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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Rickshaw Ride [unknown] 1:24
Rickshaw Ride [unknown] 0:29
Ricky Rectangle ABC for Kids 1:15
Rico vacilon [unknown] 3:15
Rico vacilon [unknown] ?:??
Rico vacilón [unknown] 4:05
Rico vacilòn [unknown] 4:02
Ricochets, C/U, 5 Versions [unknown] 0:12
Ricordo [unknown] 0:56
Riču račs [unknown] ?:??
Riddle Song [unknown] 1:26
Ride a Cock Horse Prism Leisure Corp. 2:00
Ride a Cock Horse [unknown] 0:26
Ride a Cock Horse Early Learning Centre 1:16
Ride a Cock Horse [unknown] 1:25
Ride a Cock Horse [unknown] 2:06
Ride a Cock Horse [unknown] 2:00
Ride a Cock Horse Early Learning Centre 2:03
Ride a Cock Horse [unknown] 0:29
Ride a Cock Horse ABC for Kids 0:37
Ride a Cock Horse Nursery Rhymes 2:02
Ride A Cock Horse Early Learning Centre 1:31
Ride A Cock Horse Kindermusik 1:21
Ride a Cock Horse (instrumental) [unknown] 3:31
Ride a Cock Horse (instrumental) :30 [unknown] 0:30
Ride a Cock Horse (vocal) [unknown] 3:31
Ride a Cock Horse (vocal) :30 [unknown] 0:30
Ride a Cock Horse... [unknown] 0:38
Ride a Cock-Horse [unknown] 0:53
Ride a Cock-Horse [unknown] 1:17
Ride Away Early Learning Centre 2:35
Ride It [unknown] 2:26
Ride Me Baby [unknown] 0:19
Ride of the Valkyries [unknown] 4:58
Ride of the Valkyries [unknown] 2:37
Ride of the Valkyries [unknown] 0:09
Ride of the Valkyries from 'Die Walküre' [unknown] 5:06
Ride Of The Valkyries; from "The Valkyrie" [unknown] 5:22
Ride On [unknown] 2:23
Ride on Time [unknown] 6:33
RIDE ON TIME(pf.version) [soundtrack] 2:42
Ride on, King Jesus [unknown] ?:??
Ride the Storm [unknown] 6:58
Ride This MF [unknown] 0:36
Rider [unknown] 3:36
Riders of the Flag [unknown] 2:30
Riding in the Buggy Kindermusik 1:33
Riding the Rails Kindermusik 3:04
Riding the Rails Kindermusik 3:09
Riding the Rails Kindermusik 3:06
Rien ne vaut le madison (BO) [unknown] 3:06
Rien ne vaut le madison (chant) [unknown] 3:07
Riff Raff Theme [unknown] 0:11
Riff Raff Theme [unknown] 0:30
Rifles Of The I.R.A. [unknown] 3:07
Riflesong - Puskadal [unknown] 2:44
Rig-A-Jig-Jig Kindermusik 1:00
Rig-A-Jig-Jig Kindermusik 0:59
Riga Rec /skits/ [unknown] ?:??
Rigatone (stings) [unknown] ?:??
Rigaudon [unknown] 1:09
Rigdzin Dupa (excerpt) [unknown] 1:07
Riggs O'Marlow (Morris) (England) [unknown] 1:46
Right as the Rain [unknown] 2:33
Right Away Play [unknown] ?:??
Right Away Play (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Right Away Play (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Right Hand Chords [unknown] 0:29
Right Hand Chords [unknown] 0:27
Right Here Waiting [unknown] 4:07
Right Here Waiting [unknown] 2:27
Right Here Waiting [unknown] 4:24
Right Here Waiting [unknown] 4:25
Right Here Waiting [unknown] 4:24
Right Here Waiting for You Happy Baby ?:??
Right Here Waiting for You (flute) [unknown] 4:35
Right Here, Right Now [unknown] 6:14
Right in [unknown] 2:20
Right Now [unknown] 2:06
Right Now [unknown] 1:00
Right Now [unknown] 0:30
Right Now [unknown] 0:19
Right Now Baby [unknown] 4:00
Right Right Now [unknown] ?:??
Right Right Now (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Right Right Now (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Right Sound [unknown] ?:??
Right Sweep [unknown] 0:13
Righteousness Peace Joy [unknown] 2:23
Rights of Man Selection [unknown] 2:35
Rigoletto: "La donna è mobile" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso HKI190057903 2:18
Rigoletto: "Questa o quella" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso HKI190057902 2:05
Rigoletto: Act III. "Ella mi fu rapita!" ... "Parmi veder le lagrime" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso HKI190143216 4:40
Rigoletto: Act IV. "Bella figlia dell'amore" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Luisa Tetrazzini, Josephine Jacoby, Pasquale Amato HKI190143205 3:42
Rigoletto: La donna è mobile Enrico Caruso, [unknown] HKI190010105 2:13
Rigor Mortis [unknown] 1:25
Rihanna vs. Busta Rhymes [unknown] 3:45
Rihlah [unknown] 2:47
Rijden, rijden, rijden [unknown] 0:28
Rijden, rijden, rijden [unknown] 0:32

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