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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Taming of the Shrew, Act 4, Scene 3, Lines 1-35 (1961) [unknown] 1:36
The Taming of the Shrew, Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 63-105 (1961) Richard Gale, Peter O’Toole, Norman Tyrrell, Ensemble 2:17
The Taming of the Shrew, Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 63-105 (1961a) [unknown] 2:23
The Tao of Love [unknown] 2:48
The Tao of Love [unknown] 2:44
The Taptoo (A Quick Step, I'll Touzle Your Kurchy, Quick Step No. 12) [unknown] 4:02
The tarriers song [unknown] ?:??
The Taste of Arabica [unknown] 5:09
The Taste of Turkish Coffee [unknown] 3:55
The Tattoo Finale: Ave Maria / Il silenzio / Bunessen [unknown] 7:50
The Teddy Bear's Picnic Children 2:30
The Teddy Bear's Picnic Prism Leisure Corp. 2:41
The Teddy Bear’s Picnic ABC for Kids 2:24
The Teddy Bears Picnic [unknown] 2:30
The Teddy Bears' Picnic / Round and Round the Garden / The Bear Went Over the Mountain / Bare Necessities [unknown] 3:28
The Temperance Reel [unknown] 0:47
The Tempest [unknown] 1:54
The Tempest [unknown] 0:34
The Temple [unknown] 10:05
The Temple of Nature - Seeing Miracles on Every Hand [unknown] ?:??
The Ten Penny Piece [unknown] 1:35
The Ten Penny Piece (30 second version) [unknown] 0:30
The Tenth Article of Faith [unknown] 1:04
The Terminator [unknown] 3:33
The Testimony of Eight Witnesses [unknown] ?:??
The Testimony of Three Witnesses [unknown] ?:??
The Theatre in London [unknown] 5:51
The Theatre in Rural Areas [unknown] 1:56
The Theme From Hondo [unknown] 2:40
The Theme From Nightrider [unknown] 1:02
The Theme of "KIRAMEKI" [unknown] 3:09
The Theme of 「その陽射が私に…」 [unknown] 2:02
The Theme of"KIRAMEKI"(pf&strings version) [unknown] 3:35
The Theme to Mystery! [unknown] 0:45
The Thing [unknown] 2:07
The Thing That Should Not Be [unknown] 6:29
The Thing with Two Heads (movie radio spot) [unknown] 0:55
The Things I Do [unknown] 1:43
The things we do for love (from Mr. Wrong) [unknown] 3:22
The Third Article of Faith [unknown] 0:39
The Third Eye [unknown] 4:28
The Thirteenth Article of Faith [unknown] 1:13
The Three Bears [unknown] 1:35
The Three Gods of Purification - Misogi Mitsutsuo [unknown] 5:32
The Three Kings [unknown] 2:43
The Three Little Kittens [unknown] 1:23
The Three Little Kittens [unknown] 1:17
The Three Little Pigs [unknown] 3:10
The Three Little Pigs (Story) [unknown] 5:15
The Threshing Machine [unknown] 0:34
The Threshing Machine [unknown] 0:07
The Thrush in the Straw [unknown] 1:08
The Thrush in the Straw [unknown] 1:02
The Thunderer [unknown] 2:34
The Thunderer [unknown] 1:59
The Thunderer [unknown] 2:39
The Tick [unknown] 1:02
The Tide Is High [unknown] 3:38
The Tide Is High [unknown] ?:??
The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling) [unknown] 3:12
The Tide is Turning The Company & The Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir 8:00
The Tie [unknown] 0:12
The Tigger-cise Song [unknown] 2:14
The Time Is Far Spent [unknown] 2:41
The Time Is Far Spent [unknown] ?:??
The Time Is Now… [unknown] ?:??
The Time Ranger [unknown] 8:52
The Time Warp [unknown] 4:03
The Time Warp [unknown] 4:05
The Time Warp [unknown] ?:??
The Time Warp [unknown] 4:02
The Time Warp (karaoke version) [unknown] ?:??
The Time With You [unknown] ?:??
The Tip Top Polka / The Cliff Polka [unknown] 2:29
The Titanic [unknown] 2:05
The Toast Song [unknown] 3:20
The Today Show [unknown] 1:22
The Toksiwig's Party [unknown] 2:40
The Tombirds [unknown] 2:29
The Tongue Twister Song [unknown] 2:11
The Tortoise and the Hare [unknown] 2:59
The Touch of a Millionaire [unknown] 4:14
The Touch of Your Hand [unknown] 3:45
The Tower of the Leptys [unknown] 2:02
The Tracey Ullman Show [unknown] 0:46
The Tracks of My Tears… [unknown] ?:??
The Train [unknown] 0:14
The Train [unknown] 2:01
The Train Climbs Up the Track Kindermusik 1:19
The Train Ride [unknown] 5:46
The Tranquility of the Paradise [unknown] 5:08
The Transformers (ending theme) [unknown] 0:44
The Traveler [unknown] 0:54
The Traveller [unknown] 1:21
The Traveller [unknown] 5:50
The Trent Reznor Interview [unknown] 27:01
The Trials of Robobear [unknown] 2:46
The Tribute [unknown] 0:36
The Tribute (Medley) [unknown] 7:30
The Trip [unknown] 6:56

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