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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Robot [unknown] 2:18
Robot [unknown] 2:09
Robot (rap) [unknown] 0:30
Robot Day Dream [unknown] 2:01
Robot Lunch Break [unknown] ?:??
Robot Lunch Break [unknown] ?:??
Robot Lunch Break (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Robot Soul [unknown] ?:??
Robot Soul [unknown] ?:??
Robot Soul [unknown] ?:??
Robot Soul [unknown] ?:??
Robotic Bang [unknown] 0:21
Robotnik's Revenge [unknown] 2:21
Robotnik's Theme [unknown] 1:29
Robots Rule (from Plan 69 from Outer Space) [unknown] 2:09
Roca de la eternidad Coros y Orquesta arreglado y conducido por Don Marsh 1:41
Roch 'n' Roll [unknown] 1:17
Rocha Eterna [unknown] 3:25
Rocha Eterna [unknown] 3:25
Rock [unknown] 1:03
Rock [unknown] 2:12
Rock [unknown] 2:01
Rock 'n Ride 'n Rally [From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse] [unknown] 1:29
Rock 'N Roll Dreams Come Through [unknown] 5:33
Rock 'n Roll Rifles [unknown] ?:??
Rock 'N' Roll (Part 2) [unknown] 2:55
Rock 'n' Roll Blues [unknown] 2:41
Rock 'n' Roll Diabolic [unknown] 1:56
Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay [unknown] 2:05
Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen [soundtrack] 2:13
Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen [unknown] 2:12
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide [unknown] 3:08
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide [unknown] 2:57
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide [unknown] 3:02
Rock (sans contrebasse) [unknown] 2:08
Rock & Blues Theme [unknown] 3:24
Rock & Blues Theme [unknown] 0:30
Rock & Blues Theme [unknown] 0:15
Rock & Blues Theme [unknown] 0:10
Rock & Blues Theme [unknown] 0:06
Rock & Pop Vocal: "A Bit of Scat" [unknown] 0:06
Rock & Pop Vocal: "Can't Get Enough" [unknown] 0:06
Rock & Pop Vocal: "Hush Your…" [unknown] 0:09
Rock & Pop Vocal: "Yeah Baby" [unknown] 0:06
Rock & Pop Vocal: "You Ain't a Pinko…" [unknown] 0:06
Rock & Roll Dance Party [unknown] 18:12
Rock & Roll Part 2 [unknown] 3:10
Rock & Romance [unknown] 0:30
Rock a Bye Baby Prism Leisure Corp. 2:20
Rock a Bye Baby [unknown] 1:30
Rock a Bye Baby [unknown] 0:30
Rock a Bye Baby [unknown] 2:21
Rock a Bye Baby ABC for Kids ?:??
Rock A My Baby [unknown] ?:??
Rock Adventure [unknown] 3:04
Rock Adventure [unknown] 1:00
Rock Adventure [unknown] 0:30
Rock Adventure [unknown] 0:15
Rock All Ye Faithful A [unknown] 1:00
Rock All Ye Faithful B [unknown] 1:00
Rock All Ye Faithful C [unknown] 1:00
Rock All Ye Faithful D [unknown] 0:30
Rock All Ye Faithful E [unknown] 0:30
Rock and Rol, Part 2 [unknown] ?:??
Rock and Roll All Nite [unknown] 3:37
Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through [unknown] 3:20
Rock and Roll Lullaby [unknown] 4:08
Rock and Roll Part 2 [unknown] 2:44
Rock and Rollin 2 [unknown] mixed by Mark 'Jive' Smith 6:12
Rock Around the Clock [unknown] 2:10
Rock Around the Clock [unknown] 2:17
Rock Around the Clock ABC for Kids 1:52
Rock Around The Clock [unknown] 2:15
Rock Around the Clock / Earth Angel [unknown] / The Penguins 5:16
Rock Away [unknown] ?:??
Rock Band of a Downtown [unknown] 1:01
Rock band of a downtown Part 2 [unknown] 1:03
Rock band of a downtown Part 3 [unknown] 0:57
Rock Blues [unknown] 3:46
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:30
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:15
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:09
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:06
Rock Bottom [unknown] 3:01
Rock Captions [unknown] ?:??
Rock Daai Lyfie [unknown] 1:27
Rock DJ… [unknown] 0:41
Rock Dove (Columba Livia) Coos and Calls From Several in Old Barn, Wing Flaps, Other Birds in Distance [unknown] ?:??
Rock Fighters [unknown] 2:42
Rock Fighters [unknown] 1:03
Rock Fighters [unknown] 0:33
Rock Fighters [unknown] 0:23
Rock Fighters [unknown] 0:14
Rock Fusion [unknown] 3:26
Rock Fusion [unknown] 0:58
Rock Fusion [unknown] 1:00
Rock Fusion [unknown] 0:30
Rock Fusion [unknown] 0:15
Rock House [unknown] 0:30
Rock It [unknown] 3:51

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