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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Lamento della ninfa [unknown] 5:49
Lamento Di Tristano [unknown] 4:55
Lamento di Tristano / Rotta [unknown] 3:26
Lamento di Zaida mora [unknown] 8:10
Lamento Funebre [unknown] ?:??
Lamina [unknown] 3:07
Lammetje [unknown] 0:47
Lampan Teren [unknown] ?:??
Lampilo [unknown] 2:08
Lan Evo Gundan I [unknown] 0:44
Lan Evo Gundan II [unknown] 1:54
Lan Evo's Theme [unknown] 0:58
Lancashire Yodeling Lass [unknown] 2:32
Lancaster Lassies [unknown] 1:22
Lancaster Lassies [unknown] 0:06
Lance Armstrong: Run Longer [unknown] 41:20
Lance Armstrong: Run Longer (Continuous Mix) [unknown] 41:21
Lancier Charlevoix [unknown] ?:??
Lanciers with Calls [unknown] ?:??
Land Control [unknown] 3:08
Land In Die Suide [unknown] 1:26
Land In Die Suide [unknown] ?:??
Land in zicht... land in zicht [unknown] 2:12
Land of 1,000 dances [unknown] 2:35
Land of Dementia [unknown] 2:31
Land of Dope and Glory [unknown] 3:16
Land of Dreams [unknown] 3:01
Land of Hope and Glory [unknown] 1:28
Land of Hope and Glory [unknown] 0:59
Land of Hope and Glory [unknown] 1:30
Land of Hope and Glory [unknown] ?:??
Land of Hope and Glory [unknown] ?:??
Land of Hope and Glory [unknown] 2:29
Land of Hope and Glory [unknown] 6:09
Land of Hope and GLory [unknown] ?:??
Land of Lemonade and Lollipops [unknown] 2:46
Land of Light [unknown] ?:??
Land of My Father - Wales [unknown] 1:57
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 1:25
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 2:01
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 1:42
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 1:44
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 1:51
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 1:18
Land of My Fathers [unknown] ?:??
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 3:21
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 2:09
Land of My Fathers [unknown] 2:20
Land of the Crypts [unknown] 4:20
Land of the Lost [unknown] ?:??
Landfill [unknown] 5:17
Landfill [unknown] ?:??
Landing / Take-Off [Akai] 0:22
Landing Padwan (FX) [unknown] ?:??
Ländler [unknown] 1:35
Ländler aus dem Burgenland [unknown] 1:10
Landler Hop Along (Austria, Couple, Intermediate) [unknown] 2:51
Landler Steirischer (Bavarian Landler) (Germany, Couple, Advanced) [unknown] 2:34
Landmarks of the Year [unknown] 1:37
Landrover Safari Diesel, Approach, Engine Switched Off, Exterior [unknown] 0:29
Landrover Safari Diesel, Approach, Pass, Depart, Exterior [unknown] 0:28
Landrover Safari Diesel, Door Opened [unknown] 0:06
Landrover Safari Diesel, Door Slammed Shut [unknown] 0:06
Landrover Safari Diesel, Driven Over Rough Ground, Interior [unknown] 1:56
Landrover Safari Diesel, Driven Over Rough Track, Put Into 4-Wheel Drive, Interior [unknown] 2:44
Landrover Safari Diesel, Engine Started, Vehicle Departs, Exterior [unknown] 0:27
Landrover Safari Diesel, Horn, One Long Blast, Three Short Ones [unknown] 0:08
Landrover Safari Diesel, Horn, Six Short Blasts, Exterior [unknown] 0:06
Landrover Safari Diesel, Horn, Two Long Blasts, Exterior [unknown] 0:07
Landrover Safari Diesel, Reverses, Approach, Passes, Brakes in Distance, Exterior [unknown] 0:30
Landrover Safari Diesel, Started, Idles, Pulls Away, Interior [unknown] 8:42
Landrover Safari Diesel, Starts, Idles, Departs, Exterior [unknown] 1:26
Landrover Safari Diesel, Window Opened and Closed [unknown] 0:12
Landscape [unknown] 3:05
Landscape 1 [unknown] 1:02
Landscape 2 [unknown] 1:25
Landser und Panzer (choral) [unknown] 3:13
Landsvägsvisa [unknown] ?:??
Lang zal ie leven / Hij leve hoog [unknown] 24:30
Lang zal zij leven [unknown] 0:26
Lang zal zij leven [unknown] 0:47
Länger, länger [unknown] 4:48
Langsam Mit Den Jungen Pferden [unknown] 0:27
Langstrom's Pony [unknown] 1:19
Language Computer [unknown] ?:??
Language of Love [unknown] 1:02
Language of Love [unknown] 1:02
Language of Love [unknown] 0:30
Language of Love [unknown] 0:30
Language of One [unknown] 1:58
Languettes pincées (Centrafrique) [unknown] 2:33
Lanna-Villes schottis [unknown] 2:26
Lannigan's Ball [unknown] ?:??
Lao Charoensri [unknown] 4:52
Lao Duang Deon [unknown] 4:49
Lao Duang Deun [unknown] 3:45
Lao Khruan (b) [unknown] 1:25
Laoduangdoen [unknown] ?:??
Laos [unknown] 1:48
Laos Song 1 [unknown] 3:50

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