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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
À pas de Velours : 28 berceuses [unknown] CD 28 Didier jeunesse 9782278051472
Didgeridoo Dreaming: Spiritual Music of the Australian Aboriginal [unknown] CD 10 Fine Tune
Time Crisis: Project Titan (Sony PlayStation, US) [unknown] Enhanced CD 22 SLUS-01336 722674020985
Häschen in der Grube [unknown] CD 19 4001504263812
My Ocean [unknown] CD 10 Wind Music (風潮音樂)
Singing in the Rain [unknown] CD 11 Big Blue Dog Records BBD 100005 723724076525
Corridas et aficionados [unknown] CD 16 Universal Licensing Music (U.L.M) 014 683-2 044001468322
25 Hymns and Praise Classics, Volume 1 [unknown] CD 25 Madacy Christian MC2 6060 056775606022
トゥバのホーメイ ウルテムチェイ〜ホーメイの天地 [unknown] CD 14 Seven Seas (Japanese label) KICC-5302 4988003266318
Shrek: Home for the Holidays [soundtrack] CD 4 DreamWorks Records ME0006
Dragon Ball Z - Folge 1: Ein außerirdischer Krieger Dragonball Z CD 2 KOCH Records (independent US label, 1999-2009/01) 340 037 9002723400373
Works on Music Box, Volume 2 [unknown] (unknown) 10
長崎・生月島のオラショ [unknown] CD 34 Seven Seas (Japanese label) KICC-5715 4988003268817
韓国江陵の巫楽 [unknown] CD 6 Seven Seas (Japanese label) KICC-5749 4988003269159
Havana Nights: The Best of Cuban Rhythms [unknown] CD 20 World Music (Australian budget label) WM-CD-110 9399254011025
Música de maestros, volumen 8 [classical music] CD 13 Roli Producciones
Eléfantillages [unknown] CD 18 3700079260103
Enchantillages [unknown] CD 22 3700079260110
Une petite fille chante Brassens [unknown] CD 10 Universal Licensing Music (U.L.M) 731454278423
Εσιγανέψαν οι καιροί: Τραγούδια και σκοποί της Κρήτης Αρχειο Ελλινικισ Μουσικισ CD 20 A.E.M. (Greek) AEM 013 5200102080138
Communication [unknown] Vinyl 1
Fox Kids Sint Hits: Coole Piet en de Inpakbende [unknown] (unknown) 17
Музыка из кинофильмов [unknown] CD 10 Мелодия MRCE-05110 4600317051106
Tod, Trauer, Trapani: Sizilianische Trauermärsche [unknown] CD 12 Edition Grumbach AAA-02
El Amor De La Vida [unknown] (unknown) 15
Nursery Songs [unknown] (unknown) 10
Superman: The Origins of a Superhero [unknown] CD 3 Liberty International Publishing PUR1283 014381128321
Hugs for the Holidays [unknown] CD 13 Here to Him Music 645177930226
Welcome Home for the Holidays [unknown] CD 14 Home Again 3801865062 738018650626
Lifescapes: Praise & Worship [unknown] CD 12 Compass Productions (budget compilations) LS23-150-2 797307036220
See What I Saw Kindermusik 2×CD 32 + 27 Kindermusik
Irish Hymns [unknown] CD 13 734134020428
World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: India [unknown] CD 18
La Récré, volume 1 : Une souris verte et les plus jolies chansons de nos enfants [unknown] CD 14 Rym Musique
Juegos de falda [unknown] (unknown) 15 DM 1118 02
うたかな Sound Track Disc [unknown] CD 13 ACTRESS (Japanese), Grooming (Japanese), Prima (Japanese) ACT017200201S
Chakra Meditation [unknown] CD 13
Drew's Famous Fiesta Party Music [unknown] CD 16 Turn Up the Music TUTM1248-2
Les Plus Jolies Chansons enfantines [unknown] CD 31 Chantecler (French book publisher) 9782803441723
Latino Trumpet [unknown] CD 16 Signature (UK label, cat prefix is SIGNCD####) SIGNCD2038 5022508203849
The Animals Went in Two by Two: 101 Songs, Stories & Nursery Rhymes [unknown] CD 4 Musicbank APWCD4011 5029248147921
Julens mest populære sange [unknown] CD 14 5706238328156
The Three Little Pigs: 6 Classic Children’s Stories [unknown] CD 6 Musicbank APWCD4019 5029248148720
La flûte de Brocéliande [unknown] CD 9
Les chansons de Tom-Tom et Nana [unknown] CD 2 naïve
Gamelan of Central Java: II. Ceremonial Music [unknown] CD 5 Dunya Records, Felmay 21750 8042 2, fy 8042 8021750804221
Tabulater [unknown] 12" Vinyl 3 Moxie (original re-edits of disco tracks) MX 001
Favourite Christmas Songs [unknown] CD 10 CRS Records (children's music label/publisher), Practical Parenting (magazine) PPCD02 [none]
Music's So Wonderful 2002 [unknown] 12" Vinyl 1 [no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases) MUSIC 001 [none]
Party Classics [unknown] DVD-Video 10 StarTrax Karaoke STRAXDVD 001 5014797350014
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Western Movie Themes [unknown] CD 18 Castle Pulse (aka "Pulse" , sub-label in the Castle/Sanctuary "family") PLS CD 534 5016073753427
