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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Theme From “World of Sport” [unknown] 1:29
Theme from “Z” (Theodorakis) [unknown] 2:29
Theme From 2001, a Space Oddyssey [unknown] 1:20
Theme from a Country Practice [unknown] 1:23
Theme From a Nightmare on Elm Street [unknown] 4:14
Theme From A Story of Three Loves [unknown] ?:??
Theme From Alexander (Titans) Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 4:02
Theme from Alien III [unknown] 4:35
Theme From Antarctica [unknown] 4:48
Theme From Antarctica [unknown] 4:00
Theme from Battlestar Galactica [unknown] 1:36
Theme From Battlestar Galactica [unknown] 1:34
Theme From BBC TV Series Z-Cars [unknown] 1:58
Theme From Ben Hur Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 3:31
Theme From Bilitis [unknown] 3:25
Theme From Bilitis [unknown] 3:27
Theme From Black Robe Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 1:46
Theme from Bram Stoker's Dracula [unknown] 4:51
Theme From Braveheart Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra CAM460407815 2:54
Theme From British Pathé News [unknown] 0:18
Theme from Bugsy [unknown] 2:53
Theme from Cape Fear [unknown] 4:15
Theme From Cape Fear [unknown] 4:15
Theme From Casino Royale Pure Jazz Moods 2:40
Theme From Charlie’s Angels [unknown] 3:17
Theme From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [unknown] 2:01
Theme From Christoph [unknown] 3:00
Theme from Dick Tracy [unknown] 5:32
Theme From Dick Tracy [unknown] 5:32
Theme from Digital Drugs [unknown] 4:14
Theme From E.T. [unknown] 3:33
Theme From E.T. [unknown] 3:58
Theme from East of Eden [unknown] 4:32
Theme From Excalibur Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 3:22
Theme From Exodus Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 3:03
Theme from Fame [unknown] 3:15
Theme From Finding Nemo [unknown] 1:51
Theme from Frankie & Johnny [unknown] 2:06
Theme From Gremlins [unknown] 3:18
Theme from Gremlins II [unknown] 4:50
Theme From Gremlins II [unknown] 4:50
Theme From Harry's Game [unknown] 2:46
Theme From Hawaii 5 - 0 (part of “Grandmaster Party” dj-mix) [unknown] 0:52
Theme from Independence Day [unknown] 3:26
Theme from J.F.K. [unknown] 2:21
Theme From Jurassic Park [unknown] 3:22
Theme From King Kong Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 2:21
Theme From Knightrider [unknown] 1:06
Theme From Landing (Life For Landing) [unknown] 2:54
Theme from Late Lounge [unknown] 1:04
Theme from Lethal Weapon III [unknown] 3:34
Theme From Love Story [unknown] 3:13
Theme From M.A.S.H. (Suicide Is Painless) [unknown] 3:34
Theme From Magnum P.I. [unknown] 3:18
Theme From Magnum P.I. Cover-Version 3:21
Theme From Merry Widow [unknown] ?:??
Theme from Miami Vice Cover-Version 2:26
Theme From Miss Marple Cover-Version 3:34
Theme From Mortal Kombat: Lost in Time [unknown] 1:28
Theme From Nutcracker Suite [unknown] ?:??
Theme From Pearl & Dean [unknown] 0:17
Theme From Picnic at Hanging Rock [unknown] 3:47
Theme From Pirates of the Caribbean: He's a Pirate Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra CAM460434055 1:25
Theme from Play Your Game [unknown] 3:42
Theme from Pure Pressure [unknown] 2:48
Theme from Raiders Of The Lost Ark [unknown] 2:35
Theme From Raiders of the Lost Ark Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 2:28
Theme from Rainman [unknown] 3:29
Theme From Rainman [unknown] 3:24
Theme From Rainman [unknown] 3:29
Theme from Robocop II [unknown] 5:23
Theme From Robocop II [unknown] 5:23
Theme from Robocop III [unknown] 4:39
Theme from Rock Me [unknown] 3:12
Theme From S-Express [unknown] 6:54
Theme from Shaft [unknown] 3:39
Theme From Shaft [unknown] 3:39
Theme From Spartacus Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 3:05
Theme From Spartakus [unknown] 3:07
Theme From Star Trek [unknown] 1:44
Theme From Star Wars Space Heroes Orchestra 3:22
Theme from Starwing TV Sound [unknown] 0:22
Theme From Superman Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 4:22
Theme From Superman [unknown] 5:02
Theme from Sweet & Sticky [unknown] 2:49
Theme from Take You Up [unknown] 4:48
Theme From Take-off (Magic Sunset) [unknown] 2:39
Theme from Technocop [unknown] 5:36
Theme From The Deer Hunter [unknown] 3:14
Theme from the Don Lane Show [unknown] 0:42
Theme from The French Connection [unknown] 2:39
Theme From The Godfather [unknown] 2:55
Theme From the Great Escape [unknown] 2:45
Theme From The Horror of Dracula [unknown] 4:48
Theme from The Last Emperor [unknown] 4:00
Theme From the TV Series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [unknown] 1:01
Theme From Tubular Bells [unknown] 7:08
Theme From Twilight Zone [unknown] 2:12
Theme from Vice City [unknown] 1:19
Theme From Waterworld Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra CAM460407850 2:17

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