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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Do Your Ears Hang Low? [unknown] 1:35
Do‐pyi‐daung‐su‐tha "Many ethnic groups in Myanmar shall be friend" [unknown] ?:??
Do, Dippity-Do [soundtrack] 1:02
Do, do, do: een wiegelied [unknown] 1:41
Do, re, mi [unknown] 0:51
Do, Re, Mi [unknown] 1:09
Dó, Ré, Mi [unknown] 1:25
Do, ré, mi gratte-moi la puce [unknown] 0:15
Do, ré, mi la perdrix [unknown] 0:10
Do, ré, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do [unknown] 0:28
Do, ré, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do [unknown] 0:23
Doban Bourdeou [unknown] ?:??
Dobbin’s Flowery Vale [unknown] 4:20
Doberman Barking Then Joined by Border Collies Exterior [unknown] ?:??
Doc [unknown] 16:25
Doce Querra [unknown] 3:34
Dock of the Bay [unknown] 4:29
Dock of the Bay (ukjent) ?:??
Doct to Mucosa [unknown] 2:39
Docteur Guérit tout [unknown] 2:41
Docteur Jivago [unknown] 3:18
Doctor Bombodee [unknown] 5:53
Doctor Doctor [unknown] 6:10
Doctor Doolittle [unknown] 3:11
Doctor Foster [unknown] 0:22
Doctor Foster ABC for Kids 0:45
Doctor in the House [unknown] ?:??
Doctor Jones [unknown] 4:01
Doctor Knickerbocker ABC for Kids 2:27
Doctor Who Advert [unknown] 0:34
Doctor Who Calls Sylvester McCoy [unknown] 2:41
Doctor's Orders [unknown] 2:28
Doctor's Orders [unknown] ?:??
Doctor’s Stories [unknown] 12:37
Doctorugs on TV [unknown] 1:02
Documentary [unknown] 2:00:00
Documnetary Featuring Residents of Gloucester, Massachusetts [unknown] 13:11
Dodo [unknown] 1:49
Dodo Baba [unknown] ?:??
Dodo Belline [unknown] 4 1:28
Dodo filette [unknown] 1:09
Dodo fillette (Guadeloupe) [unknown] 1:12
Dodo goutte d'eau [unknown] 1:14
Dodo goutte d'eau [unknown] 1:44
Dodo goutte d’eau [unknown] 1:44
Dodo l'enfant do [unknown] 0:57
Dodo l'enfant do [unknown] 2:34
Dodo l'enfant do [unknown] 1:31
Dodo l'enfant do [unknown] 1:46
Dodo l'enfant Do [unknown] 1:33
Dodo l'enfant Do [unknown] 1:29
Dodo l'enfant do - français [unknown] 0:26
Dodo l'enfant Do (instrumental) [unknown] 1:29
Dodo l’enfant do [unknown] 1:10
Dodo l’enfant do [unknown] 2:33
Dodo la minèt (Réunion) [unknown] 0:38
Dodo m'amour [unknown] 1:26
Dodo ma caline [unknown] 1:38
Dodo mamour [unknown] 1:52
Dodo poulette [unknown] 1:04
Dodo ti pitit manman [unknown] 0:55
Dodo ti pitit' maman [unknown] 1:41
Dodo Ti Titit Manman - créole [unknown] 1:28
dodo, l'enfant do [unknown] 1:16
Dodo, l'enfant do [unknown] 1:31
Dodo, l'enfant do [unknown] 1:03
Dodo, l'enfant do [unknown] 1:44
Dodo, l'enfant do [unknown] 0:35
Dodo, L'enfant Do [unknown] 2:18
Doe er altijd wat liefde bij [unknown] 2:36
Doe iets! [unknown] ?:??
Doe ze in de was [unknown] 2:15
Does allerschönste Kindl [unknown] 1:57
Does He Look Dead to You? [unknown] 1:07
Does the Journey Seem Long? [unknown] 2:39
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (On the Bedpost Overnight) [unknown] 2:35
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour? [unknown] 2:25
Does Your Mother Know [unknown] 3:02
Does Your Mother Know [unknown] 3:02
Doet ie het of niet [unknown] 2:52
Dog Gospel Light 0:06
Dog & Hound Found [unknown] ?:??
Dog & Hound Found (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Dog & Hound Found (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Dog Barking [unknown] 0:13
Dog Barks & Snarls Viciously [unknown] 0:09
Dog Barks, Medium Distant [unknown] 0:07
Dog Barks, Snarls & Growls [unknown] 0:10
Dog Cries [unknown] 0:18
Dog Drinking Water [unknown] 0:11
Dog Eats Hard Crunchy Food [unknown] 0:46
Dog Fanciers' Songbook [unknown] 3:03
Dog Goes Moo [unknown] 3:49
Dog Grinks Water From Bowl [unknown] 0:45
Dog Growls Viciously [unknown] 0:10
Dog Growls, 3 Versions [unknown] 0:18
Dog Growls, Snarls & Snorts [unknown] 0:15
Dog Howls [unknown] 0:08
Dog Lapping Water Close Perspective Interior [unknown] ?:??
Dog Pants, Very Rapid [unknown] 0:37

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