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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Electrical noise: Clicks (electrical); Haydn: Symphony No. 92, 2nd movement [unknown] 0:36
Electrical noise: Induction noise; Improvisations in the style of Gershwin [unknown] 0:35
Electrical noise: No clicks (electrical); Haydn: Symphony No. 92, 2nd movement [unknown] 0:39
Electrical noise: No ripple; Electrical noise: No ripple [unknown] 0:33
Electrical noise: Ripple; Puccini: O mio babbo caro [unknown] 0:30
Electrical Sparking [unknown] 0:13
Electrical Zaps & Arcs - 4 Varied [unknown] 0:13
Electricity [unknown] 3:32
Electricity Arc 1 [unknown] 0:26
Electricity Arc 2 [unknown] 1:00
Electricity Arc 3 [unknown] 0:30
Electricity Zapping [unknown] 0:13
Électrique [unknown] 3:53
Electro Boogie Bots [unknown] 1:38
Electro Boogie Bots [unknown] 0:30
Electro Brute Cohersion [unknown] 2:03
Electro Hype [unknown] ?:??
Electro Latte [unknown] 2:39
Electro Latte [unknown] 1:00
Electro Latte [unknown] 0:30
Electro Latte [unknown] 0:15
Electro Therapy [unknown] 2:11
Electrocardiogram [unknown] 0:32
Electroclash [unknown] 2:35
Electroclash [unknown] 1:00
Electroclash [unknown] 0:30
Electroclash [unknown] 0:15
Electrocraft [unknown] 2:40
Electrocution [unknown] 0:14
Electrocution (Shorter Guitar End) [unknown] 0:13
Electrocution (without Guitar) [unknown] 0:13
Electroglide [unknown] 0:30
Electrolight [unknown] 1:17
Electronic Atmospheres: Century Clone [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Dead Horses [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Flatline [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Hypnotik Dogme [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Last Empire [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Maniac Murder [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Obsession [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Phoenix Rising [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Spiritual Depth [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: The Babysitter [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Atmospheres: Under the Sun [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Digital Hum [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Generator Hum [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, High Pitch Machinery [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, High Pitch Pulsating Hum [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Machine Buzz 1 [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Machine Buzz 2 [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Machine Hum With Heartbeat [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Mid Pitch Pulsing Hum [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Motor Starts Into Constant Run [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Multiple Motors 1 [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Multiple Motors 2 (Higher Pitch) [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Multiple Motors 3 (Larger) [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Particle Beaming Device (Constant Background) [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Particle Beaming Device (Run Up, Fades) [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Particle Beaming Device Idle (Run Up, Run Down, Idle) [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Pulsating Pink Noises [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Pulsing Harmonic Bass Hum [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Simulated Jet Engine (Run Up, Run Down) [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Single Motor 1 [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Single Motor 2 [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Single Motor 3 [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Synthesised Crickets [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Threatening Robotic Hum [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Variable Pitch Harmonic Hum [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Backgrounds, Warble [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Beep - High-Pitched [unknown] 0:06
Electronic Beeps - Computer [unknown] 0:06
Electronic Beeps - Mid-Range [unknown] 0:09
Electronic Crashes, 2 Crashes [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Crashes, Descending Crash [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Crashes, Electronic Pipes Dropped [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Crashes, Single Crash [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Crashes, Single Severe Crash [unknown] ?:??
Electronic Effect [unknown] 0:09
Electronic Effect [unknown] 1:17
Electronic Gong 5kHz (Mono) [unknown] 0:28
Electronic Gong 100Hz (Mono) [unknown] 0:27
Electronic Gong 400Hz (Mono) [unknown] 0:27
Electronic Gong 500Hz vibrato (Mono) [unknown] 0:23
Electronic Tune (Frère Jacques) (Mono) [unknown] 0:35
Electronic Visions [unknown] 1:30
Electronic Visions [unknown] 0:30
Electronic Visions [unknown] 0:30
Electronicus [unknown] 3:11
Electronicus [unknown] 3:11
Electronicus [unknown] 1:00
Electronicus [unknown] 0:30
Electronicus [unknown] 0:20
Electronicus [unknown] 0:10
Electroplankton: Hanenbow Ambience [unknown] 2:41
Electrotrek [unknown] 0:12
Elegance [unknown] 2:36
Elegant Scenery [unknown] ?:??
Elegi Rinduku Instrumental JK ?:??

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