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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Rockin' Angels on High E [unknown] 0:30
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree [unknown] 1:59
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree [unknown] 2:37
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree [unknown] 2:30
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree [unknown] 2:30
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree [unknown] 2:13
Rockin' Bride A [unknown] 0:30
Rockin' Bride B [unknown] 0:30
Rockin' Bride C [unknown] 0:20
Rockin' Gents A [unknown] 1:00
Rockin' Gents B [unknown] 1:00
Rockin' Gents C [unknown] 0:30
Rockin' Gents D [unknown] 0:30
Rockin' in Rhythm [unknown] ?:??
Rockin' Jerusalem Chorus 2:25
Rockin' New Year A [unknown] 1:00
Rockin' New Year B [unknown] 0:30
Rockin' Robin [unknown] ?:??
Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree [unknown] 3:28
Rockin' the Cradle [unknown] 2:42
Rockin' the Right Note [unknown] 0:47
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree [unknown] 2:01
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree [unknown] 3:07
Rockin’ at Midnight [unknown] 3:54
Rockin’ Little Christmas [unknown] 3:01
Rocking [unknown] 1:32
Rocking [unknown] 4:15
Rocking Carol Prism Leisure Corp. 2:11
Rocking Carol [unknown] 2:00
Rocking Carol [unknown] 2:12
Rocking Carol [unknown] 2:14
Rocking Carol [unknown] ?:??
Rocking Carrol [unknown] 1:46
Rocking Chair - Eerie Wood Creaks, Reversed. [unknown] 0:31
Rocking Disco Santa [unknown] ?:??
Rocking Horse Kindermusik 1:34
Rockinover River [unknown] 2:45
Rockit [unknown] 3:55
Rockmasters [unknown] 0:10
Rocktronic Sci-Fi [unknown] 1:59
Rocktronic Sci-Fi [unknown] 0:30
Rocky [unknown] 4:09
Rocky Horror Picture Show movie trailer [unknown] 2 2:58
Rocky Horror radio commercial [unknown] 0:29
Rocky Horror radio commercial (Belt You About the Mouth) [unknown] 0:32
Rocky III - Eye of Tiger [unknown] ?:??
Rocky Mountain Rain [nature sounds] & [unknown] 1:01:15
Rocky Mountain Way [unknown] 5:16
Rocky Road to Dublin [unknown] 3:28
Rocky Rod [unknown] 2:26
Rocky Rod [unknown] 1:00
Rocky Rod [unknown] 0:30
Rocky Rod [unknown] 0:15
Rocky Top [unknown] 4:11
Roda pião [unknown] 1:34
Roda pião [unknown] 0:47
Roda pião (instrumental) [unknown] 1:34
Roddy McCorley [unknown] 1:21
Roddy McCorley [unknown] ?:??
Rode Rozen voor Rosa [unknown] 1:15
Roditikos [unknown] 2:24
Roditikos [unknown] 2:25
Rodriguez Pena [unknown] 3:21
Rody [unknown] ?:??
Roept uit aan alle stranden [unknown] 2:03
Roffel op e himeldoar (Knockin' on Heaven's Door) Alle Artiesten 4:03
Roffel op e himeldoar (Knockin' on Heaven's Door) Alle Artysten ?:??
Rogativa Del Loncomeo [unknown] 3:05
Rogativa del longcomeo [unknown] 3:05
Rogignolet, tu chanteras [unknown] 3:08
Rógva út á krabbaskel [unknown] 0:56
Rógva út á krabbaskel [unknown] 0:54
Roisin' the Bow [unknown] 3:35
Rokuchō (Six Tunes) [unknown] 4:26
Rokudan [unknown] 2:48
Rokudan [unknown] 2:48
Rokudan No Shirabe [unknown] 9:18
Roland JX-305: Demo de fábrica, com sons e frases pré-programadas [unknown] 0:45
Roland JX-305: Uma selecção de exemplos de sons [unknown] 1:07
Roland MT-32 Demo [Peavey] 4:10
Roland SC-880Pro: Demo de fábrica [unknown] 1:06
Roland SC-880Pro: Exemplos de formas de onda [unknown] 0:42
Rolf Harris [unknown] 1:10
Rolf Harris spoils his ballot paper [unknown] 0:45
Roljo Moja (Yugoslavia) [unknown] 2:45
Roll Alabama Roll [unknown] 2:52
Roll Alabama Roll [unknown] 1:39
Roll Alabama Roll [unknown] 1:00
Roll Alabama Roll [unknown] 0:30
Roll Call [unknown] 0:48
Roll Me Over in the Clover [unknown] 0:40
Roll of the Dice [unknown] 2:02
Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) [unknown] 3:41
Roll Out The Barrel [unknown] 1:39
Roll Over [unknown] 1:04
Roll Over Beethoven [unknown] 2:30
Roll Over Beethoven [unknown] 22:57
Roll Over Beethoven [unknown] 1:28
Roll That Ball Kindermusik 1:29
Roll the Credits [unknown] 2:03

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