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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Regal 2 Logo [unknown] 0:07
Regal Logo [unknown] 0:12
Regal Melody [unknown] 0:08
Regal Melody [unknown] 0:03
Regal Melody [unknown] 0:30
Regalo de amor [unknown] 4:02
Regem venturum dominum [unknown] 3:02
Regeneration [unknown] 10:46
Regentropfen Prelude [unknown] 4:47
Regentropfen, Die An dein Fenster Klopfen [unknown] 3:25
Reges tharsis [unknown] 2:13
Reges Tharsis, modus V (Offertorium, Proprium Missae in Epiphania Domini) [unknown] 2:17
Reggae Episode [unknown] 0:30
Reggae Night [unknown] 4:06
Reggae Night [unknown] 2:59
Reggae Night A [unknown] 1:00
Reggae Night B [unknown] 0:30
Reggae Night C [unknown] 0:30
Reggae of the Day [unknown] 1:00
Reggae of the Day [unknown] 0:30
Reggae of the Day [unknown] 0:15
Reggae Triple Tracker [unknown] 5:19
Reggae-Ci Reggae-La [unknown] 0:30
Reggae: Ernest Ranglin Guitar Techniques 1:14
Reggae: Ernest Ranglin (BT) Guitar Techniques 1:16
Reggae: Junior Marvin Guitar Techniques 1:03
Reggae: Junior Marvin (BT) Guitar Techniques 1:06
Reggae: Steppers style Guitar Techniques 1:22
Reggae: Steppers style (BT) Guitar Techniques 1:25
Reggae: Stevie Wonder Guitar Techniques 1:24
Reggae: Stevie Wonder - intro Guitar Techniques 0:18
Reggae: Stevie Wonder (BT) Guitar Techniques 1:26
Reggio Home [unknown] 0:42
Regierungssprecher [unknown] 1:30
Regimantal Quick March [unknown] 1:58
Regimen [unknown] 27:03
Regimental March- Soldiers of the Queen [unknown] 1:18
Regimental Music of the First Battalion [unknown] 3:21
Regimental Music of the Fourth Battalion [unknown] 3:11
Regimental Music of the Second Battalion [unknown] 2:41
Regimental Music of the Third Battalion [unknown] 2:29
Regimental Slow March of the Royal Horse Guards [unknown] 0:44
Regimentskinder [unknown] ?:??
Regina caeli [unknown] 4:13
Regina di Saba: Act II. "Magiche note" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso HKI190057914 3:08
Reginella campagnola [unknown] 2:20
Reginella Campagnola [unknown] 2:05
Regra Tres [unknown] 3:21
Regret and Repent [unknown] ?:??
Regret en marche nuptiale [unknown] ?:??
Regrets d'Auvergne [unknown] ?:??
Regrets de Lisou [unknown] ?:??
Regular Folks [unknown] 1:00
Regular Folks [unknown] 0:30
Regular Folks [unknown] 0:30
Regular Folks (Alt.) [unknown] 0:30
Rehearsal for a Crime [unknown] 1:19
Rei I [unknown] 3:01
Rei I [unknown] 3:39
Rei II [unknown] 2:57
Rei Zulu - Yes, Nós Temos Banana [unknown] 3:09
Reibo [unknown] 15:25
Reichswehr Marsch [unknown] 2:36
Reigen seeliger Geister [unknown] ?:??
Reign in Me [unknown] 3:23
Reign Over Me [unknown] 5:02
Reign, King Jesus! Chorus 3:21
Reik Na Die Sterre [unknown] 1:22
Reik Na Die Sterre [unknown] 3:18
Reilly, Ace of Spies [soundtrack] 3:37
Reime: Der Mühler tut mahlen / Petersilie Suppenkraut [unknown] 0:26
Reime: Die Kuchen sind gebacken / Eins, zwei, drei [unknown] 0:31
Reina em Mim [unknown] 3:57
Reina Mía [unknown] 4:05
Reindeer Rodeo [unknown], Darren Fung 1:42
Reine de musette [unknown] 2:24
Reine de Musette [unknown] 2:22
Reine des bourrées [unknown] ?:??
Reingold Advert [unknown] ?:??
Reinlander for Three (Germany, Couple) [unknown] 3:20
Reino Unido - Auld Lang Syne [unknown] 3:16
Reino Unido - God Save the Queen [unknown] 1:14
Reis für Manila Scotland Yard (radio play) 39:58
Reise durch die Nacht [unknown] 1:55
Reises [unknown] 3:34
Reitherer Labheiger [unknown] 0:31
Reizele, Sha-Shtil [unknown] 2:02
Rejoice and Be Merry [unknown] 1:25
Rejoice in the Lord [unknown] 1:07
Rejoice in the Lord Always [unknown] 1:06
Rejoice Ye Merry Gentlemen Suite [unknown] 5:18
Rejoice Ye Pure Heart [unknown] 1:46
Rejoice, Rejoice [unknown] 2:11
Rejoice, Rejoice [unknown] 1:04
Rejoice, Rejoice [unknown] 0:34
Rejoice, Rejoice [unknown] 0:24
Rejoice, Rejoice [unknown] 0:15
Rejoice, the Lord Is King [unknown] 2:31
Rejoice, the Lord Is King! [unknown] 2:17
Rejoice, Ye Heavens [unknown] 2:16

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