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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Happy Birthday The Crowd 1:03
Happy Birthday [unknown] 5:54
Happy Birthday (Gekürzt) Chor 1:18
Happy Birthday (instrumental) [unknown] 0:26
Happy Birthday (jazz version) [unknown] 0:39
Happy Birthday (Spanish) [unknown] 2:17
Happy Birthday (traditional version) [unknown] 0:23
Happy Birthday (vocal) [unknown] 0:31
Happy Birthday Girl [unknown] 2:50
Happy Birthday Harry [unknown] 0:31
Happy Birthday Medley [unknown] 2:11
Happy Birthday Mr President [unknown] 0:46
Happy Birthday to You [unknown] 0:37
Happy Birthday to You [unknown] 0:30
Happy Birthday to You [unknown] 1:01
Happy Birthday to You [unknown] 1:00
Happy Birthday to You [unknown] 0:53
Happy Birthday to You Celebration Cover Stars 2:13
Happy Birthday To You [unknown] 6:05
Happy Birthday to You (a cappella) [unknown] 0:18
Happy Birthday to You (Disney version) [unknown] 0:45
Happy Birthday to You (full version) [unknown] 1:40
Happy Birthday to You (instrumental) [unknown] 0:27
Happy Birthday to You (rock guitar) [unknown] 0:44
Happy Birthday to You (Sesame Street version) [unknown] 0:21
Happy Birthday to You (vocal) [unknown] 0:31
Happy Birthday, Lisa [unknown] 2:48
Happy Birthdays - English & Spanish: 3 Versions, Including Samba & Merengue [unknown] 2:17
Happy Camper [unknown] 1:00
Happy Camper [unknown] 0:30
Happy Camper [unknown] 0:30
Happy Carousel [unknown] 0:30
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) [unknown] 4:04
Happy Christmas Mix, Part 1 [unknown] 4:42
Happy Christmas Mix, Part 2 [unknown] 3:34
Happy Christmas Mix, Part 3 [unknown] 3:36
Happy Christmas Mix, Part 4 [unknown] 3:50
Happy Christmas Mix, Part 5 [unknown] 3:14
Happy Day [unknown] 3:25
Happy Day [unknown] 3:22
Happy Days [unknown] 2:45
Happy Days [unknown] 1:16
Happy Days [unknown] 2:01
Happy Days [unknown] 1:00
Happy Days [unknown] 0:30
Happy Days [unknown] 0:15
Happy Days Early Learning Centre 2:04
Happy Days [unknown] 1:16
Happy Days : Générique [unknown] 1:16
Happy Daze [unknown] 2:01
Happy Daze (30 second version) [unknown] 0:31
Happy Diddl-Days Diddl und Freunde 3:51
Happy end wa owaranai [unknown] 4:22
Happy Europe [unknown] ?:??
Happy Face [unknown] 2:02
Happy Face [unknown] 0:30
Happy Feeling [unknown] 3:05
Happy Feet [unknown] ?:??
Happy Fields [unknown] ?:??
Happy Fields (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Happy Fields (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Happy Girl [unknown] 3:20
Happy Happy Birthday! Diddl und Freunde 5:31
Happy Happy Birthday! Diddl und Freunde 5:31
Happy Holidays [unknown] 2:15
Happy Humans [unknown] 1:00
Happy Humans [unknown] 0:30
Happy Humans [unknown] 0:30
Happy in Gotzing [unknown] 2:37
Happy Life (instrumental) [unknown] 5:00
Happy Life! [unknown] 1:20
Happy Meeting [unknown] 2:50
Happy Meeting [unknown] 1:39
Happy New Year [unknown] 4:35
Happy New Year A [unknown] 0:44
Happy New Year B [unknown] 0:53
Happy Nu Year A [unknown] 1:00
Happy Nu Year B [unknown] 1:00
Happy Nu Year C [unknown] 1:00
Happy Nu Year D [unknown] 0:30
Happy Nu Year E [unknown] 0:30
Happy Pursit [unknown] 1:30
Happy Roast [unknown] 2:41
Happy Roast [unknown] 1:00
Happy Roast [unknown] 0:30
Happy Roast [unknown] 0:15
Happy Song [unknown] 0:50
Happy Tune [unknown] ?:??
Happy Turnout [unknown] 3:00
Happy X-mas Samtlige medvirkende 3:39
Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) [unknown] 3:22
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [unknown] 3:27
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [unknown] 3:27
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [unknown] ?:??
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [unknown] 3:58
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [unknown] 3:26
Happy, Happy Birthday [unknown] 0:31
Happy, Happy Birthday to You [unknown] 3:09
Har du slängt kontrakten? [unknown] 0:15
Här kommer Pippi Långstrump [unknown] 1:31

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