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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Take Me Out to the Ballgame [unknown] 1:39
Take Me to the Matador [unknown] 4:29
Take Me Up [unknown] 4:49
Take my Breath Away [unknown] 4:21
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:16
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:37
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 2:44
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:24
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:14
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:26
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:00
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 2:47
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:14
Take My Breath Away [unknown] 4:11
Take My Breath Away, from “Top Gun” (Moroder/Whillock) [unknown] 3:37
Take My Heart [unknown] 5:08
Take My Life [unknown] 6:35
Take My Life and Let It Be [unknown] 2:51
Take My Life and Let It Be [unknown] ?:??
Take My Life and Let It Be [unknown] 2:55
Take No Prisoners [unknown] ?:??
Take Off [unknown] 0:12
Take Off 05 (part of a “Big City Beats 5” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:42
Take Off 08 (part of a “Big City Beats 8” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 2:00
Take Off, Vol. 10 (part of a “Big City Beats 10” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:52
Take Off, Vol. 23 (intro) (part of a “Big City Beats 23” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 2:30
Take Off, Vol. 24 (intro) (part of a “Big City Beats 24” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 2:08
Take Off, Vol. 25 (intro) (part of a “Big City Beats 25” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 2:08
Take Off, Volume 7 (part of a “Big City Beats 7” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:53
Take Off, Volume 11 (part of a “Big City Beats 11” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:42
Take Off, Volume 12 (part of a “Big City Beats 12” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:48
Take Off, Volume 13 (part of a “Big City Beats 13” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 2:05
Take Off, Volume 14 (part of a “Big City Beats 14” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:27
Take Off, Volume 15 (part of a “Big City Beats 15” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:48
Take Off, Volume 19 (Intro) (part of a “Big City Beats 19” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:50
Take Off, Volume 20 (intro) (part of a “Big City Beats 20” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 2:21
Take Off, Volume 21 (intro) (part of a “Big City Beats 21” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 2:02
Take Off, Volume 22 (intro) (part of a “Big City Beats 22” DJ‐mix) [unknown] 1:52
Take Over Control [unknown] 4:59
Take That Look of Your Face [unknown] 3:01
Take That Look Off Your Face [unknown] 2:58
Take That Look Off Your Face [unknown] 3:08
Take That Look Off Your Face [unknown] 3:39
Take the 'A' Train [unknown] 2:06
Take the "A" Train [unknown] 3:19
Take the "A" Train [unknown] 3:21
Take The "A" Train [unknown] 3:17
Take the U Train Ensemble 2:04
Take This Song [soundtrack] 3:11
Take Us Home Now Various Drill Instructors 1:46
Take Us to the River [unknown] 3:12
Take Us to the River [unknown] 4:50
Take You Home [unknown] 1:31
Take Your Memory With You [unknown] 2:30
Take Your Sweet, Sweet Time (Jungle Cubs) [unknown] 1:51
Take Yourself Back [unknown] 2:29
Taken Away [unknown] ?:??
Taken by Force [unknown] 1:07
Taken by Force (30 second version) [unknown] 0:31
Taken Down [unknown] 2:10
Takeoff [unknown] 0:57
Takeoff #1 [unknown] 0:21
Takeoff #2 (Horror) [unknown] 0:18
Takeoff #3 (Horror to Resolve) [unknown] 0:21
Takeoff and Braking 1 [unknown] 1:07
Takeoff and Braking 2 [unknown] 0:28
Takeoff and Braking 3 [unknown] 0:52
Takin' Money (skit) [unknown] 0:40
Takin' the Country Back [unknown] ?:??
Taking a Chance [unknown] 4 3:22
Taking a Chance [unknown] ?:??
Taking Animated Aim [unknown] ?:??
Taking Animated Aim (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Taking Animated Aim (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Taking Animated Aim Stinger (sting) [unknown] ?:??
Taking Everything [unknown] 3:14
Taking Flight [unknown] 2:32
Taking Flight [unknown] 1:03
Taking Flight [unknown] 0:33
Taking Flight [unknown] 0:23
Taking Flight [unknown] 0:14
Taking in Your Sleep [unknown] 2:53
Taking It Easy [unknown] 3:41
Taking Shape [unknown] 4:22
Taking Shape [unknown] ?:??
Taking the Hobbits to Isengard [unknown] 1:54
Taksim in Bastenigar Mode [unknown] 4:07
Taksim In Isfahan Mode [unknown] 3:04
Taku Fare Tukua [unknown] 2:18
Taku som si frajarecku zamiloval [unknown] 3:43
Takumari [unknown] 0:49
Taky Llacta [unknown] 3:17
Tal como soy Coros y Orquesta arreglado y conducido por Don Marsh 2:17
Tal eleyl [unknown] 4:10
Tal'atın Devri Kamerde Mihr-i Alem Tab Eder Chorus 5:49
Tala Adi [unknown] ?:??
Taladh an Leinibh Losa Scottish Crofter group USRO29871910 1:14
Taladh Chriosda [unknown] 3:42
Tale of Despereaux (cue 1) [unknown] ?:??
Tale of Despereaux (cue 2) [unknown] ?:??

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