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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Rising [unknown] 4:12
The Rising [unknown] 1:49
The Rites of Men [unknown] 8:49
The River in the Pines [unknown] 7:38
The River is Here [unknown] 2:47
The River of Heaven, for chamber orchestra [unknown] 4:13
The River of Uliastay [unknown] 2:08
The Road and the Miles to Dundee [unknown] 0:41
The Road Less Traveled [unknown] 0:30
The Road Less Travelled [unknown], Darren Fung 2:16
The Road Onwards [unknown] ?:??
The Road to Aviles [unknown] ?:??
The Road to Gundagai [unknown] ?:??
The Road to Lisdoon Varna [unknown] 3:00
The Road to Paradise [unknown] 2:52
The Road to Paris/Texas [unknown] 3:13
The Roast Beef of Old England [unknown] 0:43
The Robots [unknown] 3:31
The Rock [unknown] 3:22
The Rock [soundtrack] 3:24
The Rockin' Piano [unknown] ?:??
The Rodrigo Guitar Concerto [unknown] 2:02
The Roffer [unknown] 0:41
The Rogue's March [unknown] 1:10
The Rollickin' Irishman [unknown] ?:??
The Romance of Helen Trent [unknown] ?:??
The Roof's Still Leaking [unknown] 1:26
The Room [unknown] 5:42
The Rose [unknown] 1:58
The Rose [unknown] 3:46
The Rose [unknown] 3:32
The Rose [unknown] 3:54
The Rose [unknown] 3:29
The Rose [unknown] 3:25
The Rose of Allendale [unknown] 2:12
The Rose Of China [china] [unknown] 2:24
The Rose of Tralee [unknown] 2:42
The Rose of Tralee [unknown] 2:36
The Rose of Tralee [unknown] 2:27
The Rose of Tralee [unknown] 3:22
The Rose of Tralee / Danny Boy [unknown] 8:30
The Rose of Trallee [unknown] 3:05
The Roundup [unknown] 1:02
The Royal Band [unknown] 1:54
The Royal Palace [unknown] 1:24
The Ruins [unknown] ?:??
The Rumbling Ocean (part 1) [unknown] 2:19
The Rumbling Ocean (part 2) [unknown] 1:43
The Rumbling Ocean (part 3) [unknown] 1:28
The Rumbling Ocean (part 4) [unknown] 4:29
The Runaway Train [unknown] 2:20
The Ruth Rendall Mysteries [soundtrack] 2:32
The Ryebuck Shearer [unknown] 3:10
The Ryebuck Shearer [unknown] ?:??
The Sabbath Harry Wolfman & LG 7:00
The Sacrament [unknown] 1:32
The Sacred Grove [unknown] 1:18
The Sailor's Hornpipe [unknown] 1:03
The Sailor's Hornpipe [unknown] 0:30
The Sailor's Hornpipe [unknown] 0:10
The Saint [unknown] 5:53
The Saint [unknown] 2:03
The Saints [unknown] 2:03
The Saints [unknown] 3:08
The Salley Gardens [unknown] GBAYC9901882 2:34
The Sally Gardens [unknown] 1:20
The Sally Gardens [unknown] 2:41
The Sally Gardens [unknown] 3:15
The Sally Gardens Kindermusik 2:24
The Sally Gardens / The Silver Spear [unknown] 2:13
The Sally Gardens / The Silver Spear [unknown] 2:13
The Sally Gardens / The Silver Spear [unknown] 1:00
The Sally Gardens / The Silver Spear [unknown] 0:30
The Sally Gardens / The Silver Spear [unknown] 0:10
The same melody with jazz interpretation [unknown] 0:35
The San Francisco Treat [soundtrack] 0:41
The Sand Piper [unknown] 5:15
The Sandman Comes [unknown] 1:34
The Sandpiper [unknown] 7:37
The Santa Secret (Poem) [unknown] 0:39
The Saucy Merchant [unknown] 2:27
The Saucy Merchant [unknown] 2:02
The Saucy Merchant [unknown] 0:07
The Saucy Merchant [unknown] 0:08
The Saucy Merchant [unknown] 0:06
The Saucy Merchant [unknown] 0:07
The Scarlet Tide [unknown] 3:04
The Scent of the Heather [unknown] 3:49
The Score [unknown] 4:13
The Scott Skinner Cradle Song [unknown] 0:53
The Scream [unknown] 0:05
The Sea [unknown] 3:34
The Sea Maiden [unknown] 2:29
The Sea Maiden (Ireland) [unknown] 2:32
The Sealed Cloud Route [unknown] 4:43
The Search for Spock [unknown] 3:36
The Search for Spock (Star Trek III) [unknown] 3:29
The Seasons, op. 37b, June: Barcarolle [unknown] 4:27
The Seasons, op. 67: Scene 1 (Winter) - Introduction [unknown], Alexander Glazunov 3:29
The Seasons, op. 67: Scene 1 (Winter) - Variation 1 (The Frost) [unknown], Alexander Glazunov 0:51

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