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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Metal Bootcamp Ex7 Guitar Techniques 0:50
Metal Bootcamp Ex8 Guitar Techniques 1:03
Metal Bootcamp: Alt Picking pt.4 Ex1-3 Guitar Techniques 1:16
Metal Bootcamp: Alt Picking pt.4 Ex4-6 Guitar Techniques 1:35
Metal Bootcamp: Alt Picking pt.4 Ex7-9 Guitar Techniques 1:48
Metal Bootcamp: Alt Picking pt.4 Ex10-12 Guitar Techniques 1:49
Metal Bootcamp: Alt Picking pt.4 Ex13-15 Guitar Techniques 1:40
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex1 Guitar Techniques 0:33
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex2 Guitar Techniques 1:04
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex3 Guitar Techniques 1:05
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex4 Guitar Techniques 0:41
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex5 Guitar Techniques 0:28
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex6 Guitar Techniques 0:30
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex7 Guitar Techniques 0:23
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex8 Guitar Techniques 0:19
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex9 Guitar Techniques 0:29
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex10 Guitar Techniques 0:18
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex11 Guitar Techniques 0:17
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex12 Guitar Techniques 0:18
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex13 Guitar Techniques 0:44
Metal Bootcamp: Tapping Ex14 Guitar Techniques 0:54
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex1 Guitar Techniques 0:33
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex2 Guitar Techniques 0:33
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex3 Guitar Techniques 0:31
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex4 Guitar Techniques 0:43
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex5 Guitar Techniques 0:38
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex6 Guitar Techniques 0:42
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex7 Guitar Techniques 0:32
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex8 Guitar Techniques 0:39
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex9 Guitar Techniques 0:35
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex10 Guitar Techniques 0:41
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex11 Guitar Techniques 1:03
Metal Bootcamp:Tapping pt.3 Ex12 Guitar Techniques 0:43
Metal Break [unknown] 0:15
Metal Chord Rush By Whoosh. [unknown] 0:12
Metal Chord Rush By Whoosh. [unknown] 0:10
Metal Crank 1 - Eerie Crank, With Pre-Delay And Reverb. [unknown] 0:17
Metal Crank 2 - Eerie Crank, With Pre-Delay And Reverb. [unknown] 0:24
Metal Crash - Eerie Distant Crash, With Reverb. [unknown] 0:11
Metal Crashes, 5 Versions [unknown] 0:30
Metal Creeks 1 X5 - Distant Perspective, With Reverb [unknown] 1:48
Metal Creeks 2 - Medium Perspective, With Reverb [unknown] 0:19
Metal Door O/C & Shaken [unknown] 0:24
metal dungeon doors open, close pers [unknown] 0:28
Metal dungeon doors shut, Close pers [unknown] 0:26
Metal dungeon doors shut, medium pers [unknown] 0:24
metal dungeon doors shut, wide pers [unknown] 0:44
Metal Gate X3 - Opening Screech, With Reverb [unknown] 0:24
Metal Grinder [unknown] 0:51
metal hinge squeak [unknown] 0:23
Metal Hit - Eerie Hit, Echo. [unknown] 0:06
Metal Impacts, 3 Versions [unknown] 0:22
Metal Impacts, 3 Versions [unknown] 0:12
Metal Impacts, 4 Versions [unknown] 0:18
Metal Marathon [unknown] 7:43
Metal Moans X5 - Distant Scrapes, With Reverb [unknown] 1:42
Metal Mouthharp, Comments [unknown] 1:02
Metal Mouthharp, Comments [unknown] 0:10
Metal Scrape By - Eerie Medium By, With Reverb [unknown] 0:16
Metal Sliding Door, 2 Versions [unknown] 0:13
Metal Sonic [unknown] 2:55
Metal Thunder Stinger - Eerie Ambience: Low Thunder Clap Stinger, With Metal Scrape. Reversed. [unknown] 0:20
Metal Valley~Evade [unknown] 3:00
Metal Valley~Evade [unknown] 3:01
Metal Valley~Overheat [unknown] 3:08
Metal Valley~Overheat [unknown] 3:09
Metal World [unknown] 0:30
Metallic Twang [unknown] 0:07
Metallic Twang (Vibrato) [unknown] 0:07
Metallic Waves [unknown] 0:20
Métamorphoses Symphoniques sur des thèmes de Carl Maria von Weber: Massig Bewegt, Mit Kraft [unknown] 4:38
Metamorphosis [unknown] 6:09
Metastasis (Excerpt) [unknown] ?:??
Meteo Sex [unknown] 5:04
Meteor Shower #1 [unknown] 0:09
Meteor Shower #2 [unknown] 0:08
Meteor Shower #3 [unknown] 0:08
Metro Broadcast [unknown] ?:??
Metroid Prime & Fusion Soundtrack - Item Shutoku Jingle [unknown] 0:10
Metroid Prime & Fusion Soundtrack - Menu Select (Metroid Prime) [unknown] 1:52
Metroid Prime & Fusion Soundtrack - Samus Toujou Jingle [unknown] 0:09
Metroid Prime & Fusion Soundtrack - Sector 1 (Srx) Sr388 Saig [unknown] 2:52
Metroid Prime & Fusion Soundtrack - Vs Ishutaru, Gedou (Metroid Prime) [unknown] 1:45
Metropole [unknown] 2:01
Metropolic Metronome [unknown] ?:??
Metropolis [unknown] 2:53
Metropolis [unknown] 6:00
Metropolis Notte [unknown] ?:??
Metrossa Puotilan suunnalla [unknown] ?:??
Metsarahu [unknown] 1:28
Mettez la chaloupe à l'eau [unknown] 3:28
Meu Caro Amigo [unknown] 4:24
Meu corpinho [unknown] 2:27
Meu lanchinho [unknown] 1:45
Meu limão, meu limoeiro [unknown] 2:17
Meu Limão, Meu Limoeiro [unknown] 3:08
Meu limão, meu limoeiro (instrumental) [unknown] 2:16
Meu Mamoeiro [unknown] 1:23
Meu Respirar [unknown] 6:30
Meulal Sem [unknown] 3:55

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