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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Car Door, O/C, 6 Versions [unknown] 0:37
Car False Starts, V-8, Close Perspective - Several Attempts, One Successful Start but Immediately Dies [unknown] 0:48
Car Fender Bang [unknown] 0:06
Car Hits & Drags Hot Dog Stand [unknown] 0:17
Car Hood Open and Close - Bmw Hydraulic Hood With Piston Hiss, Close Perspective [unknown] 0:14
Car Hood Open and Close - Mercedes, Close Perspective [unknown] 0:07
Car Horn Beeps - High Double-Pitched, From Small Car, Various Lengths [unknown] 0:27
Car Horn Beeps - High-Pitched Nasal, Various Length [unknown] 0:41
Car Horn Honk - Medium-Pitched With Various Lengths [unknown] 0:16
Car Idle With Fan on, Close Perspective, Fan Shuts Off, Car Continues to Idle, Off at End [unknown] 0:35
Car in Slow to Idle, Then Off, Close Perspective [unknown] 0:40
Car Long in 10 Mph and Pass by Close Perspective Then Long Away on Dirt Road [unknown] 0:22
Car Race (Crowd Sounds) [unknown] 0:29
Car Ride Intro [unknown] 0:45
Car Skids While Cornering (From Left) [unknown] 0:13
Car Skids While Cornering (From Right) [unknown] 0:12
Car Sounds Kindermusik 0:25
Car Tire Squeal, Short [unknown] 0:06
Car Trunk Open and Close - Mercedes, Close Perspective [unknown] 0:17
Car Wash [unknown] 4:05
Car Wash [unknown] 3:19
Car Wash [unknown] ?:??
Car Wash Celebration Cover Stars 3:18
Car Wash (karaoke) [unknown] 3:56
Car Wash, Automatic, Wash Phase Inside Renault 5 [unknown] 0:55
Car Window Roll Up and Down - Manual Hand Crank Style, Close Perspective [unknown] 0:15
Car Window Up and Down, Electric - Bmw, Interior Close Perspective [unknown] 0:16
Car Window Up and Down, Electric - Interior Close Perspective [unknown] 0:32
Car, Away, 2 Versions [unknown] 0:53
Car, Braking Skid [unknown] 0:08
Car, Braking Skid [unknown] 0:08
Car, Braking Skid [unknown] 0:07
Car, Braking Skid and Minor Accident [unknown] 0:08
Car, Emergency Stop (Int acoustic) [unknown] 0:22
Car, Horn Honks, 6 Versions [unknown] 0:58
Car, in, 3 Versions [unknown] 1:06
Car, Interior - Highway Steady With Windows Partially Down, Smooth Engine, Tires Over Small Bumps [unknown] 2:40
Car, Peel Out, 4 Versions [unknown] 0:26
Car, Performing Maneuvers [unknown] 0:45
Car, Revs, 3 Versions [unknown] 0:41
Car, Revs, 4 Versions [unknown] 1:26
Car, Skid, 4 Versions [unknown] 0:34
Car, Tire Squeals, Erratic Driving [unknown] 0:34
Car's Dash Switches, General [unknown] 0:14
Cara al Sol [unknown] ?:??
Cara Al Sol [unknown] ?:??
Cara Nome [unknown] ?:??
Carabanda [unknown] 2:07
Caracalla [unknown] 4:06
Caracoles [unknown] ?:??
Caramelles [unknown] ?:??
Caravan [unknown] ?:??
Caravan [unknown] 2:13
Caravan Trot [unknown] 3:00
Caravans [unknown] 2:49
Carballeirina Oscura [unknown] 2:23
Carballesa de Incio [unknown] 2:48
Card Index [unknown] 1:00
Card Index [unknown] 0:30
Card Index [unknown] 0:15
Card Shuffle 1 - Cards Being Shuffled [unknown] 0:08
Card Shuffle 2 - Multiple Card Shuffle [unknown] 0:33
Cardcaptors (Theme) [unknown] 0:52
Cards Deal Single Card From Hand, Gambling, Casino [unknown] 0:42
Cards Single Shuffle, Gambling, Casino [unknown] 0:34
Care Bears [soundtrack] 1:20
Carefree [unknown] 5:15
Carefree (finale) Orchestre & Chœurs 1:06
Carefree (ouverture) Orchestre 2:00
Carefree and Friendly [unknown] ?:??
Carefree and Friendly (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Carefree and Friendly (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Carefree Logo [unknown] 0:05
Careful Preparation [unknown] 2:57
Careful Preparation [unknown] 0:30
Carefully With Nerve Gas [unknown] 0:14
Careless Love [unknown] 2:53
Careless Love [unknown] ?:??
Careless Whipser [unknown] ?:??
Careless Whisper [unknown] 3:30
Careless Whisper [unknown] 3:13
Careless Whisper [unknown] 4:08
Careless Whisper [unknown] 3:02
Careless Whisper [unknown] 5:09
Careless Whisper [unknown] 3:24
Carême: Attente Domine [unknown] ?:??
Caribbean Blue [unknown] 3:41
Caribbean Blue (instrumental) [unknown] 3:55
Caribbean Paradise [unknown] 4:20
Caribbean Steel Drums [unknown] 4:42
Caribbian Isles [unknown] ?:??
Caribe 2000 [unknown] 5:45
Caribe Mix 2 [unknown] 10:03
Caribe Mix 2004 Megamix [unknown] 6:43
Carillion-sortie in D [unknown] 4:03
Carl Woods Experience [unknown] 2:31
Carl's Cabana [unknown] 2:26
Carla [unknown] 1:23
Carlama (Bosnia) [unknown] 1:58
Carlama Kolo (Serbia, Croatia) [unknown] 2:37

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