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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Lady Double Dealer [unknown] 3:47
Lady from Samos [unknown] 3:00
Lady in Red Unforgettable Panpipes 4:05
Lady in Red [unknown] 4:14
Lady in Red [unknown] 2:34
Lady in Red [unknown] 3:51
Lady in Red [unknown] 3:33
Lady in Red [unknown] 4:04
Lady in the Boat (America) [unknown] 5:14
Lady in the Morning [unknown] 5:35
Lady Lay Down [unknown] 2:40
Lady Livingston [unknown] 1:28
Lady Madonna [unknown] 1:03
Lady Marmadlade [unknown] 4:28
Lady Marmelade [unknown] 3:21
Lady Mary [unknown] 2:03
Lady Mary Anne Was a Flower in the Dew [unknown] 7:08
Lady Meng Jiang [unknown] 3:43
Lady of Spain Mario Lanza, [orchestra], Ray Sinatra 2:04
Lady Oscar [unknown] 3:07
Lady Picking Mulberries Song [unknown] ?:??
Lady Sings the Blues (movie radio spot) [unknown] 0:58
Lady those eyes [unknown] 2:01
Lady Walpole's Reel (play party) [unknown] 4:41
Lady Walpole's Reel (with calls) (play party) [unknown] 5:13
Lady Yelia [unknown] 4:02
Lady's Knives and Forks [unknown] 0:27
Ladybird Early Learning Centre 2:06
Ladybird, Ladybird ABC for Kids 0:40
Ladybugs' Picnic [unknown] 1:11
Laetentur caeli, modus IV (Offertorium, Proprium Primae Missae in Nativitate) [unknown] 1:14
Laetentur caeli: IV modo [unknown] 1:14
Laetus Sum [unknown] 2:12
Laga Laga [unknown] ?:??
Lagan Valley [unknown] 1:24
Lagan Valley [unknown] 0:30
Lagda Naa Lagda [unknown] 4:58
Laggon of Love [unknown] 0:30
Laggon of Love [unknown] 0:15
Laging Tapat [unknown] ?:??
Lágramas Negras [unknown] 3:25
Lagrima [unknown] 1:57
Lagrimas del Cielo (Tears from the Sky) [unknown] 2:54
Lagu Kodok (Frog Song) [unknown] 4:13
Lagy Kodok (Frog Song) [unknown] 4:11
Lahaina Sunset [unknown] 5:18
Lahn Rababa Quadiim [unknown] 1:55
Lahn Sha'Bi Badawi [unknown] 2:30
Lai tik snieg [unknown] 2:08
Laid Per polketten [unknown] 1:16
Laila and Majnun [unknown] 5:40
Laila Laila [unknown] 4:26
Laila, Lovesong From Logar [unknown] 3:52
Laili and Madjnun, Ballad From Kunduz [unknown] 4:38
Laisse moin vivre [unknown] 3:20
Laisse-moi t'aimer [unknown] 4:06
Laissons entrer le soleil (Saison 1) [unknown] 3:42
Laitj Laitj [unknown] 2:12
Laivaston [unknown] ?:??
Lake Juliet [unknown] 3:31
Lake Little Creek [unknown] 5:43
Lake Memories [unknown] 2:09
Lake Time [unknown] 3:15
Lake Time [unknown] 1:00
Lake Time [unknown] 0:30
Lake Time [unknown] 0:15
Lakes of Porchartrain [unknown] 2:33
Lakes of Sligo / Top of Maoi [unknown] 1:33
Lakeside Retreat [unknown] 3:07
Lakmé: Dôme épais le jasmine à la rose s'assemble [unknown] 4:50
Lakodalmi asztalozó [unknown] 2:50
Lakota [unknown] ?:??
Lakota Battle of 1876 [unknown] 2:07
Lala Todayeqoun Al-Tarfi [unknown] 4:35
Lala, mtoto lala (Ostafrika) [unknown] 0:52
Lalala (Go Belgium remix) [unknown] 3:22
Lalala Eintracht Fanblock 0:29
Lale Sümbül Bağına [unknown] 2:53
Laloi [unknown] 1:04
Lam [unknown] 3:30
Lam Barometer [unknown] ?:??
Lam Deune [unknown] 2:50
Lam Dır Dikos Edirne 0:54
Lam Khonesavane [unknown] 3:05
Lam Kone, Lam Long, Lam Teuil [unknown] 7:34
Lam Mahaxay [unknown] 3:11
Lam Pheune [unknown] 2:39
Lam Pouthay [unknown] 2:45
Lam Saravane [unknown] 45:22
Lam Saravane [unknown] 4:12
Lam Siphandone [unknown] 4:56
Lam Som [unknown] 5:38
Lam Tangvay [unknown] 2:44
Lam Teuil [unknown] 0:58
Lama [unknown] 2:46
Lama Lyric [unknown] 5:49
Lamb of God [unknown] 2:45
Lamb of God [unknown] 2:01
Lamb of God [unknown] ?:??
Lamb Of God [unknown] 3:15

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