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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Cool Burgundy Ben / Just a Wee Deock and Doris / Little Dolly Daydream / Our Lodger's Such a Nice Young Man [unknown] 4:26
Cool Classic Soul [unknown] 14:19
Cool Cool [unknown] 3:11
Cool Daddy Bop Jive ABC for Kids 2:11
Cool Hang [unknown] 1:02
Cool Hang [unknown] 0:30
Cool Hang [unknown] 0:30
Cool Hearted [soundtrack] 1:07
Cool Kisses [unknown] 3:21
Cool Man [unknown] 0:27
Cool Mist [unknown] 4:24
Cool Mr. C [unknown] 2:04
Cool Relax [unknown] 5:29
Cool Spot SNES: Wipe Out Tune [unknown] 1:23
Cool Star Banner [unknown] 1:38
Cool Stream [unknown] 11:30
Cool Tidings A [unknown] 1:00
Cool Tidings B [unknown] 1:00
Cool Tidings C [unknown] 1:00
Cool Tidings D [unknown] 0:30
Cool Tidings E [unknown] 0:30
Cool Tidings F [unknown] 0:30
Cool Tidings G [unknown] 0:30
Cool to Be Hot [unknown] 3:00
Cool to Be Hot [unknown] 1:00
Cool to Be Hot [unknown] 0:30
Cool to Be Hot [unknown] 0:05
Coole Breeze [unknown] 5:05
Cooley [unknown] 4:07
Cooley's / Come West Along the Road [unknown] 2:59
Cooley's Waltzes [unknown] 3:51
Cop Show (demo of Fender Jazz bass) [unknown] 1:08
Copa de La Vida [unknown] 4:29
Copa Dr La Vida [unknown] 4:29
Copacabana [unknown] 4:12
Copacabana [unknown] 3:25
Copacabana [unknown] 3:11
Copacabana [unknown] 4:10
Copacabana [unknown] 3:52
Copenhagen Waltz [unknown] 0:51
Copeo de Muntany (France) [unknown] 1:46
Copeo de muntanya [unknown] 1:31
Copeos des Plà [unknown] 1:28
Copiers, Large Collator, Copier-Start, Run and Stop [unknown] 2:20
Copiers, Small Photocopier, Six Copies Made [unknown] 0:21
Coplas de Desafio [unknown] 3:04
Coplas de Nadal, Aninovo e Reises [unknown] 3:35
Coplas de rabel "A lo pesao" [unknown] 2:16
Cops and Robbers [unknown] 1:22
Coptic Christians [unknown] 0:57
Coptic Christians [unknown] 1:26
Coptic Priest [unknown] 1:11
Copycat [unknown] 2:44
Copyist [unknown] 0:38
Copyright Information [unknown] 2:51
Cor Anglais (arpegio) (Stereo) [unknown] 0:24
Corale [unknown] 3:35
Corazon entriztecido [unknown] 3:59
Corazón Partido [unknown] 5:54
Corazón Partío [unknown] 3:37
Corazón Salvaje [unknown] 4:21
Corbett Lines 1 [unknown] 1:32
Corbett Lines 2 [unknown] 1:16
Corbett Lines 3 [unknown] 1:38
Corbett Lines 4 [unknown] 0:18
Corbett Lines 5 [unknown] 1:29
Corbett Lines 6 [unknown] 1:05
Corcovado [unknown] 4:29
Cordate Shell [unknown] 2:13
Cordes 1 Perepetual Motion [unknown] 2:02
Cordes 2 Malaise [unknown] 1:46
Cordes 5 Fatal Invasion [unknown] 1:50
Core 'ngrato Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso HKI190057706 4:33
Core ’Ngrato Mario Lanza, [orchestra], Constantine Callinicos 2:39
Core Drones: Broken Lift [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Core Attack [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Dawn of a Dead Day [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Deep Space Bass [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Deep Water [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Edge of the Pit [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Hollow to the Core [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Loud Pressure [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Mystical Sub [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Shivers of War [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: The Cage Is Open [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: The Devil Inside [unknown] ?:??
Core Drones: Under the Earth [unknown] ?:??
Cork Hornpipe [unknown] ?:??
Çorlu Roman Havası Çorlu 2:39
Corn Rigs [unknown] ?:??
Corner Slice [unknown] 0:46
Cornet Crumhorn Trombone Dulcian [unknown] 0:55
cornfield rustles in light wind [unknown] 2:02
Cornish Boat Song [unknown] 2:55
Cornish Tin-Miner [unknown] 2:14
Corno [unknown] 3:56
Corôa de Nossa Senhora [unknown] 2:32
Coronation Anthem no. 1, HWV 258: Zadok the Priest [unknown] 5:30
Corporal Williams mixed chorus USRO29972118 2:10
Corporate Coup D’État [unknown] ?:??

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