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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Waltz True Love (America, Couple, E) [unknown] 2:28
Waltz Unrequited Love (America, Couple, Ea) [unknown] 2:58
Waltz Varens Rop (Sweden, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 3:21
Waltz Veleta (America, Line, Easy) [unknown] 2:47
Waltz Veleta (England, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 2:33
Waltz Velita (America, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 2:48
Waltz Venetian (Slovernia, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 3:02
Waltz Vienna Dreams (Austria, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 2:29
Waltz Vilia (Lehar) (Austria, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 2:54
Waltz Windsor (America, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 3:06
Waltz, op. 39, no.15 [unknown] 2:45
Waltz, St Bernards (Scotland, Couple, Easy) [unknown] 3:00
Waltzer (full mix) [unknown] 1:06
Waltzes [unknown] 3:11
Waltzes [unknown] 5:33
Waltzes (20) for piano ("Letzte Walzer"), D. 146 (op. posth. 127) [unknown] ?:??
Waltzes, Op 9A (Schubert) Kindermusik 3:40
Waltzing at the Waldorf [unknown] 0:30
Waltzing Mathilda [unknown] 1:33
Waltzing Mathilda [unknown] 1:00
Waltzing Mathilda [unknown] 0:30
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 3:26
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 3:05
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 1:16
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 2:01
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 0:30
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 1:14
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 1:59
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 1:07
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 0:14
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 1:03
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 2:55
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 0:41
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 1:15
Waltzing Matilda [unknown] 2:01
Waltzing Matilda (majestic) [unknown] 3:07
Waltzing Matilda (medium) [unknown] 2:37
Waltzing Matlida [unknown] ?:??
Waly, Waly [unknown] 3:10
Walzer [unknown] 7:12
Walzer (2. Satz) Aus Serenade Für Streichorche [unknown] 3:23
Walzing Matilda [unknown] ?:??
Wamali and the Waratah [unknown] 8:26
Wamali and the Waratah [unknown] 8:21
Wämer bi de Puure isch [unknown] 2:54
Wämer bi de Puure isch [unknown] 2:54
Wampum Investigator [unknown] ?:??
Wampum Investigator (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Wampum Investigator (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Wanato [unknown] 5:43
Wand of Youth suite No.1 for orchestra, Op.1a: Serenade [unknown] 2:50
Wanda and Stack Polka [unknown] 2:30
Wanda's Theme (from Soul Sisters) [unknown] 1:09
Wandari tansali [unknown] 0:46
Wandering in Dreamland [unknown] ?:??
Wandering in Dreamland (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Wandering in Dreamland (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Wandering Star [unknown] 3:14
Wanderlieder-Medley: Im Frühtau zu Berge / Du mein lieb' Heimatland / Im Krug zum Grünen Kranze [unknown] 3:16
Wang Zhaojun [unknown] 5:59
Wangan Dancing Way [Bayshore Dancing Way] [unknown] 2:39
WangNingMei [unknown] 3:58
Wänn d'Morgesune schynt [unknown] 1:47
Wänn d'Morgesune schynt [unknown] 1:47
Wann i stirb [unknown] 1:57
Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer [unknown] ?:??
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' [unknown] 6:13
Wanna Dance (Whitney vs. Flip & Fill) [unknown] ?:??
Wanna Get Down [unknown] 3:28
Wanna Get Down (no vocals) [unknown] 3:28
Wantje - Flik zonder kloten [unknown] 0:32
Wantoness [unknown] 0:31
War [unknown] 0:25
War [unknown] 3:55
War Dance [unknown] 1:42
War Dance of the Nations [unknown] 2:03
Wär gleich blutrot wie die Sünde [unknown] 1:12
War in Afghanistan [unknown] 3:24
War of the Machines (intro) [unknown] 2:50
War of the Worlds [unknown] 1:57
War of the Worlds [unknown] 1:03
War of the Worlds [unknown] 0:33
War of the Worlds [unknown] 0:23
War of the Worlds [unknown] 0:14
War of the Worlds [unknown] 4:55
War of the Worlds (full orchestral suite) [unknown] 16:58
War or Grass Dance songs (excerpts) [unknown] 11:58
War Requiem, op. 66 (excerpt) [unknown] 9:31
War Zone [unknown] 0:29
Wäräb & čäbčäbo [unknown] 11:28
Ward ein Blümelein [unknown] 2:01
Ward ein Blümelein [unknown] 1:58
Warehouse Man Blues [unknown] 2:51
Warfare in Hyperspace (FX) [unknown] ?:??
Warfare Interlude [unknown] 0:55
Warfare Intro, Part 1 [unknown] 1:02
Warfare Intro, Part 2 [unknown] 1:06
Warfare Outro [unknown] 1:05
Warfare, 5.6 Mm Gas Operated Rifle 6 Single Shots on Targets (Close) [unknown] ?:??
Warfare, 5.6 Mm Gas Operated Rifle 6 Single Shots on Targets (Distant) [unknown] ?:??

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