unknown] (unknown) 20
Golden Accordion: Compilation 97 [unknown] (unknown) 16
Golden Instruments, Volume 4 [unknown] (unknown) 16
Grazie mamma che m'hai fatto giallorosso [unknown] (unknown) 28
Grudge Warriors [unknown] (unknown) 14
Gumballs and Rainbows [unknown] Digital Media 30 Mixtape XMT032
Gute Nacht Happy Baby (unknown) 14
Hallowed Journey (disc 2) [unknown] (unknown) 10
Halloween [unknown] (unknown) 1
Have I Got News for You [unknown] 2×(unknown) 25 + 29
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! Children CD 34
Healing the Real Self Essential Music for Healing CD 7
High Street (disc 1) [unknown] (unknown) 12
Himalayan Folk Songs of Nepal [unknown] CD 13
Hip Hop 1 [unknown] CD 32 Amphibious Zoo AZ004
Hip Hop 2 [unknown] CD 44 Amphibious Zoo AZ015
Historical Series Vol.1 [unknown] (unknown) 94
Historical Series Vol.2 [unknown] (unknown) 64
Historical Series Vol.3 [unknown] (unknown) 79
Historical Series Vol.5 [unknown] (unknown) 39
Historical Series Vol.6 [unknown] (unknown) 64
Hit des discothèques 5 [unknown] CD 14
Hits of Halloween [unknown] (unknown) 1
Holidaze Sauce [unknown] Digital Media 37 Mixtape XMT023
Hollywood: The Latin Beat [unknown] (unknown) 14
Hopped Up on Goofballs [unknown] Digital Media 147 Mixtape XMT010
Horror Sounds [unknown] (unknown) 1
Hot Hits, No. 12 [unknown] 12" Vinyl 12 Music for Pleasure MFP 5281
House 1 [unknown] CD 22 Amphibious Zoo AZ038
Hungarian Gypsy Songs [unknown] CD 7
I canti del Regime, Volume III [unknown] (unknown) 18
If You’re Happy and You Know It, Sing Along! ABC for Kids (unknown) 26
Illusions [unknown] (unknown) 57 Apple Trax AT088
Images of Praise [unknown] (unknown) 12
In Concert With Nature [unknown] (unknown) 12
Inca [unknown] (unknown) 15
Incy Wincy Spider and Other Nursery Rhymes [unknown] (unknown) 28
Indie Love Sounds 1: Cruel Devotion [unknown] CD 20 Amphibious Zoo AZ022
Indie Nation 1 [unknown] CD 30 Amphibious Zoo AZ012
Indie Nation 2 [unknown] CD 25 Amphibious Zoo AZ018
Indie Nation 3: Indie Pop Cult [unknown] CD 27 Amphibious Zoo AZ030
Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 [unknown] CD 96
International Melodic IM-470 (3M Cantata 700) [unknown] - - 3M Brand (imprint for 3M Cantata music) IM-470
Japanese Shinto Ritual Music [unknown] (unknown) 12
Jazz Classics: SGB0002 - CD+G [unknown] CD+G 15
Jazz Sound 5 [unknown] (unknown) 14
Just a Minute 7 [unknown] 2×(unknown) 20 + 18
Just Guitar [unknown] Digital Media 72 Mixtape XMT022
Just Piano [unknown] Digital Media 37 Mixtape XMT021
Karácsonyi Gyermekdalok [unknown] CD 30
Kids Party Songs [unknown] (unknown) 25
Las Vegas Heist: Nuevo Retro 1 [unknown] CD 19 Amphibious Zoo AZ010
Latin American Library 166 (3M Cantata 700) [unknown] - - 3M Brand (imprint for 3M Cantata music)
Latin, the Modern Way [unknown] (unknown) 15
Legendary Performances [unknown] (unknown) 1
Les meilleurs génériques de l'histoire de la télé en versions originales ! [soundtrack] (unknown) 28
Les plus belles comptines de Freddy et ses amis [unknown] (unknown) 20
Les tubes 99 Karaoke (unknown) 12
Leuke slaapliedjes [unknown] CD 22
Lien Khuc Tre [unknown] (unknown) 4
Lifescapes: Inner Peace [unknown] (unknown) 12
Lifescapes: Mexico [unknown] (unknown) 12
Lifescapes: Solo Harp [unknown] (unknown) 11
Lifescapes: Spirit Wind [unknown] (unknown) 10
Lifescapes: Swing [unknown] (unknown) 10
Lifestyles - Just Relax - Maui [unknown] (unknown) 12
Liquid People [unknown] (unknown) 4
Lo Mejor de los Andes (Magical Music of the Andes) [unknown] (unknown) 12

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