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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Ambience of lost souls 1:10
Ambience, Algeria, Market, Tamanrasset, With Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Cameroun, Birds and Insects, Mid Morning, Tropical Rainforest, Kribi (Sw Cameroun) ?:??
Ambience, Cameroun, Crickets, Tree Frogs and Rain on Big Leaves, Mid Afternoon, Tropical Rainforest, Just South of Yaounde ?:??
Ambience, Cameroun, Insects and Frogs, Early Evening, Tropical Rainforest, Kribi (Sw Cameroun) ?:??
Ambience, Cameroun, Turaco Birds, Insects and Tree Frogs, Tropical Rainforest W Cameroun ?:??
Ambience, Central African Republic, Insects, Early Evening, Tropical Rainforest, Near Bangui ?:??
Ambience, Central African Republic, Market Small Town, Carnot (West Car) Some Traffic and Distinct Speech ?:??
Ambience, China, Booking Hall of Main Station, Beijing ?:??
Ambience, China, Busy Market, Changchun, With Light Traffic ?:??
Ambience, China, Busy Street, Wuhan, With Crowds and Bicycles ?:??
Ambience, China, Children Playing in Snow (Fushan) ?:??
Ambience, China, Clearing Away Ice in Street, Changchun ?:??
Ambience, China, Coffee Shop, Regent Hotel, Hong Kong ?:??
Ambience, China, Department Store, Tangshan ?:??
Ambience, China, Hong Kong Harbour Skyline Evening ?:??
Ambience, China, Interior, Tram Ride, Changchun ?:??
Ambience, China, Lakeside, Near Wuhan, China With Blackbirds Song ?:??
Ambience, China, Lobby of Regent Hotel, Hong Kong ?:??
Ambience, China, Narrow Street, Datong, With Crowds, Bicycles and Light Traffic ?:??
Ambience, China, Platform of Main Railway Station, Beijing ?:??
Ambience, China, Quayside of Yangtze River, Wuhan, With Hooters ?:??
Ambience, China, Railway Station, Datong ?:??
Ambience, China, Shanghai, With Announcements ?:??
Ambience, China, Steelworks, Anshan ?:??
Ambience, China, Street Market, Hong Kong ?:??
Ambience, China, Street, Changchun, With Traffic, Trolley Buses and Bicycles ?:??
Ambience, China, Street, Changchun, With Trams and Street Criers ?:??
Ambience, China, Theatre Foyer, Changchun ?:??
Ambience, China, Town Market, Wuhan ?:??
Ambience, China, Vegetable Marked, Rural Area Near Wuhan ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Busy Restaurant, Chatter, Crockery, Cutlery, and Waiters' Passing Footsteps ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Cocktail Party, Atmosphere at Small Cocktail Party ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Cocktail Party, Close Perspective, Animated Chatter at Lively Party ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Dinner Dance Large Crowd (100 Plus) In Hall Narrow Stereo Image ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Enthusiastic Audience Clapping and Whistling Large Hall ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Exterior Crowd in Open Courtyard, With Footsteps, Occasional Close Voices and Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Exterior Crowd, General Cheerful Hubbub of Large Crowd in Open Field, With Some Close Voices ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Football Crowd (Wembley Cup Final 1989), Boos and Whistles ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Football Crowd (Wembley Cup Final 1989), General Atmosphere of Game Without Highlights ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Football Crowd (Wembley Cup Final 1989), Near Miss and Applause ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Football Crowd (Wembley Cup Final 1989), Reaction to Goal Scored and Boos From Opposition ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Football Crowd (Wembley Cup Final 1989), Reaction to Goal Scored Singing and Chanting ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Football Crowd (Wembley Cup Final 1989), Roar, Applause, Big Roar, Applause ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, General Applause Ends Large Hall ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, General Chatter of Large Expectant Crowd in Hall (live acoustic) ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Hotel Dining Room, Busy Large Room, With Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Indoor Market General Chatter and Footsteps Distant Rumble of Occasional Traffic (Devon 1989) ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Library, Quiet Atmosphere in Galleried Reference Library, With Footsteps and Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Office, Accounts Office Atmosphere, With Adding Machines, Computers and Telephones Ringing ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Public House Lunch Time Quite Subdued (Hanbury Village) Hear Cooler Faintly in Background ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Public House, Animated Chatter in Large Crowded Pub ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Public House, Atmosphere in Moderately Busy London Pub With Fruit Machine, Window ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Public House, Close Perspective, Lively Chatter in Busy Pub Near Closing Time ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Pulling a Pint of Beer ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Pulling Half a Pint of Beer ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Quiet Restaurant, Subdued Conversation in Small Restaurant ?:??