Children's Spectacular: Postman Pat: 20 Favourite Television Theme Songs [unknown] CD 20 Musicbank APWCD4016 5029248148423
Lord Of The Rings [unknown] CD 10 Newsound 2000 (imprint of UK company New Sound 2000 Ltd.) NEW227 5035462222276
Africa: Music from the Nonesuch Explorer Series [unknown] CD 16 Nonesuch (imprint of Nonesuch Records Inc.) 075597979329
Songbirds 1: Nature [unknown] CD 25 9788575830048
Songbirds 2: Animals [unknown] CD 25 9788575830055
Songbirds 3: People and Places [unknown] CD 25 9788575830062
Songbirds 4: Games [unknown] CD 25 9788575830079
Songbirds 5: School and Friends [unknown] CD 25 9788575830086
Dinosaur Sing Alongs [unknown] CD 15 Great American Audio CDR #3101
Drew's Famous Ultimate Halloween Party Music [unknown] CD 17 Turn Up the Music TUTM1391
Mickey's Music CD [unknown] CD 4 Walt Disney Records
The Rhythm of My Day Kindermusik CD 32
Toys I Make, Trips I Take Kindermusik 2×CD 31 + 26
Arx Fatalis in-game sounds [unknown] Digital Media 4 GOG.com [none] [none]
Piano Bar Love Songs [unknown] CD 1 Signature (UK label, cat prefix is SIGNCD####) SIGNCD2019 5022508201944
The Tehillim that Saved a Life [unknown] CD 9 Aderet Music CDAD161 705653116121
World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: France [unknown] (unknown) 44
Children's Lullaby Favourites Prism Leisure Corp. (unknown) 22
Children's Nursery Rhyme Favorites Prism Leisure Corp. (unknown) 23
Children's Sing-A-Long Favourites Prism Leisure Corp. (unknown) 22
25 Children's Nursery Rhyme Favorites [unknown] CD 25 Prism Leisure (budget UK-based compilation label) PLATCD 537 5014293653725
Instrumental Patah Hati Instrumental JK CD 15 JK Records 8994082004433
American Conquest OST (GOG.com) [unknown] Digital Media 7 [none]
American Conquest: Fight Back OST (GOG.com) [unknown] Digital Media 12 GSC Game World [none]
Classical Beginnings [unknown] CD 5 NorthSound 98042 718236980422
À pas de géant : 33 comptines et chansons pour l'enfant qui grandit [unknown] CD 32 Didier jeunesse 5357 / 47 2507 3 9782278053575
Üstad'lardan Saz Eserleri ve Taksimler, Volume II [unknown] CD 13 Mega Müzik
Baby Dreamtime: Babyzarte Kuschelmelodien [unknown] CD 16 Delta Music (main label of Delta Music GmbH and its UK & US subsidiaries) CD 13 794 4006408137948
La Compil des petits minous, Volume 1 [unknown] 2×CD 34 + 42 3506420000349
Chilled: Ultra Smooth Holiday Instrumentals [unknown] (unknown) 14
The Best of Enya on Piano Ambience (this is not by Enya!) [unknown] CD 15 SDC 1037 4717705160378
科学忍者隊ガッチャマン テレビオリジナルBGMコレクション [unknown] CD 16 Columbia Music Entertainment (Japan only, Oct 2002 – Oct 2010) COCC-72019 4988001949831
Lifescapes: The Lake [unknown] CD 12
Doudou, un disque pour s'endormir : Le Monde des berceuses à cappella [unknown] CD 23 3298493180515
妖精たちのオルゴール 宮崎駿スタジオジブリ作品集 オルゴール CD 12 ARS/Clip Records CLIPJ-9003
The Year of the Apology [unknown] CD 11 SOCAN (Do not use this as a release label or work publisher!) 625989366420
世纪乐典 中国古琴名曲典藏 [unknown] CD 9 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0127 9787799204178
世纪乐典 中国古筝名曲典藏·壹 [unknown] CD 13 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0128 9787799204185
世纪乐典 中国古筝名曲典藏·贰 [unknown] CD 7 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0129 9787799204192
世纪乐典 中国琵琶名曲典藏·壹 [unknown] CD 8 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0130 9787799204208
世纪乐典 中国琵琶名曲典藏·贰 [unknown] CD 8 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0131 9787799204215
世纪乐典 中国笛子名曲典藏·壹 [unknown] CD 14 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0132 9787799204222
世纪乐典 中国笛子名曲典藏·贰 [unknown] CD 12 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0133 9787799204239
世纪乐典 中国二胡名曲典藏·壹 [unknown] CD 10 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0134 9787799204246
世纪乐典 中国二胡名曲典藏·贰 [unknown] CD 11 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0135 9787799204253
世纪乐典 中国板胡京胡名曲典藏 [unknown] CD 10 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0136 9787799204260
世纪乐典 中国广东音乐名曲典藏 [unknown] CD 16 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0137 9787799204277
世纪乐典 中国民乐合奏名曲典藏·壹 [unknown] CD 11 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0138 9787799204284
世纪乐典 中国民乐合奏名曲典藏·贰 [unknown] CD 11 中国唱片上海公司 (China Record Shanghai Corporation; "CRSC" logo) HCD-0139 9787799204291

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