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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"小麦の部屋" 篇 [unknown] 2:45
"更衣室にて" 篇 [unknown] 2:27
“Air” From Suite no.3 [unknown] 4:43
“James Brown Is Dead” Juliana’s Megamix [unknown] 3:00
“May I Compare This Ear of Corn?” [unknown] USWD11469259 0:47
“She Won’t Get Far With One Shoe” [unknown] USWD11469263 0:58
“The Four Seasons” Concerto no. 3: Autumn - Adagio Molto (Ubriachi Dormienti) [unknown] 2:05
“The Four Seasons” Concerto no. 3: Autumn - Allegro (Ballo, E Canto de Vilanelli) [unknown] 5:08
“The Four Seasons” Concerto no. 3: Autumn - Allegro (La Caccia) [unknown] 3:20
“This Cow Is Covered With Flour” [unknown] USWD11469267 0:49
“Who Cares!” [unknown] USWD11469255 0:30
„Aus der neuen Welt" Allegro con fuoco [unknown] 11:13
„Für Elise” A-Moll [unknown] 2:58
„Sequenza III“ [unknown] 8:38
„Tripelkonzert" Largo [unknown] 5:02
„Wassermusik" - Andante - Allegro [unknown] 7:29
«Agios o Theos» (original fragment) [unknown] 1:44
«Askaulos» (instrumental) Improvisation [unknown] 5:00
«Aulos» (instrumental) Improvisation [unknown] 3:53
«Epitaph of Seikilos» (instrumental) (original fragment) [unknown] 1:05
«Ithyphallic» (song) [unknown] 1:05
«Kolavrismos» [unknown] 4:37
«Maktrismos» (dance) [unknown] 2:37
«Savarios» [unknown] 3:19
«Sikkinis» (dance from the satyrical drama) [unknown] 3:17
«Разбойника благоразумного» Неизвестного автора 1:52
«Свете Тихий» Неизвестного автора 1:28
(1) アジェム=アシュラーン旋法のペシュレヴィ(28/4拍子) [unknown] JPKI00811033 ?:??
(2) ケメンチェのタクシム (即興演奏) [unknown] JPKI00811034 ?:??
(3) 第1セラーム (挨拶)(8/4拍子) [unknown] JPKI00811035 ?:??
(4) 第2セラーム (挨拶)(9/4拍子) [unknown] JPKI00811036 ?:??
(5) 第3セラーム (挨拶)(28/4拍子、10/8拍子、6/8拍子) [unknown] JPKI00811037 ?:??
(6) 第4セラーム (挨拶)(9/4拍子) [unknown] JPKI00811038 ?:??
(7) 最後のペシュレヴィ(4/4拍子) [unknown] JPKI00811039 ?:??
(8) 最後の速いセマーイ(6/8拍子) [unknown] JPKI00811040 ?:??
(9) ケメンチェのタクシム (即興演奏) [unknown] JPKI00811041 ?:??
(10) コーラン朗誦 [unknown] JPKI00811042 ?:??
(10e estampie) [unknown] 1:28
(20秒CM)ウルド「女神さまっとお呼び!」 [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)コース-化粧品・夏の新色 [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)スクルド「恋の法則」 [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)フジシマの編み棒 [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)ベルダンディー「女神の気持ち」 [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)三神デビュー・パック [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)元気もりもり君アイス [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)猫実予備校 [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)紅談茶 [soundtrack] ?:??
(20秒CM)講談社「アフタヌーン」 [soundtrack] ?:??
(1950, Minneapolis Lakers vs. Fort Wayne Pistons) Live Call 0:08
(Anguilla) Tree Fall Down (Work song-Jollification) / Florence Brooks and Chorus [unknown] 1:24
(Bonus Track, not listed) [unknown] 8:35
(Carriacou) Breakaway (String band music) / Various [unknown] 2:06
(Carriacou) Corporal Williams (Kalinda) / Various [unknown] 2:10
(Carriacou) Djerika-O (Arada nation dance) / Various [unknown] 2:10
(Carriacou) Gone To Nineveh (Anthem) / Various [unknown] 2:34
(Carriacou) Hush Baby Hush (Lullaby) / Tida Lazarus [unknown] 0:57
(credits) [unknown] 0:31
(Credits) [unknown] ?:??
(Credits) [unknown] ?:??
(Dominica) In a Fine Castle (Play song) / Schoolgirl Chorus [unknown] 1:19
(Dominica) Lawivyé Leza, Sové Nou! (Boat-pulling song) / Various [unknown] 2:30
(Dominica) No More Love For You Again (Jing-ping) / Various [unknown] 3:41
(Dominica) Olilala Way O (Bélé) / Various [unknown] 2:58
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You Unforgettable Panpipes 3:36
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You [unknown] 4:10
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You [unknown] 4:09
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You [unknown] 4:07
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You [unknown] 4:07
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You [unknown] 4:07
(Everything I Do), I Do It For You, from “Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves” (Adams/Lange/Kamen) [unknown] 3:40
(from Breaking The Waves) [unknown] 3:40
(from Donnie Brasco) [unknown] 2:24
(from Emma) [unknown] 1:17
(from Marvin's Room) [unknown] 3:23
(from Mother) [unknown] 3:50
(from Prefontaine) [unknown] 4:07
(from Ransom) [unknown] 3:07
(from Swingers) [unknown] 3:33
(from The Crow: City of Angels) [unknown] 5:46
(from The Crow: City of Angels) [unknown] 5:54
(from The Ghost and the Darkness) [unknown] 3:02
(from The Pallbearer) [unknown] 5:29
(from The Rock) [unknown] 6:26
(from Up Close and Personal) [unknown] 2:46
(Game 5, 1976 NBA Finals, Phoenix Suns vs. Boston Celtics; Triple Overtime) Live Call 0:19
(Game 6, 1996 NBA Finals, Chicago Bulls vs. Seattle SuperSonics, Bulls’ 4th NBA Championship Title) Live Call 0:23
(Game 7, 1960 NBA Finals, St-Louis Hawks vs. Boston Celtics) Live Call 0:19
(Gimme That) Old Time Religion [unknown] 0:52
(Grenada) E-wè, È-wè-lo, Ogun Bambaya (Shango) / Various [unknown] 2:27
(Guadaloupe) Pa Lage (Léwòz-Gwoka) / Various [unknown] 2:46
(I Am) The Letterman [unknown] 1:39
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [unknown] 1:04
(I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You (Sliver) [unknown] 3:27
(I Just) Died in Your Arms [unknown] 4:30
(I'm A) Natural Born Lover [unknown] 2:33
(I've Had) The Time of My Life [unknown] 4:38
(I've Had) The Time of My Life [unknown] 4:43
(I’d Have) The Time of My Life [unknown] 4:43
(Is This the Way to) Amarillo Celebration Cover Stars 2:57
(Martinique) Beguine Noce-Ta (Excerpt of storytelling session) / Various [unknown] 2:07

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