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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Wind It Up [unknown] 2:49
Wind Makes Waves of Glary [unknown] 4:37
Wind of Change [unknown] 5:17
Wind of Change [unknown] 5:11
Wind of Change [unknown] 3:22
Wind of Change [unknown] 4:27
Wind of Change... [unknown] 0:39
Wind Song [unknown] 5:34
Wind the Bobbin Up Children 2:32
Wind the Bobbin Up Mother and Baby 2:30
Wind the Bobbin Up CRS Records 1:56
Wind the Bobbin Up [unknown] 3:14
Wind the Bobbin Up [unknown] 2:38
Wind the Bobbin Up [unknown] 0:39
Wind the Bobbin Up CRS Records Ltd 2:37
Wind the Bobbin Up / Here We Go Round / The Mulberry Bush / Here We Go Looby Loo / Hey Diddle Diddle [unknown] 3:02
Wind Up Your Ears [unknown] 2:48
Wind Your Bobbin Up Children's Audio Company 2:14
Wind Your Bobbin Up Early Learning Centre 1:51
Wind-Up Alarm Clock Ticks [unknown] 2:00
Wind-Up Antique Clock [unknown] 0:59
Wind: The Perfect Storm (part of a “Sensation 2003: White Edition” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:47
WINDING PATH [unknown] 3:17
Windmelodie [unknown] 3:08
Windmill Hills [unknown] 2:57
Windmills [unknown] 7:59
Windmills of Your Mind [unknown] 2:05
Windmills of Your Mind [unknown] 2:03
Windmueller (Germany) [unknown] 3:24
Window Shopper [unknown] 1:01
Window Shopper [unknown] 0:30
Window Shopper [unknown] 0:30
Windows '93 (I N T R O) [unknown] 0:32
Winds of Change [unknown] 3:20
Winds of Change [unknown] 3:08
Winds of Kyung Sung [unknown] 2:42
Winds, Antarctic White Out [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Blizzard [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Blustery Wind Through Fence [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Flags Flapping in the Breeze With Birdsong [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Gale Heard From Inside House With Rattling Windows [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Gale Through Boat Rigging [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Gusty Wind in Bushes [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Gusty Wind Through Wires [unknown] ?:??
Winds, High-Pitched Wind [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Howling Wind [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Low-Pitched Wind [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Polar Wind [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Steady Night Breeze [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Strong Wind in the Trees [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Tornado (Synthesised) [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Tree Creaking in Strong Wind [unknown] ?:??
Winds, Wind Whistling Through Crack, Distant Birdsong [unknown] ?:??
Windshield Wipers [unknown] 0:34
Windshield Wipers [unknown] 0:16
Windshield Wipers - Bmw Exterior, Modulating Servo Whine Light Thumps and Soft Scraping Sound [unknown] 0:15
Windshield Wipers - Bmw Exterior, Modulating Servo Whine With Light Thumps and Soft Scraping Sounds [unknown] 0:15
Windshield Wipers - Heavy Truck Slow Speed, Close Perspective [unknown] 0:24
Windsong [unknown] 4:34
Windstärke 12 [unknown] 3:12
Windsurfing, Board Launched From Gravel Beach Sails Pulled Up, Sails Off Rec. From on Sailboard [unknown] ?:??
Windsurfing, Capsize (Rec. From Nearby Boat) Board Righted [unknown] ?:??
Windsurfing, Capsize (Rec. From Nearby Boat) Mast Hits Water [unknown] ?:??
Windsurfing, Constant Run Rec. From Sailboard Creaks and Clunks From Mast, Some Very Distant Motor Boats [unknown] ?:??
Windsurfing, Pass (Rec. From Nearby Boat) 1 [unknown] ?:??
Windsurfing, Pass (Rec. From Nearby Boat) 2 [unknown] ?:??
Windsurfing, Pass (Rec. From Nearby Boat) 3 [unknown] ?:??
Windwalker [unknown] 4:50
Windy NatureQuest 3:03
Windy Heartbeat - Heartbeat: Steady, With Eerie Wind Ambience. [unknown] 0:28
Windy stone room [unknown] 2:42
Wine [unknown] 2:08
Wine and Roses [unknown] ?:??
Wine Song (Gohimeli Song) [unknown] 1:23
Wine Song (Gohimeli Song) [unknown] 1:25
Wine Woman Song & Waltz [unknown] 6:12
Wine, Woman and Song [unknown] 2:17
Wings [unknown] 4:23
Wings [soundtrack] ?:??
Wings of a Dove [unknown] 3:05
Wings of a Dove [unknown] 2:22
Wings of Dawn [unknown] 6:06
Wings of Dawn [unknown] 16:27
Wings of Inspiration [unknown] 3:56
Wings of Inspiration [unknown] ?:??
Wings of Moonlight Essential Music for Healing 7:01
Wings Over Passes [unknown] 4:21
Winkum, Winkum [unknown] 1:48
Winnebago [unknown] 5:25
Winner [unknown] 0:09
Winner Takes It All [unknown] 4:44
Winnetou [unknown] 3:26
Winnetou [unknown] 3:25
Winnetou [unknown] 3:25
Winnetou - Kiffer 1 [unknown] 1:24
Winnetou - Kiffer 2 [unknown] 1:17
Winnetou - Squaw [unknown] 1:30
Winnetou in Heaven [unknown] 4:09
Winnie der Puuh [unknown] 2:19
Winnie the Pooh [unknown] 1:58

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