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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Lovecka (full mix) [unknown] 0:52
Loveless Blues [unknown] 1:52
Lovely Conchita [unknown] 2:05
Lovely Day [unknown] 3:53
Lovely Day - Bill Withers & Studio Rio [unknown] 3:59
Lovely Hula Girl [unknown] 3:37
Lovely Hula Hands [unknown] 2:29
Lovely Hula Hands [unknown] 2:30
Lovely Hula Hands [unknown] 2:47
Lovely Joan [unknown] 1:00
Lovely Joan [unknown] 0:30
Lovely Kelly [unknown] 1:28
Lover [unknown] 4:25
Lover Forever [unknown] 4:40
Lover Man [unknown] 2:15
Lover Man [unknown] 4:22
Lover Man [unknown] ?:??
Lover, Come Back to Me [unknown] 3:42
Lover's Bloom [unknown] 1:43
Lover's Dreamland [unknown] ?:??
Lover's Paradise [unknown] 4:28
Loverman (Oh Where Can He Be) [unknown] 3:20
Lovers in Love [unknown] 2:54
Lovers Lament [unknown] ?:??
Lovers Lament (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Lovers Lament (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Lovers’ Carvings [unknown] 3:55
Lovestruck [unknown] 3:59
LOVEドキっ好きっ♪えんじぇる☆パラダイス!! 〜Orgel version〜 [unknown] 2:14
LOVEドキっ好きっ♪えんじぇる☆パラダイス!! 〜Piano version〜 [unknown] 1:53
Loving Hannah [unknown] 3:51
Loving Hannah [unknown] 2:01
Loving Hannah [unknown] 1:00
Loving Hannah [unknown] 0:29
Loving Shepherd [unknown] 0:35
Loving Smile [unknown] ?:??
Loving You [unknown] 3:19
Loving You [unknown] 3:24
Loving You [unknown] 3:26
Loving You Makes Me Brave [unknown] 4:26
Low Ambience, With Smooth Glass Tones. [unknown] 1:06
Low and Slow (1) [unknown] 0:29
Low and Slow (2) [unknown] 0:29
Low And Slow Metallic Stinger. [unknown] 0:08
Low Brass Stinger. [unknown] 0:10
Low Brass Stinger. More Reverb Added. [unknown] 0:11
Low Breath Tonal Ambience. [unknown] 1:13
Low Distorted Tone Ambience. [unknown] 0:20
Low Dream Tone Ambience. [unknown] 0:42
Low Flanged Stinger. [unknown] 0:07
Low Fluctuating Synth Tone Ambience. [unknown] 1:09
Low Ghost Tonal Ambience, With Distant Metal Clangs. [unknown] 0:39
Low Horror Cluster Stinger. [unknown] 0:09
Low How a Rose E'er Blooming [unknown] 4:25
Low Metal Creeks X2 - Distant Perspective, With Reverb And Low Rumble [unknown] 1:08
Low Metallic Industry Stinger. [unknown] 0:11
Low Mileage [unknown] 0:30
Low Monk Choir Drone. [unknown] 0:32
Low Pitched Bell [unknown] 0:22
Low Rider (from Bound by Honor) [unknown] 3:14
Low Ridin [unknown] 2:15
Low Ridin (no vocals) [unknown] 2:15
Low Sub Stinger. [unknown] 0:08
Low Throbbing Synth Tone Ambience. [unknown] 1:11
Low Thunder Stinger - Eerie Ambience: Low Thunder Clap Stinger. [unknown] 0:22
Low Tide [unknown] 3:50
Low Tide (30 second version) [unknown] 0:36
Low Tone Ambience. [unknown] 0:31
Low Tones - Eerie Ambience: Low Tones, With Rumble. [unknown] 0:44
Low Train Ambience, With Low Brass Synth Tone Swell. [unknown] 1:12
Low Tunnel Wind Gust 1 - Wind Gust: Eerie And Low Tunnel Tone, With Reverb. [unknown] 0:09
Low Tunnel Wind Gust 2 - Wind Gust: Eerie And Low Tunnel Tone, With Reverb. [unknown] 0:17
Löwenzahn [unknown] 3:45
Lowhypnol [unknown] ?:??
Lowlands of Holland [unknown] ?:??
Loyauté [unknown] 2:10
LTD 3 [unknown] 3:40
Lu Lazzaru [unknown] ?:??
Lu rusciu de lu mare [unknown] 6:12
Luau Is Calling You [unknown] 2:19
Lubport [unknown] 2:59
Luca: Marenzio: Solo e pensoso [classical music] 6:07
Luce [unknown] 5:28
Luce-O, Luce Mauvais [unknown] 1:47
Lucerito alba [unknown] 2:05
Lucette et Proserpine [unknown] 2:12
Luch Solntsa Zolotogo [unknown] 2:35
Lucha de gigantes [unknown] 3:19
Luchar Obreros [unknown] 2:21
Lucia [unknown] ?:??
Lucia [unknown] 1:54
Lucia di Lammermoor: Act II. "Chi mi frena in tal momento?" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Luisa Tetrazzini, Josephine Jacoby, Pasquale Amato, Angelo Badà, Marcel Journet HKI190143203 4:08
Lucia-Sextette Harp, Violin & Flute ?:??
Luciavisa [unknown] 1:21
Luciavisa från Dalsland [unknown] 2:40
Lucidez [unknown] 3:34
Lucifer [unknown] 3:35
Lucifer [unknown] 4:08
Lucifer [unknown] 3:35
Lucifuga [unknown] ?:??

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