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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Prisoner Song [unknown] 2:59
The Procheimenon [unknown] 1:27
The Professionals [unknown] 1:55
The Professionals [unknown] 1:55
The Progressive House of X 1996 [unknown] 6:01
The Progressive House of X 1996, Part 2 [unknown] 5:15
The Prominence of Streams of Fire [unknown] ?:??
The Promise [unknown] ?:??
The Promised Land [unknown] 0:59
The Promised Land [unknown] 0:29
The Promised Land [unknown] 0:15
The Promised Land [unknown] 0:10
The Promised Land [unknown] 0:05
The Promised Land [unknown] 0:02
The Promised Land [unknown] 1:49
The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden [unknown] 1:02
The Proposition [unknown] ?:??
The Pulse (feat. Keith 'Wildchild' Middleton) [unknown] US6DR0300440 4:55
The Puppeteer [unknown] 2:36
The Purple People Eater [unknown] 2:27
The Purple People Eater [unknown] 2:17
The Pushbike Song ABC for Kids 2:10
The Quartermaster's Store... [unknown] 0:38
The Queen [unknown] 2:55
The Queen [unknown] 2:55
The Queen of the Nights Aria From "The Magic Flute" [unknown] 2:50
The Queen of the Village Yorke [unknown] ?:??
The Queen's Week [unknown] 2:06
The Queensland Drover [unknown] 2:37
The Race [unknown] ?:??
The Radetzsky March [unknown] 2:11
The Raggle-Taggle Gypsy [unknown] ?:??
The Rain in Spain (My Fair Lady) [unknown] 2:03
The Rainbow Connection ABC for Kids 3:11
The Rainbow Connection [unknown] 3:10
The Rainbow Of Happiness Rose [unknown] ?:??
The Rakes of Kildare [unknown] 7:22
The Ramblin Wreck From Georgia Tech [unknown] 1:00
The Ramblin Wreck From Georgia Tech [unknown] 0:29
The Rambling Swallow [unknown] 2:43
The Rattlin' Bog [unknown] ?:??
The Razor Gator Anthem 2 [unknown] 2 2:35
The Razor Gator Theme [unknown] 2 0:30
The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest [unknown] 1:01
The Real Billy Jean [unknown] ?:??
The Real Folk Blues - Cowboy Bebop [unknown] 6:15
The Reaper's Branch [unknown] 1:45
The Reaper’s Branch [unknown] 1:46
The Recollections of the Sepia [unknown] 2:36
The Red Csepel Works - Vörös Csepel [unknown] 2:49
The Red Flower of Tachai Blossoms Everywhere [unknown] 4:43
The Red Haired Boy [unknown] ?:??
The Red Hood [unknown] 4:54
The Red Mill: Every Day Is Ladies' Day With Me (Governor, Chorus) William Chapman, Chorus 5 3:59
The Red Mill: If You Love But Me (Tina, Chorus) Jean Sanders, Chorus 5 2:19
The Red Mill: Overture / By the Side of the Mill (Chorus) Lehman Engel, Chorus 5 3:56
The Red Mill: The Streets of New York (Con Kidder, Chorus) Stanley Grover, Chorus 5 2:13
The Red Pony: Suite [unknown] ?:??
The Red River Valley [unknown] 1:33
The Red White and Blue [unknown] 0:50
The Relief of Ladysmith [unknown] 1:19
The Relief of Mafeking [unknown] 4:55
The Reload [unknown] 2:16
The Rematch-Oct 27,97 vs New England [unknown] 0:37
The Rent Collector [unknown] 1:54
The Rescuers: Tomorrow Is Another Day [unknown] 2:37
The Resurrection [unknown] 3:48
The Retreat (Lady Coventry's, a Favourite Irish Jig, a Shilling a Jig) [unknown] 2:59
The Return of the Asian Time Traveller [unknown] 4:19
The Return of the Jedi [unknown] 3:50
The Rhythm of My Day Kindermusik 1:41
The Rhythm of the Night [unknown] 5:31
The Rhythm's Got Me [unknown] 0:31
The Ride of the Valkyries [unknown] 4:57
The Ride of the Valkyries [unknown] 5:48
The Ride of Your Life Gospel Light 2:18
The Ride of Your Life (Split Track) Gospel Light 2:18
The Ride to Dubno [unknown] ?:??
The Right Way [unknown] 2:09
The Right Way (no vocals) [unknown] 2:09
The Ring [unknown] 1:57
The Rio Grande [unknown] 3:41
The Riot Act [unknown] 1:39
The Riot Act (amb) [unknown] 1:44
The Riot Act (pulse) [unknown] 1:31
The Risen Christ [unknown] 2:54
The Riser [unknown] 1:37
The Rising [unknown] 4:12
The Rising [unknown] 1:49
The Rite Of Spring - Sacrificial Dance Of The Chosen One [unknown] 4:53
The Rite of Spring: Sacrificial Dance [unknown] 4:34
The Rites of Men [unknown] 8:49
The River in the Pines [unknown] 7:38
The River is Here [unknown] 2:47
The River of Heaven, for chamber orchestra [unknown] 4:13
The River of Uliastay [unknown] 2:08
The Road and the Miles to Dundee [unknown] 0:41
The Road Less Traveled [unknown] 0:30
The Road Less Travelled [unknown], Darren Fung 2:16
The Road Onwards [unknown] ?:??

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