Ambience, Crowds, Small Restaurant, in Moderately Busy London West End Italian Restaurant (Slight Vent Hum) ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Beer Hall, Prague, Noisy, Rough and Animated ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Courtyard, Prague Castle, Echoey Footsteps, Some Distinct Speech (Czech), Occasional Bell, Distant T ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Funicular Railway, Internal Ride, Chat (Czech), Doors Shut, Starts, Constant Run With Rumble, Doors ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Funicular Railway, Prague, External, Approaches, Stops, Doors Open and Close, Departs ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Hlavni Mainline Station, Prague, Ticket Hall, With Footsteps, Speech, Escalator Noise, Indistinct P. ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Kotna Department Store, Prague, Busy, With Footsteps, Speech (Czech), Trolleys and Till Noise ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Pedestrian Precinct, Prague, Footsteps, Some Distinct Speech (Czech), Distant Music From Bus ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Restaurant, Prague, Fairly Busy, With Distinct Speech (Czech) And Clinks ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Tram, Passes From Right to Left ?:??
Ambience, Czech Republic, Tram, Prague, Internal, Starts and Stops, With P.A. Announcements, Chat, Etc. ?:??
Ambience, Ethiopia, Market Crowd, Gana Beles (Nw Ethiopia) Some Distinct Speech (Shankilla and Amharic) ?:??
Ambience, Ethiopia, Market, Bahar Dar (Nw Ethiopia) Some Traffic and Distinct Speech (Amharic) ?:??
Ambience, Ethiopia, Muted Chatter, Pawi (Nw Ethiopia) Birdsong and Creaking Chair ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Amusement Arcade, Sitia, E. Crete Machine Noise, Clunks From Table Football, Shouts ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Birds (Chaffinches) And Insects, Lassithi Plateau, Midday ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Cafe, Heraklion Very Busy With Lots of Clinks and 'Expresso' Machine Same Scene Same Scene ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Cafe, Ierapetra, Outside, Heavy Traffic, Chat and Clinks Also Vendor Van Could Use as a General Town Atmosphere. ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Cafe, Sitia, E. Crete Men Only, Chat (Quite Animated) Chinks of Cups and Coffee Machine Same Scene ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Clothing Market, Aghios Nicolaus, E. Crete Open With Stallholders Shouts Otherwise Fairly Muted Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Crickets and Other Insects, Lassithi Plateau, Midday ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Fish Market, Ierapetra, E. Crete Bustle and Chat Also Distant Radio and Traffic, Some Children, Till Noise and Telephone ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Fish Market, Ierapetra, E. Crete Covered, Fairly Echoey With Chat, Footsteps, Bangs and Crashes Ice Machine Switched Again ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Goats With Bells, Lassithi Plateau, Also Goatherd Shouting and Dog Barking and Insects and Birds ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Hardware Store, Heraklion Chat, Clinks, Till Noise, Parcels Being Wrapped Up, Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Port, Heraklion Cars and Lorries Loaded Onto Ferry Rec. From Shore, Doors Shut, Pa Announcement on Board, Ferry Leaves Ferry Blo ?:??
Ambience, Greece, School Playground, Aghia Gallini, S. Crete Very Noisy, Shouting and Playing, Distant Traffic Bell Rings and They Go In ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Street, Heraklion Heavy Traffic, Motorbikes, Car Horns and Lorries Etc. – Also Footsteps and Voices Very Busy. ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Street, Ierapetra Quiet With Footsteps and Chat; Also Crying Child and Occasional Motorbikes and Car Horns Street Vendor ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Traffic During Election Rally, Heraklion Very Heavy Traffic, Car Horns and Hooters Also Shouting and Sirens ?:??
Ambience, Greece, Windmill, Lassithi Plateau, E. Crete Creaks of Windmill and Sound of Water Being Pumped Into Tank ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Abaliget, Bar, With Animated Chat (Including Children), Radio, Clinks, Some Exterior Traffic Noise ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Bank, Budapest, Fairly Busy, With Distinct Speech, Document Stamping, Equipment and Faint Exterior Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Bus Station, Pecs, Fairly Quiet, With Footsteps, Speech and Some Bus Noise ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Cafe, Pecs, Loud Speech, Some Kitchen Noise ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Covered Fruit and Vegetable Market, Pecs, Large and Echoey, With Speech, Footsteps, Bangs, Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Covered Shopping Arcade, Budapest, Echoey, With Footsteps and Some Indistinct Speech, Noisy Child at End ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Long Distance Train, Budapest to Pecs, Internal, Starts, Constant Run, Stops ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Metro Station Ticket Office, Deli Alyaudvar, Near Top of Escalator, Busy, With Footsteps, Ticket Barrier and Escalator Noise ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Metro, Internal, Constant Run, With Stops and Starts, P.A. Announcements and Door Noise, Some Muted Speech ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Open Air Swimming Pool, Budapest, Noisy With Children Splashing and Playing (Distinct Speech), Clunks of Diving Board, Generator No ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Pioneer Narrow Gauge Railway, External, Tickover With Chat From Children and Hisses From Train, Train Departs ?:??
Ambience, Hungary, Pioneer Narrow Gauge Railway, Internal, Starts, Constant Run With Hooter and Muted Chat, Stops ?:??

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