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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Original Lesson [unknown] 4:34
The Origins of Superman [unknown] 19:16
The Orkney Rope Waltz [unknown] 2:31
The Orkney Rope Waltz [unknown] 0:12
The Orphan Song [unknown] 6:23
The Ostrich (from The Animals) Kindermusik 0:58
The Other Half [unknown] 3:46
The Other Side [unknown] 7:15
The Other Side [unknown] ?:??
The Outer-Periphery Splash [unknown] 5:32
The Outlaw Kid [unknown] 0:30
The Overlander [unknown] 2:39
The Overlander [unknown] ?:??
The Overture [unknown] ?:??
The Owl & The Pussycat (instrumental) [unknown] 4:50
The Owl & The Pussycat (instrumental) :30 [unknown] 0:30
The Owl & The Pussycat (vocal) [unknown] 4:50
The Owl & The Pussycat (vocal) :30 [unknown] 0:30
The Owl and the Kitty Cat [unknown] 1:59
The Owl and the Pussy Cat [unknown] 2:05
The Owl and the Pussy Cat [unknown] ?:??
The Owl and the Pussycat [unknown] 1:41
The Owl and the Pussycat [unknown] 3:07
The Owl Rock Band ABC for Kids 0:49
The Owls Are Not What They Seem (remix) [unknown] 3:59
The Oxcart [unknown] 0:37
The Oxo Reel / Lime Juice Tub [unknown] 3:36
The Padstow May Day Song [unknown] 1:53
The Padstow May Song [unknown] 5:08
The Pageant of Great Women [unknown] 2:29
The Palatine's Daughter [unknown] ?:??
The Pallisers [soundtrack] 3:31
The Palms (Old Homestead) [unknown] ?:??
The Paper Chase: Be Irrational [unknown] 2:55
The Paper Chase: Concerto in D Major (Allegro) [unknown] 1:39
The Paper Chase: Hart in a Hurry [unknown] 1:16
The Paper Chase: Kevin's House (Source) [unknown] 2:33
The Paper Chase: Kevin's Tutor (source) [unknown] 3:36
The Paper Chase: Little Fugue in G Minor [unknown] 2:06
The Paper Chase: Love Theme [unknown] 2:37
The Paper Chase: Real Identity and Into the Sea [unknown] 3:36
The Paper Chase: The Passing of Wisdom [unknown] 3:07
The Paper Chase: Thinking of Susan, Kingsfield's Study, the Empty Classroom [unknown] 3:13
The Paper Chase: To the Hotel [unknown] 2:03
The Parachute Dancer Mix (two Tracker) [unknown] 5:10
The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers [unknown] ?:??
The Parish as the Hub of Social Life [unknown] 3:09
The Parting Glass [unknown] ?:??
The Parting Glass [unknown] ?:??
The Parting Glass [unknown] 2:51
The Parting Glass [unknown] 7:06
The Parting Glass [unknown] 3:39
The Partisans of the Amur Rive - Amuri Partizánok [unknown] 1:55
The Partridge Family [unknown] 1:05
The Party [unknown] ?:??
The Party Into [unknown] 1:14
The Party Track [unknown] 0:44
The Party's Bosom Is Our Home [unknown] ?:??
The Passameasures [unknown] 1:12
The Past [unknown] 0:24
The Path In [unknown] 5:08
The Path Out [unknown] 5:14
The Pathfinders [unknown] 2:01
The Patriot Game [unknown] 3:19
The Peacock Song [unknown] 2:46
The Peanut Vendor [unknown] 3:33
The Pearl [unknown] 3:27
The Pedlar's Box [unknown] 2:34
The Pedlar's Box [unknown] 0:08
The Perfect Beat (club mix) [unknown] 3:59
The Perfect Date [unknown] ?:??
The Perfect Gift [unknown] 6:59
The Perfect Murder [unknown] 2:18
The Perfect Planet [unknown] 4:22
The Perfect Year (Sunset Boulevard) [unknown] 3:15
The Perilous Night [unknown] 12:56
The Perkins Rap [unknown] 0:28
The Persuaders Theme (John Barry) [unknown] 4:12
The Phantom of the Opera (Phantom of the Opera) [unknown] 5:16
The Phantom of the Opera (The Phantom of the Opera) [unknown] 5:31
The Phantom of the Opera (Title Theme) [unknown] 4:19
The Phantom Voice [unknown] 27:26
The Phanton of the Opera [unknown] 5:04
The Phone Call [unknown] 0:16
The Piano in Winter [unknown] ?:??
The Piccolino Orchestre & Chœurs & Chœurs ?:??
The Pie [unknown] 4:00
The Pied Piper Reginald Kell, [unknown], Salvador Camarata DEF055309302 4:00
The Pied Piper of Hamelin [unknown] 3:14
The Piglet Files [soundtrack] 2:40
The Pines of the Appian Way from 'The Pines of Rome' [unknown] 5:12
The Pink Panther Theme (Mancini/Mercer) [unknown] 3:09
The Pipe The Cast of The Kings of Summer 0:37
The Pipe (reprise) The Cast of The Kings of Summer 0:52
The Piper [unknown] 4:35
The Piper [unknown] 4:32
The Piper [unknown] ?:??
The Piper in the Meadow Straying/Christmas Eve [unknown] 4:41
The Piper o' Dundee [unknown] 1:34
The Piper O'Dundee [unknown] 1:33

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