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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Code quantum [unknown] 1:57
Code quantum [unknown] 1:27
Code Quantum Toons 1:27
Codebreaker [unknown] 0:59
Codex Calixtinus: Plain-chant pour Saint-Jacques de Compostelle / Plainchant for Santiago da Compostela: Invitatoire: Regem regum dominum [unknown] 0:52
Codex Calixtinus: Plain-chant pour Saint-Jacques de Compostelle / Plainchant for Santiago da Compostela: Offertoire: Ascendens Ihesus in montem [unknown] 3:49
Codex Calixtinus: Plain-chant pour Saint-Jacques de Compostelle / Plainchant for Santiago da Compostela: Repons: Iacobe servorum [unknown] 2:14
Coelhinho Janjão [unknown] 1:24
Coelhinhos Trabalham [unknown] 1:58
Cœur vagabond [unknown] 2:26
Coffee Baby Einstein 0:58
Coffee [unknown] ?:??
Coffee & Cream [unknown] 2:03
Coffee & Cream [unknown] 0:30
Coffee Can Lid Open, 2 Versions [unknown] 0:35
Coffee Canephora [unknown] 5:34
Coffee from Ethiopia [unknown] 6:02
Coffee from Guatemala [unknown] 5:14
Coffee Grinder Filled, Operated [unknown] 0:43
Coffee Shop [unknown] 1:09
Coffee Shop Ambience [unknown] 1:05
Coffee Shop Large, Busy [unknown] 3:48
Cogair Rúin [unknown] 3:53
Coin Drop Into Pay Phone Coin Return [unknown] 0:06
Coin Drop Into Slot in Pay Phone [unknown] 0:06
Coin Drop Onto Hard Surface [unknown] 0:21
Coin Launcher [unknown] 1:09
Coin Movement, 2 Versions [unknown] 0:19
Coin Remove From Pay Phone Coin Return [unknown] 0:06
Coin Return Empty Slot Movement [unknown] 0:06
Coins Dropping Out of Slot Machine [unknown] 0:11
Coins Obtained [unknown] 0:02
Coins Poured Onto Hard Surface [unknown] 0:08
Coitadinho do Papai - Roberta - Joga a Chave, Meu Amor - Rolo de Pastel - Zé Corneteiro - Cadê Zazá? - Aurora [unknown] 6:31
Coke Solo Guitar [unknown] 0:36
Cöl danse (oryantal) Oyun Havasi 1:38
Cöl mehtabe Oyun Havasi 2:11
Cöl rüzgare Oyun Havasi 1:35
Colas mon p’tit frère [unknown] 1:22
Colchique dans les prés [unknown] 1:18
Cold & Flu Song Book [unknown] ?:??
Cold Call [unknown] 3:48
Cold Call (30 second version) [unknown] 0:31
Cold Case [unknown] 0:55
Cold Chisel -Tribute [unknown] 5:48
Cold City [unknown] 2:37
Cold City [unknown] 1:00
Cold City [unknown] 0:30
Cold City [unknown] 0:15
Cold Dark Field [unknown] 2:11
Cold December Flies Away [unknown] ?:??
Cold Fever [unknown] 2:31
Cold Fever [unknown] 1:00
Cold Fever [unknown] 0:30
Cold Fever [unknown] 0:15
Cold Frosty Morning [unknown] 2:34
Cold Mount [unknown] 5:53
Cold Soldart [unknown] 0:16
Cold Sweat [unknown] 1:04
Cold Sweat (30 second version) [unknown] 0:31
Cold War C Soundtrack 0:19
Cold Wind - Wind: Eerie And Cold, With Big Gusts. [unknown] 0:58
Cold Wind Gust - Wind Gust: Eerie And Cold. [unknown] 0:15
Coldplay vs. Grace [unknown] 5:01
Colecta [unknown] 1:12
Colegiala D.R. 2:36
Coleman's Cross / Over the Moors to Maggie / The Wind That Shakes the Barley [unknown] 2:57
Colimaçon borgne - français [unknown] 0:17
Colin [unknown] 2:33
Colin Et Colinette [unknown] 1:30
Collage Ornamental [unknown] 4:36
Collaguas, Part 1 [unknown] 0:52
Collaguas, Part 2 [unknown] 1:36
Collect and Blessing [unknown] 1:18
Collect for Christmas Eve and the Blessing [read by the Dean] 1:18
Collectici Intim [unknown] 2:25
Collects for Ascesion Day; For Peace; For aid against All Perils [unknown] 2:23
College Fight Song [unknown] 0:20
College Hornpipe [unknown] 4:41
College of Heralds March [unknown] 4:55
Collie Labrador Cross Barking in Distance, Agitated Exterior [unknown] ?:??
Collie Labrador Crosses Barking Birdsong in Background, Some Wind in Trees Exterior [unknown] ?:??
Collision (album mix) Various Artists 57:05
Collision Chaos [unknown] 3:19
Collision Dome Excavation [unknown] 3:41
Colomba della pace [unknown] 2:36
Colombia [unknown] 2:38
Colombia: Cumbia andina [unknown] 2:50
Colombia: La colegiala [unknown] 3:59
Colombian Pasillo [unknown] 2:16
Colonel Bogey [unknown] ?:??
Colonel Bogey [unknown] 3:30
Colonel Bogey March, from “The Bridge on the River Kwai” (Alford) [unknown] 3:17
Colonel McBain / Dick Gossip's Reel [unknown] 3:15
Colonel Rutgers [unknown] 1:09
Colonial Awards of 1984 [unknown] 0:23
Colonial Quadrille [unknown] 4:08
Colonization [unknown] 2:45
Color Ocean [original] [unknown] 2:21
Color Ocean [original] [unknown] 2:21

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