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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Shaft [unknown] 2:04
The Shaft [unknown] 2:04
The Shaft [unknown] 1:03
The Shaft [unknown] 0:33
The Shaft [unknown] 0:23
The Shaft [unknown] 0:14
The Shakedown (outro) [unknown] 1:55
The Shakedown (outro) [unknown] 1:55
The Shape Your Stomach's In [soundtrack] 0:58
The Sharing Song [unknown] 1:48
The Sharpest Lives [unknown] 3:20
The She Creature / It Conquered the World Monster Rock 'n' Roll Show 0:57
The Sheik's Sixth Sheep [unknown] ?:??
The Sheik's Sixth Sheep (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
The Sheik's Sixth Sheep (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
The Shelter of Your Eyes [unknown] 0:35
The Sheltering Banyan [unknown] 4:52
The Shepherd's Carol [unknown] 1:51
The Shepherd's Pastorale [unknown] 3:00
The Shepherd's Star [unknown] 3:41
The Shining (Theme From "The Shining") [unknown] 2:56
The Shining Star [unknown] 3:28
The Shiny Radio in a Blind Man's Wallet [unknown] 4:34
The Ship [unknown] 0:58
The Ship I Love / Comrades [unknown] 3:42
The Ships Are Sailing / The Temple House [unknown] 2:10
The Shoop Shoop Song (from Mermaids) [unknown] 2:40
The Shoop Shoop Song (From Mermaids) [unknown] 2:40
The Shores of Botany Bay [unknown] 2:51
The Shores of Ithaka / Poseidon Tempelausfahrt [unknown] 4:31
The Shotgun Did It [unknown] ?:??
The Show [unknown] 2:04
The Show (no vocals) [unknown] 2:04
The Show Must Go On [unknown] ?:??
The Shuffle [unknown] 2:53
The Siamese Cat Song [unknown] 2:09
The Sick Tune [unknown] 1:24
The Sidewalks of New York [unknown] 1:08
The Siege of Ennis (medley) [unknown] 3:23
The Siege of Kimberley [unknown] 2:08
The Siege of Ladysmith [unknown] 2:01
The Siege of Mafeking [unknown] 6:40
The Sign [unknown] 3:20
The Sign of Love, for symphony orchestra [unknown] 3:06
The Silence of the Lambs [unknown] 0:31
The Silence that Takes One's Breath Away [soundtrack] 1:05
The Silmarillia [unknown] 3:49
The Silver Cord [unknown] 10:50
The Silver Tree Sysyphe feat. Litha 8:42
The Silver Whistle [unknown] 4:29
The Sim [unknown] 0:22
The Simpsons [unknown] 1:02
The Simpsons Movie [unknown] ?:??
The Sinking Sailor Early Learning Centre 2:38
The Sister's Lament [unknown] 2:11
The Six Teens [unknown] ?:??
The Sixth Article of Faith [unknown] 0:35
The Sixth Seis Take [unknown] ?:??
The Sixth Seis Take (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
The Sixth Seis Take (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
The Skater's Waltz [unknown] 7:39
The Skeleton [unknown] 2:38
The Skid Marks [unknown] ?:??
The Skid Marks (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
The Skip Counting Song [unknown] 3:28
The Sky [unknown] 5:30
The Sky Boat Song [unknown] 3:43
The Sky Boat Song [unknown] 3:19
The Skylark (feat. Gheorghe Zamfir) [unknown] 2:28
The Slap [unknown] 1:53
The Slice 'o' Heaven Pizza [unknown] 1:01
The Slice 'o' Heaven Pizza [unknown] 1:01
The Slipper Fits [unknown] USWD11469265 1:12
The Sloop John B. Kids Direct 1:59
The Sloop John B. Kids Direct 1:58
The Slowing [unknown] ?:??
The Smoldau, Hunt and Nymp Medley, Smetana Baby Einstein 2:49
The Smoldau, Smetana Baby Einstein 1:19
The Smooth Lake and the Autumn Moon [unknown] 4:05
The Sneezing Fisherman ABC for Kids 0:48
The Sniper [unknown] ?:??
The Snood [unknown] 2:38
The Snow Is Here to Stay Simply Kids 1:09
The Snow Lay on the Ground [unknown] ?:??
The Snow Lay on the Ground [unknown] 2:16
The Snowy Breasted Pearl [unknown] 3:02
The Soft Kiss of Spring [unknown] 4:05
The Soft Kiss of Spring [unknown] ?:??
The Song Is Ended [unknown] 1:26
The Song Is You [unknown] 7:06
The Song of Liberation - A Felszabadulás Dala [unknown] 2:01
The Song Of Meeting [unknown] ?:??
The Song of One Thousand Years [unknown] ?:??
The Song of the Cayote [unknown] 2:12
The Song of the Cayote [unknown] 2:14
The Song of the Republic - -A Köztársaság Dala [unknown] 2:38
The Song of the Sea Gull [unknown] 2:24
The Song of the Sea Gull [unknown] 2:25
The Song that Reached My Heart [unknown] ?:??
The Songbird [unknown] 6:43

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