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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Markus Kapitel 15 Szenische Lesung 6:19
Markus Kapitel 16 Szenische Lesung 3:02
Marlborough S'en Va T'en Guerre [unknown] 2:54
Marlene's Theme [unknown] 3:27
Marley [unknown] 3:59
Marley and Me [unknown] ?:??
Marley's Ghost [unknown] 4:52
marlon [unknown] ?:??
Marocco: Flauto e percussioni / Flute and percussion [unknown] 2:16
Marocco: Gnaua [unknown] 2:52
Marocco: Oboe e percussioni / Oboe and percussion [unknown] 1:15
Marranzanata [unknown] 1:02
Marriage [unknown] 1:35
Marriage and celebration song [unknown] 1:06
Marriage of Figaro [unknown] 1:57
Marriage of Figaro [unknown] 0:30
Marriage Of Figaro (Non Piu Andai) [unknown] ?:??
Marriage of Figaro (Overture) [unknown] 4:05
Marriage of Figaro Overture, K. 492 [unknown] 4:11
Marriage Of Figaro-Overture [unknown] 4:12
Marriage of Figaro; Overture [unknown] 2:11
Marriage of Figaro: Overture [unknown] 1:00
Marriage of Figaro: Overture [unknown] 0:30
Marriage of Figaro: Overture [unknown] ?:??
Married to the King of Tujue [unknown] 2:34
Marrite [unknown] 2:41
Marrow Bones [unknown] 2:01
Marry You Celebration Cover Stars 3:49
Marry’s Boy Child [unknown] 2:07
Mars Attack [unknown] 4:00
Mars de medici [unknown] 4:04
Mars is de belangrijkste planeet [unknown] 1:43
Mars, God of War [unknown] 2:04
Marsas Sokis [unknown] 2:17
Marsas Sokis [unknown] 0:59
Marsas Sokis [unknown] 0:29
Marsch "König Ludwig II" [unknown] 3:05
Marsch aus ‘Das Nachtlager von Grenada’ [unknown] 1:44
Marsch aus der Zeit "Friedrichs des Großen" [unknown] 2:25
Marsch aus Petersburg [unknown] 2:54
Marsch aus Petesburg [unknown] 2:43
Marsch C-dur, KV 214 [unknown] 3:38
Marsch der Fallschrimjäger (choral) [unknown] 2:52
Marsch der Funken-Infantrie [unknown] 2:20
Marsch der Kölnischen Karnevalsgesellschaften [unknown] 3:04
Marsch der Panzergrenadier (choral) [unknown] 3:05
Marsch der SA Gruppe Alpenland [unknown] ?:??
Marsch der SA-Gruppe Alpenland [unknown] 2:54
Marsch der Sturm-Artillerie (choral) [unknown] 2:36
Marsch des hassischen Kreisregiments [unknown] 2:46
Marsch des Yorckschen Korps [unknown] 1:16
Marsch efter Stenberg [unknown] 1:40
Marsch Espanol [unknown] 2:13
Marsch Herzog von Braunschweig [unknown] 3:24
Marsch, "Alte Kameraden" [unknown] ?:??
Marschall, hier bin ich [unknown] ?:??
Marschwalzer Potpourri [unknown] 4:32
Marschwalzer Potpourri [unknown] 4:33
Marschwalzer Potpourri (Beim Kronenwirt) [unknown] 1:12
Marschwalzer Potpourri (Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust) [unknown] 1:00
Marschwalzer Potpourri (Der treue Husar) [unknown] 0:41
Marschwalzer Potpourri (Du, du liegst mir im Herzen) [unknown] 0:30
Marschwalzer Potpourri (Gold und Silber) [unknown] 0:38
Marschwalzer Potpourri (Wir sind durch Deutschland gefahren) [unknown] 0:37
Marseillaise [unknown] 1:15
Marseillaise [unknown] 1:25
Marseillaise Baloche [unknown] 1:49
Marseillaise Boogie [unknown] 0:58
Marseillaise Cartoon [unknown] 1:03
Marseillaise Catastrophy [unknown] 1:14
Marseillaise Dub [unknown] 1:08
Marseillaise Folk [unknown] 0:59
Marseillaise Funk [unknown] 0:55
Marseillaise Island [unknown] 1:34
Marseillaise Kazoo [unknown] 1:08
Marseillaise Lullaby [unknown] 1:04
Marseillaise Parigotte [unknown] 1:00
Marseillaise Peplum [unknown] 1:05
Marseillaise Pop [unknown] 1:12
Marseillaise Stride [unknown] 0:48
Marseillaise Suspense [unknown] 1:22
Marseillaise Swing [unknown] 0:58
Marsellesa anarquista [unknown] ?:??
Marshmallow [unknown] 2:12
Mārsī-Mālāśri [unknown] 4:29
Martha My Dear Happy Baby 3:16
Martha My Dear [unknown] 3:16
Martha Quickstep (From Books of the Band of the 26th N.C. Regiment, C.S.A.) [unknown] 2:03
Martha the Last Rose of Summer [unknown] 0:45
Martha the Last Rose of Summer [unknown] 0:33
Martha Washington Gavotte [unknown] ?:??
Martha, Act 3 - M' apparì tutt' amor, recorded 14 July 1939 Jussi Björling, [orchestra], Nils Grevillius 3:31
Martha, Martha [unknown] ?:??
Martha: "Solo, profugo, reietto!" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Marcel Journet HKI190057920 4:07
Martha: Act II. "Presto, presto andiam" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Marcel Journet, Frances Alda, Josephine Jacoby HKI190057716 3:12
Martha: Act II. "Questo camero è per voi!" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Marcel Journet, Frances Alda, Josephine Jacoby HKI190057716 3:39
Martha: Act II. "Siam giuinti, o giovinette" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Marcel Journet, Frances Alda, Josephine Jacoby HKI190057715 3:14
Martha: Act II. "T'ho raggiunta, sciagurata!...Dormi pur" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Marcel Journet, Frances Alda, Josephine Jacoby HKI190057718 4:31
Martha's Dance/The Russian Dervish [unknown] 6:15
Martha's Dance/The Russian Dervish [unknown] 6:12

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