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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Commitments… [unknown] 0:45
The Competitors [unknown] 1:54
The Complacent Americans, Part 1 [unknown] 18:03
The Complacent Americans, Part 1 [unknown] 18:03
The Complacent Americans, Part 2 [unknown] 19:28
The Complacent Americans, Part 2 [unknown] 19:27
The Con Artist [unknown] ?:??
The Conduct Channel Ident/Phase Check [unknown] ?:??
The Congress Reel / The Mountain Road [unknown] 2:20
The Congress Reel / The Mountain Road [unknown] 2:19
The Congress Reel / The Mountain Road [unknown] 1:00
The Congress Reel / The Mountain Road [unknown] 0:30
The Congress Reel / The Mountain Road [unknown] 0:10
The Consecration Song of Tsarina Yevdokia, for string orchestra [unknown] 3:10
The Consideration of Lum 1 [unknown] 1:49
The Contemporary Music [unknown] 1:43
The Continuing Adventures of Paxman [unknown] 1:41
The Contortionist [unknown] 2:06
The Cool & Hip Spider ABC for Kids 2:11
The Coolin [unknown] 2:47
The Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II: The National Anthem [unknown], arr. Gordon Jacob 2:27
The Cottage in the Grove / Farewell to Miltown [unknown] 3:32
The Coulin [unknown] 2:42
The Count [unknown] 2:07
The Countdown [unknown] 1:51
The Countess cathleen/Woman of the Sidhe [unknown] 5:49
The Court Jester [unknown] 0:15
The Court of King Caractacus [unknown] 3:03
The Court of King Caractacus [unknown] 2:33
The Courtship Of Eddie's Father [unknown] 0:59
The Coventry Carol [unknown] ?:??
The Coventry Carol [unknown] 1:52
The Coventry Carol [unknown] 3:49
The Coventry Carol [unknown] 3:28
The Crab Kindermusik 0:55
The Crab and the Egret Bamboo Ensemble 4:11
The Crashing Waves [unknown] ?:??
The Crawdad Song [unknown] 1:23
The Crawl [unknown] ?:??
The Creation: Achieved is the Glorious Work [unknown] 2:57
The Creature from Sea [unknown] 2:40
The Crocodile Ride ABC for Kids 0:45
The Crotchets [unknown] 4:40
The Crotchets Revisited [unknown] 1:00
The Crotchets Revisited Again [unknown] 1:29
The Crunch [unknown] 2:52
The Crusader [unknown] 4:54
The Crying Game [unknown] 3:40
The Crying Game [unknown] 3:22
The Crying Game [unknown] 3:23
The Crystal Clock [unknown] 2:21
The Cubicle [unknown] 1:02
The Cuckoo [unknown] 4:15
The Cuckoo's Hornpipe [unknown] 1:31
The Cuckoo's Hornpipe [unknown] 1:37
The Cuckoo's Nest [unknown] 0:50
The Cunt Came Back [unknown] 1:45
The Curragh of Kildare [unknown] 4:02
The Currah of Kildare [unknown] 5:59
The Currie/Major Affair [unknown] 1:35
The Cutting Edge [unknown] ?:??
The Cutty Sark [unknown] 3:07
The D & D Convention [unknown] ?:??
The Dales [unknown] 0:43
The Dam Busters [unknown] 2:36
The Dambusters March [unknown] 3:31
The Damnation of Faust: Rakoczy March [unknown] 4:26
The Dancer [unknown] 3:56
The Dancing Class [unknown] 0:30
The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze / Not for Joseph / Alexander's Ragtime Band [unknown] 2:17
The Dark Island [unknown] 1:59
The Dark Island [unknown] ?:??
The Dark Side [unknown] 2:10
The Dark Side [unknown] 1:00
The Dark Side [unknown] 0:30
The Dark Side [unknown] 0:10
The Dark Slender Boy [unknown] ?:??
The Dark Tower [unknown] 0:45
The Darkness [unknown] 3:05
The Darkness (30 second version) [unknown] 0:30
The Darkness (60 second version) [unknown] 1:00
The Dawn Is Breaking [unknown] 3:18
The Day [unknown] ?:??
The Day Before You Came [unknown] 3:56
The Day Dawn Is Breaking [unknown] 4:11
The Day I Met Marie [unknown] ?:??
The Day I Went to Sea [unknown] 1:41
The Day Thou Gavest [unknown] 2:18
The Day Thou Gavest [unknown] 1:53
The Day Thou Gavest [unknown] 4:08
The Day Thou Gavest Lord Has Ended [unknown] ?:??
The Day Thou Gavest, Lord Is Ended [unknown] 3:07
The Day Thou Gravest Lord Has Landed [unknown] 2:27
The Days of the Week [unknown] ?:??
The De Ils Awa Wi the Exciseman [unknown] 0:56
The De’il Among the Tailors Reel (Scotland) (Morrow 78 collection) [unknown] 2:36
The Dead March / Roslin Castle [unknown] 4:33
The Deadly Three [unknown] 2:27
The Deadly Three (30 second version) [unknown] 0:31
The Deal [unknown] ?:??

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