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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Largo From Concerto in G Minor (full mix) [unknown] 4:46
Largo from New World Symphony [unknown] 4:31
Largo from Oboe Concerto [unknown] 2:52
Largo from Oboe Concerto in G Minor [unknown] 2:47
Largo from piano concerto No. 5 [unknown] 3:21
Largo from Xerses - Handel [unknown] 5:14
Largo ma non tanto [unknown] 6:18
Largo Ma Non Tanto [unknown] 7:30
Largo Ma Non Tanto - Violins [unknown] 9:47
Largo op. 28, e-minor [unknown] 3:18
Largo Xerxes [unknown] 2:43
Largo Xerxes [unknown] 0:30
Larin, Larero [unknown] ?:??
Lark in the Morning [unknown] 3:03
Lark in the Thrushes [unknown] ?:??
Larousa Hmis [unknown] ?:??
Larry At The Lab [unknown] 1:31
Larry Brent [unknown] 5:52
Larry et Balki [unknown] 1:16
Larry Hammond Explains [unknown] 3:09
Larry O' Gaff / Lannagan's Ball / The Young May Moon [unknown] ?:??
Larry O'Gaff Medley [unknown] ?:??
Larry the Beerdrinker / The Mooncoin [unknown] 3:34
Larry's Favourite / John Naughton's Reel [unknown] 3:09
Las Abejas (Amérique du Sud / South America) [unknown] 0:15
Las Barriadas [unknown] 1:52
Las chiapanecas [unknown] 2:35
Las chullpas [unknown] 1:59
Las Chullpas [unknown] 1:58
Las coronelas [unknown] 2:33
Las Coronelas [unknown] 2:43
Las Cosas Del Cine: Polka peruvienne [unknown] 3:15
Las cosas por su nombre [unknown] ?:??
Las dos puntas [unknown] 2:58
Las femnas de pel puèg [unknown] ?:??
Las Flores De Mi Pais [unknown] 2:05
Las Flores De Mi Pais [unknown] 2:00
Las Jardineras [unknown] 2:59
Las mañanitas [unknown] 3:27
Las mañanitas [unknown] 2:58
Las Mañanitas [unknown] 2:55
Las pelonas [unknown] 2:03
Las perlitas [unknown] 2:40
Las Ramblas [unknown] 6:16
Las ronditas: Mambrú se fue a la guerra / Los pollitos / Los tres elefantes / Juguemos en el bosque / Arroz con leche / Tengo una muñeca [unknown] 4:49
Las Salinas [unknown] 3:46
Las Terrazas: Unterwegs in den Naturpark [unknown] 7:07
Las Tijuana [unknown] 3:05
Las tres pauquetas [unknown] ?:??
Las Vegas - Who Are You [unknown] 3:03
Las Virgenes del Sol [unknown] 3:01
Las Virgines Del Sol: Danse incaique [unknown] 3:12
Lasagne (stings) [unknown] ?:??
Laser [unknown] 2:21
Laser Blaster Reload (FX) [unknown] ?:??
Laser Blasts [unknown] 1:32
Laser Blasts 1 [unknown] 0:07
Laser Blasts 2 [unknown] 0:18
Laser Blasts 3 [unknown] 0:19
Laser Charger Complete (FX) [unknown] ?:??
Laser Rock [unknown] 2:19
Lasko, Boze, lasko [unknown] 3:08
Lass Die Sonne & Du Bist Nich Allein - Quick Step B.P.M. 48 [unknown] 3:45
Lass ein Lächeln in dein Herz [unknown] 2:30
Lass im Boot das Schaukeln sein [unknown] 2:13
Laß meine Augen [unknown] 3:49
Lass mich nicht allein [unknown] ?:??
Lass of Richmond Hill [unknown] 0:36
Lass of Richmond Hill [unknown] 0:38
Lass uns nun stille sein [unknown] 2:27
Laß' Dich Überraschen [unknown] 0:21
Lasse liten [unknown] 1:20
Lasse, pour quoi refusai [unknown] 6:37
Lasset uns mit Jesus ziehen [unknown] 2:47
Lassie - Thimmi ist weg [unknown] 0:51
Lassie's Abenteuer [unknown] 0:35
Lasst die Herzen immer fröhlich [unknown] 2:44
Lasst uns das Kindlein wiegen [unknown] 2:10
Laßt uns das Kindlein wiegen (Straßburger Gesangbuch) [unknown] 2:48
Lasst uns froh und munter sein [unknown] 2:17
Lasst uns froh und munter sein [unknown] 3:08
Lasst uns froh und munter sein Kinderchor 1:25
Lasst uns froh und munter sein [unknown] ?:??
Laßt uns froh und munter sein [unknown] 0:54
Laßt uns froh und munter sein Kinderchor 2:19
Laßt uns froh und munter sein Kinderlieder 2:00
Lasst uns froh und muter sein Kinderchor 2:24
Lassú-dünnyögve, Krucsennij - dünnyögve, Kolomejka [unknown] 2:24
Last [unknown] 2:21
Last 10 Days [unknown] 0:52
Last Action Hero: Le nozze di Figaro (Overture) [unknown] 4:15
Last Call [unknown] ?:??
Last Call [unknown] ?:??
Last Call [unknown] ?:??
Last Call [unknown] ?:??
Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is Recycled [unknown] 0:15
Last Chelkona Dance Song [unknown] 2:37
Last Chelkona Dance Song [unknown] 2:39
Last Christmas [unknown] 4:28
Last Christmas [unknown] 4:28

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