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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Liisa Pien [unknown] ?:??
Liisa pien' [unknown] ?:??
Lijepa ti je od jabuke voćka [unknown] 2:52
Lijnen, for soprano and chamber ensemble [unknown] 1:13
Liké (excerpt) Piphat orchestra, Plo-Sieng-Pleng ensemble 3:04
Like a Dino [unknown] 6:48
Like a Leaf or a Feather Kindermusik 1:08
Like a Leaf or a Feather Kindermusik 1:10
Like a Musician [unknown] 1:00
Like a Musician [unknown] 0:30
Like a Musician [unknown] 0:15
Like a Paperkite [unknown] 0:15
Like a Prayer [unknown] 5:30
Like a Prince [unknown] 0:10
Like a Prince [unknown] 0:04
Like a Virgin [unknown] 7:41
Like a Virgin (remix) [unknown] 7:39
Like a Virgin (remix) [unknown] 7:45
Like Chopin [unknown] 5:15
Like Father, Like Son [soundtrack] 0:53
Like Fog, Rain or Wind [unknown] 3:51
Like I Can't Get It Back (Mis-Teeq vs. Justin Timberlake) [unknown] 5:53
Like I Do [unknown] 2:10
Like Met Before [unknown] 4:06
Like Star [unknown] 1:16
Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching [unknown] 1:58
Like That [unknown] ?:??
Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song [unknown] 1:29
Like This Like That / [unknown] DJ Panik / [unknown] 3:45
Like U [unknown] 3:27
Like Waves Against Sands [unknown] 4:46
Likely Lads [unknown] ?:??
Lil' Boss [unknown] 1:57
Lil' Boss [unknown] 0:30
Lil' Boss [unknown] 0:30
Lil’ Stinkers [unknown] 0:16
Lilacs in the Rain [unknown] ?:??
Lilali [unknown] 3:19
Lile [unknown] ?:??
Lili Marleen [unknown] 2:21
Lili Marleen [unknown] 3:00
Lili Marleen [unknown] 2:16
Lili Marleen [unknown] 3:33
Lili Marlen [unknown] 2:15
Lili Marlene [unknown] 2:23
Lili Marlene [unknown] 3:29
Lili marlene (choral) [unknown] 3:02
Liliba (Excerpt): Mixed-Chorus Dance Song From Fahiluka (Tetun Group) [unknown] 4:27
Lilibulero [unknown] 2:00
Lilibulero [unknown] 0:29
Lill Pelle spring kring [unknown] 0:24
Lill-Nils / Hej Dana-Malin / Jungfrun hon satt i Rännbacken knak [unknown] 1:00
Lilla Lasse går [unknown] 0:50
Lilla Ludde [unknown] 1:12
Lilla nallen min [unknown] 3:53
Lilla snigel [unknown] 1:12
Lilla snigel [unknown] 0:44
Lille katt [unknown] 2:39
Lille Kattepus Lykkebarna NOFCT9632091 0:55
Lille Petter edderkopp [unknown] 0:47
Lille Petter Edderkopp Lykkebarna 0:25
Lille postbud min due [unknown] 0:36
Lille postbud min due Lykkebarna NOFCT9632241 0:33
Lillen, efter O Rönnqvist [unknown] 1:56
Lilli Marlene [unknown] ?:??
Lilliburlero [unknown] 1:03
Lilliburlero [unknown] 2:58
Lillies [unknown] 11:33
Lilly Bolero [unknown] 1:02
Lilly of Laguna [unknown] 2:19
Lily [unknown] 5:39
Lily of Laguna [unknown] 1:46
Lily of Laguna [unknown] 1:45
Lily of Laguna [unknown] 2:13
Lily of Laguna (30 second version) [unknown] 0:30
Lily of Laguna (song) [unknown] 2:13
Lily of the Valley [unknown] 3:30
Lily Travels to the Island of Sodor [unknown] 4:33
Lily Was Here [unknown] 2:02
Lily Was Here [unknown] 4:07
Lily Was Here [unknown] 4:15
Lily-Of-The-Valley Fairy [unknown] 2:19
LIM (Pro Elektronicky Vytvořený Magnetofonový Pásek) [unknown] 12:20
Lima morena [unknown] 2:51
Limb by Limb [unknown] 2:50
Limbo [unknown] 3:28
Limbo [unknown] 3:18
Limbo Rock [unknown] 1:07
Limbo Rock ABC for Kids 3:37
Limbo-jambalay [soundtrack] 3:28
Lime Juice Tub [unknown] 3:04
Lime Juice Tub [unknown] ?:??
Limehouse Blues [unknown] 1:18
Limelight, Around The World, High Noon [unknown] 5:22
Limena [unknown] 2:34
Limena: Valse peruvienne [unknown] 3:00
Limerick Is Beautiful [unknown] 1:55
Limerick You're a Lady [unknown] 3:56
Limerick You're a Lady [unknown] 3:53
Limericks [unknown] 2:30

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