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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Rose of Tralee [unknown] 2:59
Rose of Tralee [unknown] 1:42
Rose of Tralee [unknown] 2:16
Rose Velvet [unknown] 0:30
Rose-like Life [unknown] 3:04
Rose-Marie: Finale - Indian Love Call (reprise) (Rose-Marie, Jim, Chorus) Anna Moffo, Richard Fredricks, Chorus 5 2:45
Rose-Marie: Lak Jeem (Rose-Marie, Chorus) Anna Moffo, Chorus 4 2:16
Rose-Marie: Pretty Things (Rose-Marie, Chorus) Anna Moffo, Chorus 3 1:43
Rose-Marie: The Mounties (Malone, Chorus) William Chapman, Chorus 5 0:58
Rose-Marie: Totem Tom-Tom (Wanda, Chorus) Rosalind Elias, Chorus 4 3:40
Rose-Mousse [unknown] ?:??
Roseanne Toons 1:13
Roseanne [unknown] 1:13
Rosebud Happy Baby 2:41
Roseda [unknown] ?:??
Roseda [unknown] ?:??
Rosentor (Germany) [unknown] 2:58
Roses Are Red… [unknown] ?:??
Roses by the Shore [unknown] 4:58
Roses de Picardie [unknown] 2:52
Roses From the South [unknown] 3:32
Roses From the South [unknown] 2:13
Roses From the South [unknown] 1:54
Roses From the South [unknown] 3:30
Roses From the South [unknown] 1:18
Roses of Picardy Mario Lanza, [orchestra], Ray Sinatra 4:39
Roses of the South [unknown] 3:36
Rosetta [unknown] 2:40
Rosetta [unknown] ?:??
Roshtarians Live Here [unknown] 1:07
Rosie [unknown] 3:01
Rosie & Jim [soundtrack] 1:39
Rosie & Jim Theme Rosie & Jim 1:13
Rosie and Jim [unknown] 1:17
Rosinkes Mit Mandelin [unknown] 1:29
Rosita [unknown] 2:05
Rosita [unknown] 2:13
Rossignolet du bois [unknown] ?:??
Rossini-Tchaikovsky Medley [unknown] 2:53
Rossinyol [unknown] 0:39
Roswell [unknown] 6:11
Rot schient die Sonne (choral) [unknown] 2:48
Rotary Telephone Dials 1-9 [unknown] 0:23
Rotate cæli desuper [unknown] 2:54
Rotation Logic [unknown] 3:27
Rotations Logic [unknown] 3:29
Rotations Logic [unknown] 3:26
Rotations Logic [unknown] 3:29
RotchanaSangTaung (Percussion Orchestra) [unknown] ?:??
Roten-buro de Happy End [unknown] 3:46
Roten-buro de mufufu [unknown] 5:20
Roti Rösli im Garte [unknown] 0:28
Roti Wülchli am Himmel [unknown] CHUM71000119 1:42
Rotkäppchen [unknown] 2:26
Rots Van Dawid [unknown] 2:31
Rotterdam [unknown] 2:02
Rottweiler Vicious Barks, Snarls [unknown] 0:32
Rottweiler Vicious Growls, Snarls [unknown] 0:51
Rotulum Super Sanctus (full mix) [unknown] 0:47
Rough Ride [unknown] 2:00
Rough Riders [unknown] 2:03
Rough Riders [unknown] 0:30
Rough Riders [unknown] 0:30
Rough Riders [unknown] 2:03
Roughstyle Triage & The Bassist 4:57
Rouka de Melody [unknown] 0:31
Roulé [unknown] 3:50
Roule ton maloya [unknown] 3:08
Roulement de cymbale suspendue [unknown] 0:20
Roulement de grosse caisse [unknown] 0:38
Roulette [unknown] 1:43
Roulette Roulette [unknown] 3:42
Roulette, Wheel Spinning With Large Ball [unknown] ?:??
Roulette, Wheel Spinning With Small Ball [unknown] ?:??
Roumba [unknown] 3:34
Roumba Flamenca [unknown] 10:03
Round & Round Music Box [unknown] 0:18
Round About Way [unknown] 3:00
Round and Round Kindermusik 1:23
Round and Round [unknown] ?:??
Round and Round Kindermusik 1:25
Round And Round [unknown] 4:34
Round and Round the Garden Children 0:46
Round and Round the Garden [unknown] 1:02
Round and Round the Garden [unknown] 0:43
Round and Round the Garden [unknown] 1:55
Round and Round the Garden ABC for Kids 0:25
Round and Round the Garden [unknown] 1:48
Round and Round the Garden Early Learning Centre 1:21
Round and Round the Garden [unknown] 0:42
Round and Round the Garden ABC for Kids ?:??
Round and Round the Garden ABC for Kids 0:29
Round And Round The Garden Early Learning Centre 2:10
Round and Round the Garden - Children's Rhyme [unknown] 0:15
Round and Round the Haystack Kindermusik 0:13
Round Evenings [unknown] 2:15
Round Goes the World [unknown] 3:43
Round Midnight (Jazz) [unknown] 1:55
Round the Fire With Uncle Guts [unknown] 1:16
Round the Horne [unknown] 1:15

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