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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Canadian Bands: My Old Man / Lincolnshire Poacher / The Old Kent Road / Knees Up Mother Brown / Barbara Allen / Brass Buttons [unknown] 5:47
The Canton Kid Comes Home / Chris Speilman Signs [unknown] 0:55
The Cape as Red as Blood [unknown] USWD11469249 0:41
The Captain's Call Gospel Light 1:11
The Captain's Call (Split Track) Gospel Light 1:11
The Capture! [unknown] ?:??
The Carol of the Birds [unknown] 2:00
The Carousel Waltz [unknown] 3:17
The Cat Came Back [unknown] 1:50
The Cat Crept In [unknown] 4:03
The Cat Crept In [unknown] ?:??
The Cat's Meow [unknown] 2:20
The Cat's Song Kindermusik 0:24
The Catch [unknown] 2:47
The Cattleford of Kintail [unknown] 10:39
The Celebration [unknown] 4:12
The Cemetery's Gate [unknown] 1:44
The Ceremony [unknown] 4:15
The Chairman Dances [unknown] 1:20
The Challenge [unknown] ?:??
The Challenge of Being Old [unknown] 1:17
The Chamber [unknown] 1:42
The Chamelion in a Cube [unknown] 0:37
The Chant [unknown] 0:18
The Chant of the Port Keats Men [unknown] 10:08
The Chant Of The Port Keats Men: Kukumbara (Kookaburra), Playing Fish, Kangaroo, Kangaroo Dance [unknown] 10:09
The Chanuka Song [unknown] 2:31
The Chapel Doors [unknown] 0:58
The Charity Tango [unknown] 3:23
The Chase [unknown] 3:08
The Chase [unknown] 3:50
The Chase (from “Midnight Express”) [unknown] 5:27
The Chase From "Midnight Express" [unknown] 4:17
The Chase from “Midnight Express” [unknown] 4:16
The Chase From Midnight Express [unknown] 5:26
The Chase, the Clue, and the Happy Ending [unknown] 7:43
The Chase! [unknown] ?:??
The Cherry Blossoms [unknown] 3:45
The Cherry Tree Carol [unknown] 4:28
The Cherry Tree Carol [unknown] 3:23
The Cherry Tree Carol [unknown] 1:55
The Chicken and The Hawk [unknown] 2:38
The Chicken Dance [unknown] 4:28
The Chicken Dance [unknown] 4:27
The Chicken Dance [unknown] 4:27
The Chicken Dance ABC for Kids ?:??
The Chicken Dance ABC for Kids 2:30
The Chicken Dance [unknown] 2:26
The Chief [unknown] ?:??
The Child & Axe (interlude) [unknown] 0:25
The Child Ad [unknown] 0:59
The Child in the Crib [unknown] 2:44
The Chimes of Big Ben/The Silence [unknown] 1:54
The Chinese Heart [unknown] 3:18
The Choice [unknown] 0:42
The Choice at Home [unknown] 1:12
The chopped off head started talking [unknown] 0:19
The Christian Life [unknown] 2:22
The Christmas Ball [unknown] 5:36
The Christmas Conga [unknown] 3:04
The Christmas Overture [unknown] 1:50
The Christmas Song [unknown] 6:19
The Christmas Song [unknown] 2:13
The Christmas Song [unknown] 4:16
The Christmas Song [unknown] 1:27
The Christmas Song [unknown] 4:09
The Christmas Song [unknown] 4:23
The Christmas Song [unknown] 4:54
The Christmas Song [unknown] 3:14
The Christmas Song [unknown] 3:42
The Christmas Song [unknown] 3:47
The Christmas Song [unknown] 4:33
The Christmas Song [unknown] 4:03
The Christmas Song [unknown] 3:59
The Christmas Song [unknown] ?:??
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) [unknown] 6:53
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) [unknown] 2:51
The Chronicles of Narnia [unknown] ?:??
The Church and Recruiting Call [unknown] 2:48
The Church of Jesus Christ [unknown] 0:56
The Cicada [unknown] 0:52
The Cigar Girl [unknown] ?:??
The Circle Game [unknown] 4:20
The Circus Elves [unknown] 0:30
The Citruswood Is Whispering [unknown] 1:32
The City Wears a Slouch Hat [unknown] 28:51
The City Wears a Slouch Hat [unknown] 28:58
The Clapping Song [unknown] 1:00
The Classics (2004-2017) (continuous DJ mix) [unknown] ?:??
The cleaning is now complete / Habanera (excerpt) [unknown] / Georges Bizet 2:04
The Clever Rabbit [unknown] 0:45
The Cliff's Branch [unknown] 1:26
The Cliff’s Branch [unknown] 1:26
The Cliffs of Dooneen [unknown] 4:02
The Climb Celebration Cover Stars 3:54
The Cloak of Munster [unknown] 1:46
The Cloak of Munster [unknown] 0:29
The Cloak of Munster [unknown] 0:06
The Coach / Chris Palmer [unknown] 1:11
The Coal Miner's Daughter [unknown] 3:04

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