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Ambience, Slovakia, Cafe, Presov, Animated Chat (Slovak), Also Noise From Coffee Machine Etc. ?:??
Ambience, Slovakia, Market, Bratislava, Speech (Slovak), Distant Traffic, Some Bangs, Not Very Busy ?:??
Ambience, Slovakia, Open Air Restaurant, Bratislava ?:??
Ambience, Slovakia, Pedestrian Street, Bratislava, Footsteps on Cobbles, Speech (Slovak), No Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Slovakia, Self Service Cafe, Bratislava, Some Distinct Speech (Slovak), Footsteps, General Noise ?:??
Ambience, Slovakia, Street, Bratislava, Traffic, Heavy Trams, Footsteps, Some Distinct Speech (Slovak) ?:??
Ambience, Slovakia, Very Large Restaurant, Bratislava, Lunchtime, With Noisy Speech, Clinks and General Hubbub ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Busy Dining Room in an Hotel Evening Puerto St. Maria, Spain Constant Laser With Downward Drone ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Busy Street Mostly Traffic (Lots of Little Motorbikes and Mopeds) ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Cafe, General Chatter From Older People Door Opened Closed Frequently Expresso Machine Heard Occasionally ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Children Playing Outside School at Lunchtime Fountain in Distance, Background Traffic, Some Shouting as Children Play Football ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Crowds Milling Around Outside Spanish Riding School of Jerez Chatter and Footsteps ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Fountain in Busy Square, Close Perspective Lots of Traffic Approx 2" 16' in Hear Chanting and Singing in a Flamenco Rhythm (Jerez) ?:??
Ambience, Spain, General Atmosphere Countryside (Sanlucar de Barrameda, Sw Spain) Birdsong, Some Wind Noise in Trees ?:??
Ambience, Spain, General Atmosphere in Built Up Narrow Street (Cadiz) ?:??
Ambience, Spain, General Atmosphere in Small Square Children Running Around Shouting, General Chatter, Background Traffic Small Town ?:??
Ambience, Spain, General Chatter and Clatter of Cups Coffee Time in Large Conference Room (Puerto St. Maria) Very (live acoustic) ?:??
Ambience, Spain, General Chatter of Expectant Crowd Lots of Children Around- Exterior (Spain) ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Large Open Square (Cadiz) General Atmosphere Children, Mothers and Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Noisy Bar Fruit Machine Singing to Itself in Corner General Chatter ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Noisy Cafe General Chatter Young People Occasional Whistling From Customer Expresso Machine Heard at Intervals ?:??
Ambience, Spain, One Horse Being Exercised in Outdoor Riding School Lots of Birdsong, Subdued Chatter, Children Playing in Distance Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Spain, Small Zoo and Aviary in Recreational Area (Cadiz) Lots of Noise From Monkeys When Teased Dog Barks Occasionally Traffic in Backgrou ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Camden Passage, Saturday Morning Atmosphere With Footsteps, Chatter and Occasional Close Perspective ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Early Morning Suburban Birds, Mid Distant Passing Cars and Heavy Traffic Skyline ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Hamburger Fast Food Restaurant, Busy Lunchtime Atmosphere ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Hampstead Heath, Winter Afternoon With Various Birds, Distant Dogs, Children and Traffic Skyline ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, High Street, Moderately Busy With Passing Footsteps and Occasional Close Voices ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, House to House Milk Delivery, Late Morning ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Night Traffic, Vehicles Passing Close and Mid Distance ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Pedestrian High Street, Passing Footsteps, Chatter and Children ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Refuse Collection Refuse Lorry Approaches, Bins Emptied, House to House, Departs ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Shopping Mall (Exterior), Busy With Footsteps and Chatter ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Shopping Mall (Interior), Close Perspective, January Sales Business ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Street Vegetable Market, Busy With Footsteps, Chatter and Vendors Calling ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Winter Dawn Chorus, Quiet Suburban Garden ?:??
Ambience, Suburbia, Winter Day, House Sparrow, Starling and Blackbird, Distant Traffic Skyline ?:??
Ambience, United States, Bar, Mamou, Louisiana ?:??
Ambience, United States, Bar, Tijuana ?:??
Ambience, United States, Bowling Alley, Santa Monica, California ?:??
Ambience, United States, Broadway Traffic New York Mid Morning ?:??
Ambience, United States, Busy Street, New York Afternoon ?:??
Ambience, United States, Counter and Till in Delicatessen, Philadelphia ?:??
Ambience, United States, Crowd at Garden Party, Eunice, Louisiana ?:??
Ambience, United States, Crowd at Heritage Festival, New Orleans ?:??
Ambience, United States, Delicatessen Restaurant, Philadelphia Lunchtime ?:??
Ambience, United States, Dockers' (Longshoreman's) Bar, San Pedro ?:??
Ambience, United States, Freight Train With Siren Passes in Desert, Near Kingman, Arizona ?:??
Ambience, United States, Goldens Bridge, New York State Crickets at Night ?:??
Ambience, United States, Independence Hall Bell, Philadelphia ?:??
Ambience, United States, New Orleans, Louisiana House Finch at Night ?:??
Ambience, United States, Niagara Falls Close Perspective ?:??
