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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Capitaine Flam [unknown] 2:34
Capitaine Flam : Générique [unknown] 2:32
Capitaine Flam: La Chevauchée du Capitaine Flam [unknown] FRX089850122 2:32
Capital City [soundtrack] 2:41
Capitol Sidney > Station Package > September 04 [unknown] 8:33
Capo d’anno Pointe Langarino group USRO29871028 5:13
Capodanno [unknown] 3:04
Capoera [soundtrack] 2:48
Cappriccio in B-flat major, BWV 992: Aria of the "Postillion" [unknown] 1:31
Capri-Fischer [unknown] 3:33
Capriccio (Gitarre, zum Anhören) [unknown] 1:33
Capriccio (Gitarre, zum Üben) [unknown] 2:23
Capriccio en Do majeur, KV 395 (300g) [unknown] 3:16
Capriccio for Chinese Flute [unknown] 3:53
Capriccio No. 6, Opus 1 (full mix) [unknown] 6:01
Capriccio Op 1 No 24 (full mix) [unknown] 5:21
Capriccio sopra la lontananza del fratello dilettissimo, BWV 992 [unknown] 4:19
Caprice op. 32/12 (Thème varié) [unknown] 4:09
Caprice Viennois, op. 2 Reginald Kell, [unknown], Salvador Camarata DEF055309331 4:04
Caprichos De La Alhambra [unknown] 5:06
Capricious Circle [unknown] 3:40
Capricious Circle (30 second version) [unknown] 0:31
Capriol Suite: Christmas Night (Pieds-en-l’air) [unknown] 2:06
Captain 'n' the Game Master [unknown] 1:01
Captain America Theme [unknown] 1:07
Captain Future [unknown] 2:37
Captain Lenoe S [unknown] 0:29
Captain Planet [unknown] 2:17
Captain Planet and the Planeteers [unknown] 1:04
Captain Pugwash [unknown] 1:04
Captain Pugwash (Trumpet Hornpipe) [unknown] 1:00
Captain Pugwash (Trumpet Hornpipe) [unknown] 0:30
Captain Scarlet [unknown] 3:18
Captian Barcardi [unknown] 5:03
Captivate [unknown] 1:02
Captivate (no vocals) [unknown] 1:02
Captive [unknown] 2:07
Captive Influence (end) [unknown] 1:17
Captive Influence (end) (remix) [unknown] 1:21
Captive Influence (intro) [unknown] 1:12
Captive Influence (mid) [unknown] 1:14
Captive Influence End Hit 1 Minus Guitar [unknown] 0:11
Captive Influence Intro Hit 1 [unknown] 0:09
Capullito de Aleli [unknown] 3:23
Car (Brakes to Stop Sounds Horn, Pulls Away) [unknown] 0:15
Car (Door Opening & Closing) [unknown] 0:08
Car (Electric Seat) [unknown] 0:16
Car (Engine Iding, Revving, Horn Blowing, Engine Turn-Off) [unknown] 1:22
Car (Engine Starting, Iding, Turn-Off, Starting, Revving, Turn-Off, Closing Door) [unknown] 0:43
Car (Opening & Closing of Trunk) [unknown] 0:14
Car (Passes Blowing Horn) [unknown] 0:15
Car (Passes with Horn, Stops, Pulls Away) [unknown] 0:20
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Exterior Approach and Stop [unknown] 0:16
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Exterior Horn [unknown] 0:10
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Exterior Pass [unknown] 0:11
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Exterior Start Up, Drive Off [unknown] 0:14
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Exterior, Door Opened [unknown] 0:10
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Interior Electrically Operated Seat Adjustment [unknown] 0:18
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Interior Electrically Operated Window, Open [unknown] 0:17
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Interior Start Up, Constant Run, Stop [unknown] 6:19
Car (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit), Interior, Emergency Stop [unknown] 0:15
Car Alarm [unknown] 0:50
Car Alarm, 4 Versioins [unknown] 1:10
Car Car [unknown] 1:59
Car Crash Chase [unknown] 0:46
Car Crash, Over Cliff [unknown] 0:12
Car Door, O/C, 6 Versions [unknown] 0:37
Car Race (Crowd Sounds) [unknown] 0:29
Car Ride Intro [unknown] 0:45
Car Skids While Cornering (From Left) [unknown] 0:13
Car Skids While Cornering (From Right) [unknown] 0:12
Car Sounds Kindermusik 0:25
Car Sounds Kindermusik 0:25
Car Wash [unknown] 4:05
Car Wash [unknown] 3:19
Car Wash [unknown] ?:??
Car Wash Celebration Cover Stars 3:18
Car Wash (karaoke) [unknown] 3:56
Car Wash, Automatic, Wash Phase Inside Renault 5 [unknown] 0:55
Car, Away, 2 Versions [unknown] 0:53
Car, Braking Skid [unknown] 0:08
Car, Braking Skid [unknown] 0:08
Car, Braking Skid [unknown] 0:07
Car, Braking Skid and Minor Accident [unknown] 0:08
Car, Emergency Stop (Int acoustic) [unknown] 0:22
Car, Horn Honks, 6 Versions [unknown] 0:58
Car, in, 3 Versions [unknown] 1:06
Car, Peel Out, 4 Versions [unknown] 0:26
Car, Performing Maneuvers [unknown] 0:45
Car, Revs, 3 Versions [unknown] 0:41
Car, Revs, 4 Versions [unknown] 1:26
Car, Skid, 4 Versions [unknown] 0:34
Car, Tire Squeals, Erratic Driving [unknown] 0:34
Cara al Sol [unknown] ?:??
Cara Al Sol [unknown] ?:??
Cara Nome [unknown] ?:??
Carabanda [unknown] 2:07
Caracalla [unknown] 4:06
Caracoles [unknown] ?:??
Caramelles [unknown] ?:??

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