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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Love Me Tender (Prestey/Malson) [unknown] 3:06
Love Me Two Times [unknown] 3:12
Love Message [unknown] 5 3:50
Love Mode [unknown] 3:30
Love Never End (伴奏) [unknown] 3:17
Love of Hometown (鄉戀) [unknown] 3:14
Love of My Life [unknown] ?:??
Love on Your Side [unknown] 2:52
Love on Your Side [unknown] 2:51
Love One Another [unknown] 1:45
Love One Another [unknown] 1:21
Love One Another [unknown] 1:14
Love Potion #9 [unknown] 2:04
Love Potion No. 9 [unknown] 3:05
Love Really Hurts Without You [unknown] 2:45
Love Sensation [unknown] 4:55
Love Shack [unknown] 3:57
Love Shack [unknown] 4:15
Love Shack... [unknown] 0:39
Love Shine a Light Instrumental 2:49
Love Shine a Light [unknown] 4:28
Love So Strong [unknown] 7:09
Love Somebody Kindermusik 0:40
Love Somebody Fiddle Tune Kindermusik 2:56
Love Somebody, v3 [unknown] 1:55
Love Song [unknown] 4:05
Love Song [unknown] 1:59
Love Song [unknown] 2:28
Love Song - Doina [unknown] ?:??
Love Song, op. 7/1 [unknown] 7:14
Love story [unknown] 3:51
Love Story [unknown] 3:38
Love Story [unknown] 3:55
Love Story [unknown] 2:49
Love Story [unknown] 3:33
Love Story [unknown] 3:10
Love Story [unknown] 3:45
Love Story [unknown] 4:30
Love Story [unknown] 3:02
Love Story [unknown] 3:31
Love Story [unknown] 6:52
Love Story (guitar) [unknown] 2:29
Love Story (Spanish) [unknown] 3:47
Love Story (Where Do I Begin) [unknown] 3:14
Love Story... [unknown] 0:39
Love Summer [unknown] 2:26
Love Takes Time [unknown] 3:52
Love Theme [unknown] 2:27
Love Theme [unknown] 1:49
Love Theme (from Life on Uranus) [unknown] 2:36
Love Theme (From Sir Lancelot) [unknown] 3:11
Love Theme from “Airport” (Newman) [unknown] 3:03
Love Theme from “Cleopatra” (North) [unknown] 2:21
Love Theme from “The Godfather” (Rota) [unknown] 3:12
Love Theme From Blade Runner [unknown] 3:45
Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet [unknown] 2:52
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet (A Time for Us) [unknown] 2:29
Love Theme From The Midnight Express [unknown] 4:29
Love Theme: Cowboys and Clowns (instrumental) [unknown] 2:28
Love to Birthplace (故鄉情) [unknown] 3:26
Love to Leave You, Baby [unknown] 4:27
Love To Ride [unknown] 4:34
Love Will Keep Us Together [unknown] 3:49
Love Will Lead You Back [unknown] 4:30
Love Will Save the Day [unknown] 3:19
Love You Baby [unknown] 1:48
Love You Forever [unknown] 0:41
Love You Madly [unknown] 5:59
Love You Sufficient [unknown] 5:15
Love Yourself [unknown] 7:40
Love, Ah! With Thee [unknown] ?:??
Love, Love [unknown] 1:34
Love, You Didn't Do Right [unknown] ?:??
Love, Youth and Disposition [unknown] 2:22
Love's Fading Shadow: Undying love (extract) [unknown] 1:19
Love's Fancies [unknown] 1:54
Love's Fascination [unknown] 4:05
Love's Funny That Way [unknown] 4:38
Love's Old Sweet Song [unknown] ?:??
Love's Theme [unknown] 3:59
Love's Unkind [unknown] 4:16
LOVE~Destiny~ オルゴール 4:56
Lovebug [unknown] 2:24
Lovecka (full mix) [unknown] 0:52
Loveless Blues [unknown] 1:52
Lovely Conchita [unknown] 2:05
Lovely Day [unknown] 3:53
Lovely Day - Bill Withers & Studio Rio [unknown] 3:59
Lovely Hula Girl [unknown] 3:37
Lovely Hula Hands [unknown] 2:29
Lovely Hula Hands [unknown] 2:30
Lovely Hula Hands [unknown] 2:47
Lovely Joan [unknown] 1:00
Lovely Joan [unknown] 0:30
Lovely Kelly [unknown] 1:28
Lover [unknown] 4:25
Lover Forever [unknown] 4:40
Lover Man [unknown] 2:15
Lover Man [unknown] 4:22
Lover Man [unknown] ?:??

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