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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Turn Around (Wiener Walzer 60 TM) [unknown] 2:28
Turn Around and Touch the Ground ABC for Kids ?:??
Turn Around and Touch the Ground ABC for Kids 1:19
Turn Around Me (Czech Rep) [unknown] 1:40
Turn Back Time [unknown] 3:25
Turn Me Out [unknown] 6:33
Turn Out the Light [unknown] 2:19
Turn Out the Light (no vocals) [unknown] 2:19
turn round [unknown] 1:40
Turn Signal on and Off - Volkswagen Gti, Close Perspective [unknown] 0:15
Turn Up the Trouble (Mr. Kennedy) World Wrestling Entertainment 3:15
Turn You Loose [unknown] ?:??
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus [unknown] 2:04
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Voices and Orchestra arranged and conducted by Don Marsh 2:03
Turn Your Hearts [unknown] 2:17
Turn Your Lights Down [unknown] 4:05
Turn Your Radio On [unknown] 2:10
Turn, Turn, Turn (instrumental) [unknown] 1:44
Turn! Turn! Turn! [unknown] 3:57
Turnaround in G [unknown] 0:34
Turnier Tango [unknown] 3:13
Turning [unknown] ?:??
Turning Point [unknown] ?:??
Turning Point [unknown] 3:30
Turning Point [unknown] 0:30
Turning Point [unknown] 0:15
Turns Out Right [unknown] ?:??
Turns Out Right (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Turns Out Right (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Turntable Show / Birdman / Professor X [unknown] / [unknown] / Professor X 2:33
Turquoise [unknown] 5:31
Turski Cocek [unknown] 2:25
Turtle Dove Polka [unknown] ?:??
Turtle Power (From Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles) [unknown] 4:24
Turtle Power! [unknown] 3:53
Tus [unknown] 13:18
Tus Hojitos [unknown] 3:24
Tuscon Gate [unknown] 3:35
Tuscon Gate [unknown] 1:00
Tuscon Gate [unknown] 0:30
Tuscon Gate [unknown] 0:15
Tush Axel Rudi Pell & Friends 3:53
Tush (ZZ Top cover) Axel Rudi Pell & Friends 3:53
Tusinde tak (You're not alone) Barbie 3:14
Tusk [unknown] ?:??
Tuslulleriluu [unknown] 0:33
Tussen Jou En My [unknown] 1:38
Tussen Keulen en Parijs [unknown] 0:50
Tussen Keulen en Parijs [unknown] 2:30
Tussen Keulen en Parijs [unknown] 1:30
Tussen Treine [unknown] 1:26
Tuta nana tgu (Graubünden) [unknown] 1:48
Tuta Nina Nana [unknown] 0:59
Tutalla Manta [unknown] 2:04
Tuti-i Mucize Güyem [unknown] 3:29
Tutorial [unknown] 0:05
Tutorial [unknown] 0:05
Tutsi Drums (excerpt) [unknown] 0:39
Tutta per te [unknown] 3:44
Tutti al mondo [soundtrack] 2:49
Tutti Frutti [unknown] 2:21
Tutti Frutti [unknown] 2:27
Tutto è gioia, tutto è festa (live) Ille Saar, [unknown] 3:50
Tutu marambaia (Brésil / Brazil) [unknown] 1:05
Tuu tuu tupakkarulla [unknown] 0:53
Tuu tuu tupakkirulla [unknown] 0:33
Tuu tuu tupakkirullaa [unknown] 0:40
Tuu, Tuu, Tupakkarulla (Finnland) [unknown] 2:00
Tuudi tuudi tuudi lastu [unknown] 1:25
Tuurin luurin sikapaimen [unknown] 0:38
Tuuti lasta Tuonelahan [unknown] 1:45
Tuuti luli lullaa [unknown] 0:24
Tuuti lulla tuuti aa [unknown] 0:35
Tuuti lullaa lasta [unknown] 0:26
Tuutin lasta tuomariksi [unknown] 0:35
Tuutin lasta turvakseni [unknown] 0:22
Tuutin tiitin tuutin tiitin [unknown] 0:40
Tuutipa tuuti tuomenkukka [unknown] 0:47
Tuuvitti emoni minua [unknown] 0:50
Tuxedo Country [unknown] 0:30
Tuxedo Junction / Little Brown Jug / In the Mood [unknown] ?:??
TV Afraid [unknown] ?:??
TV Afraid (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
TV Afraid (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
TV Ansage [unknown] 0:19
TV Betthupferl: Familie Petz [unknown] 0:37
TV Classics [unknown] ?:??
TV Classics (Dance mix) [unknown] 5:54
TV Kennung: Ohne Maulkorb [unknown] 0:27
TV Kennung: ORF Werbeblock [unknown] 0:06
TV Kennung: Zeit im Bild [unknown] 0:31
TV Screen; Smashed by Cricket Ball [unknown] 0:05
TV Souvenirs [unknown] 2:10
TV Souvenirs [unknown] 1:00
TV Souvenirs [unknown] 0:30
TV Souvenirs [unknown] 0:15
TV Spot Nana [unknown] 0:20
TV Theme From Animal Magic [unknown] 0:40
TV Theme From Batman [unknown] 2:23
TV Theme From Bewitched [unknown] 1:01

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