Ambience, United States, Oil Derrick, San Pedro, California ?:??
Ambience, United States, Roadside, Fort Kent, Maine, Starlings Roosting ?:??
Ambience, United States, Soul Food Restaurant, New Orleans ?:??
Ambience, United States, Street Market, Tijuana, Mexico ?:??
Ambience, United States, Street, Downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ?:??
Ambience, United States, Terminal, John (feat. Kennedy International Airport) ?:??
Ambience, United States, Times Square, New York Afternoon ?:??
Ambience, United States, Traffic at Usmexican Border, Tijuana ?:??
Ambience, United States, Traffic With Horse and Buggy (Philadelphia) ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Bus Terminal, La Paz, Exterior, With Traffic, Cries From Conductors, Footsteps, Horns and Distant ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Cafe, La Paz, With Muted Speech, Clinks, Espresso Machine, Radio and Distant Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Church Bells, Tarata, Various Different Bells, Also Birdsong and Distant Car Horns and Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Market, Santa Cruz, Fairly Busy With Chat, Footsteps, and Vendor's P.A. ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Outdoor Market, Cliza, With Livestock Noise, Muted Chatter and Traffic Noise ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Street, Cliza, With Cries From Hawkers, Footsteps and Bells and Chanting From Fortune Tellers, No ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Street, La Paz, With Heavy Traffic, Horns, Bells and Footsteps ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Telephone Office, La Paz, Busy, With Footsteps, Indistinct Speech and Occasional P.A. ?:??
Ambience, Urban Bolivia, South America, Town Square, Tarata, With Prominent Birdsong, Footsteps, Distinct Speech and Some Traffic ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Auto Rickshaw, Delhi, Internal, Starts, Constant Run, Stops ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Bathing Ghats, Varanasi (Benares), Splashes and Shouts, With Distant Bell ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Bus, Bombay, Internal, With Rattles, Creaks, Occasional Distinct Speech, Bus Pauses With Radio in Background ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, Street Sounds, Heavy Traffic, Vendors, Some Distinct Speech ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, City Street, Calcutta, Traffic, Footsteps, Bells, Some Distinct Speech ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Crowd at Churchgate Station, Bombay, Rush Hour, Noisy Footsteps, Trains, Whistles and Some Indistinct Speech ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Crowd at Gateway of India, Bombay, Large Noisy Crowd With Hawkers in Covered Enclosure With Slight Echo ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Crowd Near Temple, Varanasi (Benares), Chanting, Hand Clapping, Bells and Speech ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Deccan Queen Express Train From Bombay to Poonah, Internal, Train Wait at Station, Leaves, Constant Run, Cha ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Market, Calcutta, Chickens, Speech, Bells, Man Sweeping ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Marriage Procession, Bombay, Band, Car Horns and Speech, Band Stops, New Tune ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Station Platform, Mughal Sarai (Uttar Pradesh), Hawkers, Footsteps, Distinct Speech, Some Train Noise ?:??
Ambience, Urban India, Suburban Train, Bombay, Internal, Waiting at Station With Hawkers, Chat and Fan, Train Leaves, Constant Run ?:??
Ambience, Urban Nepal, Busy Street, Central Kathmandu, Heavy Traffic, Some Distinct Speech ?:??
Ambience, Urban Nepal, Carpenter's Shop in Village, Speech and Coughing, Plane and Saws, Occasional Cock-Crows ?:??
Ambience, Urban Nepal, Street Market, Central Kathmandu, Temple Bells, Car Horns, Chatter With Children ?:??
Ambience, Urban Paraguay, South America, Bank, Asuncion, With Lots of Telephones, Some Distinct Speech, Footsteps, Bustle and Stamping Of ?:??
Ambience, Urban Paraguay, South America, Cafe, Asuncion, With Distinct Speech, Radio, Clinks and Some Traffic Outside ?:??
Ambience, Urban Paraguay, South America, City Park, Asuncion, With Heavy Traffic, Footsteps, Speech, Some Birdsong ?:??
Ambience, Urban Paraguay, South America, Dining Room, Grand Hotel, Asuncion, Evening, Half Full, With Clinks and Speech ?:??
Ambience, Urban Paraguay, South America, Steam Train, Asuncion to Luque, Internal, Constant Run, With Loud Distinct Speech, Train Noise An ?:??
Ambience, Urban Paraguay, South America, Steam Train, Departs From Luque Station, External With Hooter ?:??
Ambience, Urban Peru, South America, Lima Airport, Departure Lounge, Busy With Footsteps, Chat, P.A. (Spanish and English) And Aircraft No ?:??
Ambience, Zaire, Schoolchildren, Lisala (North Zaire), With Cicadas ?:??
Ambience, Zaire, Small (But Noisy) Crowd, Gabadalit (North Zaire, Screaming Children and Footsteps) ?:??
Ambience, Zaire, Street, Kisangani, Some Traffic, Bike Bells, Car Horns, Footsteps and Distinct Speech ?:??
Ambience, Zaire, Tree Frogs and Crickets, Late Evening, Marshy Jungle, E Zaire ?:??
Ambience: Spooky Forest 2:36
Ambient 1:45
Ambient (menuloop version) ?:??

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