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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Cattle, Cattle Tb Tested in Yard Lots of Mooing From Cows and Noise From Crush Occasional Gust of Wind in Trees and Birds Singing, Rec. In No [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Cow Startled in Cattle Crush, Makes Loud Complaining Moo [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Cows Mooing in Yard Some Birdsong Loud Moo Close Perspective Others Moving Round Yard [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Cows Walking Down Muddy Lane Lots of Moos Ends Abruptly Close Perspective [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Door Opens 1 Cow Walks Into Milking Parlour (live acoustic) Calf Scampers in Behind, Cow Chained Up Plastic Bucket Put on Floor – Inte [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Herd of Approx. 10 Cows Walk Past Rough Track Distant Vehicles Exterior. [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Milking Parlour Machine Running, No Animal Noises Machine Switched Off, Effect Ends Abruptly Close Perspective – Interior [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, South Devon Sucking Herd Fed in Field Very Close Perspective [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Washing Down Milking Parlour Bulk Tank Humming in Background Sparrows Chirruping Interior [unknown] ?:??
Cattle, Young Calves Feeding From Buckets in Sheds and Various Other Animal Sounds [unknown] ?:??
Caucasus [unknown] 2:30
Caught in the Middle [unknown] 4:56
Cauldron of Hate [unknown] 1:31
Caution [unknown] 0:08
CAUTION [unknown] 0:09
Cautious Mood [unknown] 2:29
Cautious Mood [unknown] 1:00
Cautious Mood [unknown] 0:30
Cautious Mood [unknown] 0:15
Cavalcade of Sport [unknown] 0:45
Cavalleria Rusticana [unknown] 3:08
Cavalleria Rusticana (full mix) [unknown] 2:26
Cavalleria rusticana: Brindisi Enrico Caruso, [unknown] DEU240552492
Cavalleria rusticana: Siciliana Enrico Caruso, [unknown] HKI190010110 2:16
Cavalleria Rusticana: Siciliana "O Lola" Victor Orchestra, [unknown], Enrico Caruso, Francis J. Lapitino HKI190057618 2:43
Cavalry Charge (b) [unknown] 0:07
Cavalry Charge A (Man Overboard) [unknown] 0:13
Cavatina [unknown] 3:47
Cavatina [unknown] ?:??
Cavatina [unknown] 3:15
Cavatina, from “The Deer Hunter” (Myers) [unknown] 4:44
Cave monster [unknown] 1:07
Cavepainter [unknown] 3:18
Cavern Diver [unknown] ?:??
Cavern Diver (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Cavern Diver (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Cavernism [unknown] ?:??
Caxambu [unknown] 2:40
Cayuga Lake [unknown] 1:02
CBeebies Bugs Theme [unknown] 3:08
CC Rider [unknown] 2:41
cc.o.g.oo.fff.ooo.ggg.p.c.pp.h.ppp.hh. [unknown] ?:??
cc.sss.fff.t.e.tt.h.ttt.cc.u.c.uu.ii.uuu.ccc.v.ccc. [unknown] ?:??
CCR-Medley [unknown] 8:13
CCTV [unknown] 5:56
CD info [unknown] 0:18
CD info [unknown] 0:17
CD Lens Cleaner [unknown] 0:16
Ce métier de misère [unknown] 5:18
Ce n'est qu'un au revoir [unknown] 3:20
Ce n'est qu'un au revoir [unknown] 1:49
Ce Penser Qui Sans Fin Tirannise Ma Vie [unknown] 3:39
Če si srečen [unknown] 3:06
Ce sont Trois Jeunes Garcons (La Visite a Adele) [unknown] 3:49
Ce train qui s'en va 離去的列車 [unknown] 3:52
Ceann Loch an Duin [unknown] 1:55
Ceaușescu, la mulți ani! [unknown] ?:??
Çeçen Lezinka [unknown] 1:18
Cecilia [unknown] 2:02
Cecilia [unknown] 1:33
Ceddin Dede Mehter 2:17
Ceddin Deden [unknown] 2:19
Cedit Yemps (full mix) [unknown] 1:56
Çekirge [unknown] 1:18
Celebrate [unknown] 3:31
Celebrate Jesus [unknown] 2:20
Celebrate Jesus Celebrate [unknown] 3:43
Celebrating Harvest [unknown] 2:33
Celebrating Lantern Festival [unknown] 5:19
Celebrating the Beginning of a New Spring [unknown] 6:52
Celebrating the Emperor's Birthday [unknown] 1:13
Celebrating the Lantern Festival [unknown] 6:11
Celebration [unknown] ?:??
Celebration [unknown] 4:45
Celebration [unknown] ?:??
Celebration [unknown] 3:34
Celebration Celebration Cover Stars 3:50
Célébration [unknown] 1:56
Celebration (Spanish) [unknown] 5:04
Celebration de la Vie [Theme from Hawks] [unknown] 4:25
Celebration Jig (Instrumental) [unknown] 3:01
Celebrity Game [unknown] 0:32
Celebrity Misquotes [unknown] 2:45
Celebrity New Years Messages [unknown] 1:43
Celebrity Sleepover 1 [unknown] 2:06
Celebrity Sleepover 2 [unknown] 2:14
Celebrity What's My Line? [unknown] 5:42
Celese Aida [unknown] 1:17
Celesta (arpegio;single tone;melodious phrase) (Stereo) [unknown] 1:06
Celestaial Glow Greenpeace 3:38
Celeste Aida [unknown] ?:??
Celeste Aida [unknown] 1:58
Celeste y blanco [unknown] 1:40
Celeste... [unknown] 0:49
Celestial Beings [unknown] 5:05
Celestial Echoes (part 1) [unknown] 20:50
Celestial Echoes (part 2) [unknown] 20:29
Celestial Starlight [unknown] 3:15
Celimene [unknown] 3:31
Cell Block Tango [unknown] 6:00

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