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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Rock Around the Clock [unknown] 2:17
Rock Around the Clock ABC for Kids 1:52
Rock Around The Clock [unknown] 2:15
Rock Around the Clock / Earth Angel [unknown] / The Penguins 5:16
Rock Away [unknown] ?:??
Rock Band of a Downtown [unknown] 1:01
Rock band of a downtown Part 2 [unknown] 1:03
Rock band of a downtown Part 3 [unknown] 0:57
Rock Blues [unknown] 3:46
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:30
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:15
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:09
Rock Blues [unknown] 0:06
Rock Bottom [unknown] 3:01
Rock Captions [unknown] ?:??
Rock Daai Lyfie [unknown] 1:27
Rock DJ… [unknown] ?:??
Rock Dove (Columba Livia) Coos and Calls From Several in Old Barn, Wing Flaps, Other Birds in Distance [unknown] ?:??
Rock Fighters [unknown] 2:42
Rock Fighters [unknown] 1:03
Rock Fighters [unknown] 0:33
Rock Fighters [unknown] 0:23
Rock Fighters [unknown] 0:14
Rock Fusion [unknown] 3:26
Rock Fusion [unknown] 0:58
Rock Fusion [unknown] 1:00
Rock Fusion [unknown] 0:30
Rock Fusion [unknown] 0:15
Rock House [unknown] 0:30
Rock It [unknown] 3:51
Rock It [unknown] 3:52
Rock Me Amadeus [unknown] 1:41
Rock Me Amadeus [unknown] 4:54
Rock Me Amadeus (30 second version) [unknown] 0:30
Rock Me Amadeus (60 second version) [unknown] 1:00
Rock my soul [unknown] 2:15
Rock of ages [unknown] 0:53
Rock of Ages [unknown] 3:01
Rock of Ages [unknown] 2:46
Rock of Ages [unknown] 2:27
Rock of Ages [unknown] ?:??
Rock of Ages [unknown] 1:56
Rock of Ages [unknown] 3:19
Rock of Ages [unknown] 1:33
Rock of Ages [unknown] 0:30
Rock of Ages [unknown] 2:28
Rock of Ages [unknown] 0:29
Rock of Ages [unknown] 0:30
Rock of Ages [unknown] 1:26
Rock of Ages [unknown] 1:28
Rock of Ages [unknown] 1:05
Rock of Ages [unknown] 2:50
Rock of Ages [unknown] 0:30
Rock of Ages [unknown] 2:18
Rock of Ages [unknown] ?:??
Rock of Ages [unknown] 4:38
Rock of Ages [unknown] 3:27
Rock of Ages [unknown] 3:26
Rock of Ages [unknown] 2:32
Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me Voices and Orchestra arranged and conducted by Don Marsh 1:41
Rock of My Salvation [unknown] 5:09
Rock of My Salvation Hosanna! Music 4:49
Rock or Not [unknown] 0:30
Rock Riff 1 [unknown] 0:20
Rock Service [unknown] 1:00
Rock Service [unknown] 0:30
Rock Service [unknown] 0:15
Rock Sınıfı [unknown] 1:35
Rock Slams: Angry Slide [unknown] ?:??
Rock Slams: Stadium Rock Hit [unknown] ?:??
Rock Slide [unknown] 1:37
Rock Song [unknown] ?:??
Rock Spectacle [unknown] 1:00
Rock Spectacle [unknown] 0:30
Rock Spectacle [unknown] 0:15
Rock Star Blues [unknown] 0:30
Rock the Angels A [unknown] 1:00
Rock the Angels B [unknown] 0:30
Rock the Angels C [unknown] 0:30
Rock the Casbah [unknown] 3:43
Rock the Casbah [unknown] 6:10
Rock The Casbah [unknown] 6:10
Rock the Cradle Joe / Soldier's Joy [unknown] 2:45
Rock the Discotek [unknown] 2:30
Rock the Discotek [unknown] 1:00
Rock the Discotek [unknown] 0:30
Rock the Discotek [unknown] 0:15
Rock the Diskotek [unknown] 3:07
Rock the Halls A [unknown] 1:00
Rock the Halls B [unknown] 0:30
Rock the House [unknown] 0:10
Rock the House [unknown] 0:05
Rock the House [unknown] 0:30
Rock the Manger A [unknown] 1:00
Rock the Manger B [unknown] 1:00
Rock the Manger C [unknown] 1:00
Rock the Manger D [unknown] 0:30
Rock the Manger E [unknown] 0:30
Rock the Party [unknown] 2:11
Rock the Party (no vocals) [unknown] 2:11

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