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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Soul Food [unknown] 2:12
Soul Food Stomper, Part 2 [unknown] 6:59
Soul II Soul (movie radio spot) [unknown] 0:59
Soul Kitchen [unknown] 3:49
Soul Legends, Part 1 [unknown] 7:22
Soul Machine [unknown] ?:??
Soul Mate [unknown] 1:59
Soul Mate [unknown] 0:30
Soul Party [unknown] 1:00
Soul Party [unknown] 0:30
Soul Party [unknown] 0:15
Soul Show Countdown [unknown] 2:01
Soul Show Countdown [unknown] 0:30
Soul Sisters [unknown] 12:38
Soul Surfer [unknown] 9:31
Soul Survivor [unknown] 4:30
Soul to Heaven [unknown] 1:01
Soul to Heaven [unknown] 0:30
Soulful Plains [unknown] 6:13
Soulistics [unknown] 4:59
Soulmates [unknown] 10:27
Soulmates Thrust [unknown] ?:??
Soulmates Thrust (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Soulmates Thrust (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Soum dovolas lou garcous de la montagno [unknown] ?:??
Soumangourou Kante [unknown] 11:58
Soun dabalach lous efons de la mountanha [unknown] ?:??
Sound attack: Imprecise; Haydn: Symphony No. 103 [unknown] 0:18
Sound attack: Precise; Haydn: Symphony No. 103 [unknown] 0:21
Sound Bites - Part One [unknown] 0:53
Sound Bites - Part Two [unknown] 2:09
Sound Byte [unknown] 2:51
Sound Byte [unknown] 2:51
Sound Card [unknown] ?:??
Sound Charades [unknown] 8:49
Sound Charades [unknown] 4:17
Sound Charades [unknown] 4:54
Sound Charades [unknown] 4:49
Sound Charades [unknown] 3:23
Sound Charades [unknown] 3:36
Sound Charades [unknown] 5:24
Sound Charades [unknown] 5:40
Sound Charades [unknown] 4:11
Sound Charades [unknown] 4:53
Sound Charades [unknown] 3:43
Sound Charades [unknown] 5:38
Sound Charades I [unknown] 4:41
Sound Charades II [unknown] 4:54
Sound Charades: Introduction, Changing Rooms, Miracle on 34th Street [unknown] 3:48
Sound colour of reverberation: Proper; Bartok: Improvisations op. 20 [unknown] 0:40
Sound colour of reverberation: Too metallic; Bartok: Improvisations op. 20 [unknown] 0:43
Sound colour: Dull; Oscar Lindberg: Konsertfantasi [unknown] 0:55
Sound colour: Nasal; Oscar Lindberg: Konsertfantasi [unknown] 0:55
Sound colour: Natural; Oscar Lindberg: Konsertfantasi [unknown] 0:57
Sound Design [unknown] 1:00
Sound Design [unknown] 0:30
Sound Design [unknown] 0:15
Sound Design: Broken Glass Trails [unknown] ?:??
Sound Design: Chime Tunnel [unknown] ?:??
Sound Design: Dirty Bomb [unknown] ?:??
Sound Design: Future Nightmare [unknown] ?:??
Sound Design: Messed Up [unknown] ?:??
Sound Design: Multiple Impact [unknown] ?:??
Sound Design: Robotic Fist [unknown] ?:??
Sound Effect: Disappearance Effect (from “The Cage”) (MRV tk 1) [unknown] 0:16
Sound Effect: Good Fairy Entrance [unknown] 0:13
Sound Effect: Good Fairy Entrance & Dialogue [unknown] 1:16
Sound Effect: Pike Window Bump (from “The Cage”) (M8 tk 1) [unknown] 0:13
Sound Effect: Planet Atmosphere (series transporter effect) (from “The Cage”) (M16 tk 3) [unknown] 2:05
Sound Effect: Sickbay Scanner, High (from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”) (MFX3 tk 1) [unknown] 0:36
Sound Effect: Sickbay Scanner, Low (from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”) (MFX2 tk 1) [unknown] 0:52
Sound Effect: Talosian Door Effect (from “The Cage”) (M14 tk 6) [unknown] 0:10
Sound Effect: Transporter Effect (from “The Cage”) (M4 tk 3) [unknown] 0:17
Sound Effect: Virus Sound (rehearsal) (MX4 tk 1) [unknown] 0:48
Sound Effects [unknown] 0:08
Sound Effects [unknown] 0:25
Sound Effects [unknown] 0:58
Sound Effects [unknown] 0:21
Sound Effects [unknown] 58:17
Sound Effects 2 [unknown] 0:15
Sound Effects Climax Mix [unknown] 0:16
Sound Ideas [unknown] 1:00
Sound Ideas [unknown] 0:30
Sound Ideas [unknown] 0:15
Sound Image width: Appropriate; Debussy: Prelude No. 10 [unknown] 0:43
Sound Image width: Too narrow; Debussy: Prelude No. 10 [unknown] 0:38
Sound Image width: Too wide; Debussy: Prelude No. 10 [unknown] 0:38
Sound of a Tolling Bell Kindermusik 0:52
Sound of Silence [unknown] 3:45
Sound of Silence [unknown] 5:18
Sound of Sleep [unknown] 3:39
Sound of the Doundoun Drum Kindermusik 0:15
Sound of the Drum [unknown] ?:??
Sound of the Pow Wow Drum Kindermusik 0:17
Sound of the Snare Drum Kindermusik 0:14
Sound of the Vuvuzela [unknown] ?:??
Sound of the Wind Chimes Kindermusik 0:22
Sound of Waves [unknown] ?:??
Sound Off [unknown] ?:??
Sound one attack [unknown] 1:18

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