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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Londonderry Air Kindermusik 1:09
Londonderry Air (30 second version) [unknown] 0:30
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [unknown] 3:14
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [unknown] 2:36
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [unknown] 0:30
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [unknown] 0:10
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [unknown] 3:14
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [unknown] 3:07
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [ireland] [unknown] 3:01
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy), Folk Song [unknown] 3:12
Londonderry Hornpipe and Set Dance [unknown] ?:??
Lone Journey [unknown] ?:??
Lone Warrior [unknown] 5:31
Loneliness [unknown] 2:25
Loneliness [unknown] 3:21
Lonely [unknown] ?:??
Lonely (Connected mix) [unknown] 2:16
Lonely and Blue [unknown] 1:52
Lonely as the Night Is Long [unknown] 3:38
Lonely Counter [unknown] 3:18
Lonely Counter [unknown] 1:00
Lonely Counter [unknown] 0:30
Lonely Counter [unknown] 0:15
Lonely Days [unknown] 2:46
Lonely Eyes [unknown] 4:58
Lonely Harpsichord [unknown] 0:15
Lonely Hearts Tango [unknown] 1:01
Lonely Priestess of Nature [unknown] 1:04
Lonely This Christmas [unknown] ?:??
Lonely Town Pas de Deux On the Town Orchestra 3:02
Lonely Woods [unknown] 2:07
Lonely Woods Of Upton [unknown] 3:58
Loner [unknown] 1:04
Lonesome Road Blues [unknown] 3:05
Lonesome Ruben Group Finale ?:??
Long Ago and Far Away [unknown] 2:53
Long Ago and Far Away [unknown] 2:13
Long Dance [unknown] 3:22
Long Distance [unknown] 7:27
Long Gone John [unknown] 2:26
Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black [unknown] 3:03
Long Lines Down the Hall - River Falls Lodge Contradance - 01/06/12 [unknown] 7:21
Long Live the King [unknown] 1:48
Long long Ago [unknown] 2:33
Long Long Way [unknown] ?:??
Long Long Way (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Long Long Way (instrumental version) [unknown] ?:??
long metal hinge squeak [unknown] 1:12
long metal hinge squeak2 [unknown] 2:05
Long Meter Hymn [unknown] 2:22
Long Play, for bigband [unknown] 3:30
Long Range Iron Shot From Bunker: Minuzo 5 Iron [unknown] 0:06
Long Rises: Deathly Slumber Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Rises: Gotham Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Rises: Hell Rider Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Rises: Lake of Fire Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Rises: Panic Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Rises: Shrill Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Rises: Swarm Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Rises: Tune Up Rise [unknown] ?:??
Long Shadows [unknown] 2:14
Long Tailed Tit (Aegithalos Caudatus) Group Feeding Calls, With Other Birds in Distance [unknown] ?:??
Long Tall Sally [unknown] 2:00
Long Way [unknown] 5:51
Long Way From Home [unknown] ?:??
Long Way to the Top (encore) (live, 2002-09: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia) [unknown] 4:54
Long-Haired Hare (original version released in 1949) [unknown] 7:34
Long, Long Ago [unknown] 2:46
Longboat Approach Native Tahitians 3:08
Longer [unknown] 2:55
Longest Night [unknown] 2:01
Longest Night (30 second version) [unknown] 0:36
Longing [unknown] 3:46
Longing [unknown] ?:??
Longing [unknown] ?:??
Longing for Your Warm Embrace [unknown] ?:??
Looby Loo Children 1:10
Looby Loo Prism Leisure Corp. 1:22
Looby Loo Kindermusik 2:41
Looby Loo [unknown] 1:29
Looby Loo [unknown] 1:22
Looby Loo [unknown] 2:40
Looby Lou [unknown] 1:55
Looby Lou [unknown] 2:27
Looft God, looft Hem overal Pieter de Jong, Massale Koor, Arti et Religioni, Feike Asma 2:37
Looft, looft verheugd de Heer der heren (Ps. 105:1, 3, 5 en 24) [unknown] 4:20
Look And See! [unknown] 1:35
Look at the Monkeys [unknown] 1:51
Look at This Tub [American Standards] [unknown] 2:15
Look at Us [unknown] 3:46
Look Away [unknown] 4:00
Look Down That Long Lonesome Road [unknown] 1:28
Look Down That Long, Lonesome Road group of Negro men 1:22
Look for a Star [unknown] 2:19
Look for Crucial Conversations VitalSmarts, L.C. 10:46
Look for the Hatred Label [unknown] 1:03
Look For the Worldly-Desires Man [unknown] 1:13
Look Like a Suicide [unknown] 3:53
Look Like a Suicide [unknown] 3:53
Look on Me This Day [unknown] 3:17

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