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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
You Sexy Thing Seyffert Music 1:23
You Shall Go Out With Joy (The Trees of the Field) [unknown] 2:20
You Shook Me All Night Long [unknown] 3:11
You Shook Me All Night Long [unknown] ?:??
You Shook Me All Night Long [unknown] 3:05
You Should Be Dancing [unknown] 5:51
You Should Be Dancing [unknown] 4:13
You Should Be Dancing [unknown] 3:54
You Should Have Been There [unknown] 3:20
You Showed Me… [unknown] ?:??
You Start The Fire [soundtrack] 3:17
You Stepped Out of a Dream [unknown] 3:21
You Turned the Tables on Me [unknown] ?:??
You Used to Give Me Satisfaction (Benny Benassi vs. Scott & Leon) [unknown] 5:18
You Wanna Go to War? (interlude) [unknown] 0:33
You Want Nothing in Fac [unknown] 4:42
You Went Away [unknown] 3:05
You Will Be My True Love [unknown] 2:34
You Win Again [unknown] 3:35
You Wreck Me Lullaby Players 3:42
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [unknown] 2:21
You'd Better Get Going [unknown] 2:19
You'Got Me [unknown] 2:21
You'Got Me [unknown] 1:00
You'Got Me [unknown] 0:30
You'Got Me [unknown] 0:15
You'll Be in My Heart [unknown] 3:57
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) [unknown] 3:58
You'll Never Get to Heaven [unknown] 3:40
You'll Never Know [unknown] ?:??
You'll Never Walk Alone [unknown] 3:01
You'll Never Walk Alone [unknown] 2:08
You'll Never Walk Alone [unknown] 1:51
You'll Never Walk Alone [unknown] 3:40
You'll Never Walk Alone (Carousel) [unknown] 1:42
You'll Never Walk Alone (Finale) [unknown] 2:00
You'll Never Walk Alone [Carousel] [unknown] 1:33
You'll See (karaoke version) [unknown] 4:50
You'll See (vocal version) [unknown] 4:42
You're a Bore Baby [unknown] ?:??
You're a Bore Baby (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
You're a Bore Baby (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
You're a Grand Old Flag [unknown] 2:10
You're A Grand Old Flag [unknown] 1:58
You're a Pink Toothbrush, I'm a Blue Toothbrush [unknown] 2:51
You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan! [unknown] 1:23
You're A Winner [unknown] 3:23
You're Always on My Mind [unknown] 1:44
You're Blase [unknown] ?:??
You're in My Heart [unknown] 4:22
You're in the Army Now [unknown] ?:??
You're Just in Love [unknown] ?:??
You're My Everything [unknown] 4:00
You're My Hero Karaoke 3:19
You're My Living Doll (From: Attack of the Puppet People) [unknown] 2:17
You're My Mate [unknown] 3:13
You're My Shining Light [unknown] 1:02
You're My Shining Light [unknown] 1:02
You're My Shining Light [unknown] 0:30
You're My Shining Light [unknown] 0:30
You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile [Annie] [unknown] 3:15
You're Not a Tattletale [unknown] 1:14
You're Part of Me [unknown] 4:47
You're Part Of Me [unknown] 4:49
You're Precious to Me [unknown] ?:??
You're So Lovely [unknown] 3:53
You're Somebody Else's Sweetheart [unknown] ?:??
You're Still the One [unknown] 3:35
You're Still the One… [unknown] ?:??
You're the Best Thing (Groovin')... [unknown] 0:39
You're the Cure for What Ails Me [unknown] 3:09
You're the One I Want [unknown] 2:21
You're the One That I Want [unknown] 2:56
You're The One That I Want, from “Grease" (Farrar) [unknown] 2:07
You're the Only Good Thing [unknown] 3:16
You're the Only One for Me [unknown] 4:04
You're the Top [unknown] 2:55
You're Very Good [unknown] 0:19
You've Changed [unknown] 3:51
You've Fallen for Me (instrumental) [unknown] ?:??
You've Got a Friend [unknown] 4:27
You've Got a Friend [unknown] 4:10
You've Got a Friend [unknown] 3:12
You've Got a Friend [unknown] 4:06
You've Got to Talk to Me [unknown] 3:29
You've Got to Walk That Lonesome Road [unknown] 3:00
You've Had a Birthday [unknown] 1:04
You've Had It [unknown] 2:38
You've Hit the Big Time [unknown] 2:00
You've Hit the Big Time [unknown] 1:00
You've Hit the Big Time [unknown] 0:30
You've Hit the Big Time [unknown] 0:20
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling [unknown] 0:51
You've Lost That Loving Feeling [unknown] 3:48
You’ll Never Walk Alone The Jeff Alexander Choir, Mario Lanza, [orchestra], Irving Aaronson 2:56
You’ll Never Walk Alone Arena Allstars 3:40
You’ll Never Walk Alone [unknown] 4:46
You’re a Grand Old Flag [unknown] 2:24
You’re Gonna Be Sorry (instrumental) [unknown] 3:05
You’re in Love [unknown] 3:48

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